Connectivity issues becoming absurd

For the last three days I’ve been disconnected from Horizon life every couple of minutes regardless of what I’m doing.
I’ve checked and there is nothing wrong with my internet connectivity, other online games play fine.

I see there are other people experiencing a similar issue too.

Is this something the forza team know about and are working on?


I’m not having any issues nor have I heard complaints either. Btw, Support doesnt monitor the forum, so if you haven’t submitted a ticket to Support, well…

I have submitted a ticket, but I had “mixed success” with the previous one I submitted (on a different issue) a while ago.

Yup, for me also, disconnects every few minutes. Pathetic.


I’ve stuck a ticket in about it - it may be a bit of a waste of time, but if no-one raises it, they’ll just say “we didn’t know there was a problem”. Got to be worth the 2 minutes to raise one, just in case.


For what it is worth, i have the exact same problems since 3 days. One minute the game was running flawlessly, i log out to put my daughter to bed, log back in and i start disconnecting every couple of minutes. The months before the game ran without problems. I changed nothing on my PC setup, i did not download anything or changed any settings. My network runs as before without any problems. I tried a bunch of fixes already, reconfigured everything that has to do with connecting to X-box, download all the latest updates and repaired my system, with no effect so far. I was therefor hoping todays change of season would bring a fix, but it did not…

It just seems that every couple of months the game gets completely broken for a part of the playerbase, and those fortunate enough to not have problems shrug it off and blame it on user error. This is the second time the game breaks for me in a years time. Previously i suddenly got the error where the game got stuck on the loading screen forever. I ultimately had to result to completely reinstall my windows and obviously redownload and install the game (for probably the 10th time since release day) to fix it, with no usefull help from customer support. I will fill in another ticket obviously, but have 0 faith in that.


Submitted a ticket but am expecting everyone to just be ignored and those in charge just pretending no-one is having issues (in the same way they’ve been ignoring the progressively worse server issues over the last month or so). It wouldn’t be surprising if it was deliberate to free up resources to focus on the future games, even if it means they lose potential customers

Me and my friend were playing many events with each other a few days ago flawlessly although he got some lag. But now He keeps on getting disconnected every 2 minutes(we timed the time we can free roam together). It is getting ridiculous :frowning: we tried to fix everything.

Yep, this is the third day for me also. Seeing multiple threads here & on reddit it seems like 1) Its a PC issues 2) people can’t connect for more than a few mins at a time 3) the majority if not all players are from the UK.

Its definitely on their end with how many players are experiencing this at the exact same time.


Had the same problem, game has been fine for months,then 3 days ago i started to get disconnected for live sessions,then it would work,then disconnect, i’d check the xbox app it’ll say Teredo is unable to qualify , server connectivity blocked, if i go into the apps on pc and xbox gaming, then network, it’ll show the same thing, so i hit the fix it button, and it’s back to normal, but only for a short while, it’ll then start all over again .
I tried all the fixes suggested , got nowhere.
I’ve not changed anything on my pc (windows 10 1909) out of the blue this starts happening, was hoping the new update today would sort this out, but no such luck, i will put a ticket, in hoping this will get fixed asap.
If it doesn’t i won’t be buying any other Forza games that’s for sure!


Same issue here, keep getting disconnected every 5-10 mins… game technically unplayable if you do races or forzathons :frowning:


I’ve been seeing the same thing for the last few days. Glad it’s not just me!
Do you have a link to your ticket?

So glad it’s not just me. Seems someone somewhere has messed up a couple of days ago. It’s infuriating!

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same issue here, PC/Windows 10 tried every Xbox live/firewall/teredo/… solution I could find. Clean reinstall of windows and FH4, 1000/40Mbps internet connection with new modem and router… I have reached Forzathon Live stage 2 once in 20 tries, even then I was not able to finish stage 2 before I got disconnected again.

I just contacted support and got the generic “make sure your ports are open” and if your still having issues contact microsoft / xbox support

Generic copperplate one size fits all xbox based response from support even though I’m on PC.
i.e. nothing helpful and told to talk to xbox support if their suggested “config your router” didn’t work.

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Support ticket now marked by them as “solved”.
Great. Thanks. Glad I bothered to raise it now.


That was quick. Usually it takes 6 or so weeks to dismiss people’s tickets as “solved”.

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I normally have no issues at all with Forza but now I’m getting disconnected all the time from the Trial, Playground Games and even Horizon Life. I’ve not made any changes to my PC and can’t find any issues otherwise with its network connectivity.