Failed to sign in - Not Connected error message

My comment didn’t refer to the playability of the game, but the ability to consistently access the Motorsport servers. After Update 7 (with no other hardware or software changes) I started getting a Windows error (AP702) as others have, and my game became unstable. I’m just trying to help the developers locate the bug and eviidence points to Update 7.

As I said I would do, I removed the game from my PC and did a complete reinstall. The error remains (AP702). I can still ignore the error warning and play, but I believe it’s only a matter of time before the game fails again. My PC is a Lenovo Legion with about 3TB of disk and an Nvidia graphics card.

From MS community : Error 702: A connection to the remote computer could not be established. You might need to change the network settings for this connection.

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That’s exactly what i mean, how others can connect to the servers every time, but I CAN’T?!

Hi, if anyone is reading this, HELP!!!
please :pray:

Hi, so… how are you doing. Did you solved the issue?

As a user I’ve done everything I know to do. My game’s networking worked until Update 7. After that update I started to get, and continue to get error 702, indicating the game is giving Windows bad information about the network settings it uses to connect, I removed the game from my system and reloaded hoping to clean the error, but that didn’t work. I think the developers are so swamped with bug reports they’ve put this on a back burner to be solved with Update 8. Network handshaking will normally resolve my problem after several attempts, so if you’re not able to connect at all I suggest you clean your system and reinstall. It’s annoying, but if I click “reconnect” I will eventually get through.

Hello @Astatguy ,did you solve this issue?

Hi, have you tried to use a secondary account and then switching back to primary account?

Very weird. Not happens on me like other many reported things.


Idk. Same platform (Series X), no crash or bugs. Things that everyone complains about is not happening to me. Only rarely crashes. But i noticed crashes happening more after last update. I just see 3 or 4 crashes total before this update. (Playing since March) Today i saw 2 or 3 crash. Also i guess yesterday 1 crash. Btw I never had any connection problems too. Looks like game is really unstable.

Me too.

What about your internet?

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Even sometimes i get poor connection warning but everything is fine. I just get a ethernet cable. On the way. Try with Ethernet if you can.

I use it 99% of the time. :smile:
Download: ranging between 8 - 20 Mbps
Upload: ranging between 0.9 to 1.5 Mbps
Latency: ranging between 90 - 130 ms

Download is so low for ethernet. Is your modem bad? I have 70+ MBPS.

No, I’m using ADSL. it might be slow, but sure it’s good enough for online gaming.

Yes. It’s enough. Your problem is common. Except someone like me. Last update broke somethings. Like this.

It’s rare. Very rare. Only happens to me and some other people… .

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Hi, is the issue solved?

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