Can’t connect to the servers

Hello! I can’t connect to the servers because of an error:
Failed to upload materials

I’ve been trying to solve the problem all day. It’s still not working.


I have exactly the same problem, I tried everything I could but nothing helped. I reinstalled the game, updated everything, tried changing the firewall settings, nothing helped. I bought a game pass and a premium bundle. The game only works offline.


I wrote to tech support. I hope they can help me. Because I don’t know what I can do. I’m already tired of seeing this error…

If I find a solution. I will post here how to solve this problem

I also wrote to support and will also write back if anything is fixed.

I have the same issue. It says that it can’t connect to XBox servers, but other games from MS store has no issue. So there is no problem with the servers. The game is broken.

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Same problem, anyway i tried to play offline race and find next problem, that mine Thrustmaster T248 haven’t any feedback

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Maybe it’s a matter of regional restriction?
I used a VPN though and it didn’t help.

(Может быть дело в региональном ограничении…?
Хотя я использовал VPN и это не помогло)

тоже пробовал через впн, но нет, результат один и тот же

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I’ve solved the problem. The game does not accept Cyrillic (Or other characters) in the windows username. You need to create a separate local account with an English name. To play, you have to switch the user every time

Я решил проблему. Игра не воспринимает кириллицу в имени пользователя пк. Надо создать отдельную локальную учетную запись с английским именем. Чтобы играть, нужно каждый раз переключать пользователя



Thank you for the tip. Started reinstalling the game on PC. As soon as it finishes the download, I will try this method.

Meanwhile I installed the game on my XBox Series X and the game works fine on it.
So the problem is just for PC in my case.

Your solution worked for me too.
Thank you very much!

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When loading the game it says it cannot connect to the servers and suggests free play, when I select free play it then says connection restored but it cannot connect, leading to this loop. I have tried many of the common fixes but nothing has worked. The game was working for me yesterday and now just refuses to connect. The issue is shown in this Youtube video.

EDIT: The above solutions don’t work for me because I already don’t have Cyrillic characters in any of my usernames.


I fixed the issue by simply logging out and in to my Xbox account for now.

I changed my name to English (without numbers), but I still can’t access the Internet


Did you create a separate local Windows account and run the game from there?

Or do you run the game from your main Windows account?

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To avoid a connection error on the PC, you must run the game on a second Windows account (c English characters).
At least if the problem is in the username, the problem should be solved…

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