Drivatars are a bunch of distinguished English gentlemen

Seriously, I don’t see any of the wrecking / recklessness that people are complaining about. I drive against Expert drivatars and drive carefully myself. Besides a few taps / slight rubbing there is nothing bad happening on the track.

I have shared a few replays if someone is interested.


You must play another game than me then! Lucky you, I play on Pro and it is a mayhem every race, all drivatars drive like they stole the car and was chased by the police under severe gunfire, and half of the field have crashed before the race ends, it’s a disaster every race, especial in the higher classes. This is the absolute worst AI I drive against ever, GP Legends had superior AI in opposite to this crap in 1998! that says it all.

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Check out my replay of how utterly aggressive drivatars can be, it’s a shared replay in my Ferrari 250 California if I’m not mistaken. Gamer tag is Breyzipp.

I will check it out. I also don’t doubt that others have this issue, just wanted to add my data point.

Looked at Aggro AI - that happens to me too. Cars returning to the track don’t seem to check who is behind them, they seem to use the same logic as if they were racing normally. I kinda anticipate this when I see an AI coming back to the track and steer clear.

BTW the same is true for lapped cars.

Also looked at 250 GTO crah - you hit the merc, not vica versa :slight_smile:

You can turn off aggressive driveatar behavior.

Actually it’s limit aggression.

I hear ya. I play on pro or unbeatable (with aggro-limiter ON), and I think they’re great. I don’t doubt others are having issues, but I can only speak to my experience, which is: I’ve never had this much fun racing 'bots.

Its curious.

I’m not having any “runaway” drivatars.
They’re reasonably competitive.
Generally the racing is close and acceptably clean.

But in BMWs they’re mental. How on earth do they know what they’re driving :slight_smile:

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Every race for me on PRO is a train wreck…Usually on lap 1 I race super aggressive and bully my way through and then on the rest of the laps I aim for clean and quick lap times.

I think my two favourite drivatars are Messrs. Dunning and Kruger.

It sounds like they also frequently appear in the games of those who are having some difficulty for which they cannot seem to pin down the precise cause.

oh well played sir … well played

I’ve had few issues with them either…on pro and unbeatable. My main issue is I’m unsure how the training applies to them, I’ve never seen a competent player break on the curve on the “back straight” on nurburgring gp yet the drivatars always do. If they reflected real behaviour why do they do that? Yet apparently the crashing and driving like a numpty is replicated faithfully?

I play on Pro and never experienced more than a light tap.

Same here, it’s the same in Expert & Unbeatable when I’ve tried those too. I have the limited aggression option turned on.

The only problem I have is usually the 1st place driver is miles ahead, but T10 know about that one. Other than that they are the best Ai I’ve ever raced against.

I wonder if people smash into the Ai the Ai then do the same to you?

I have played around with average to pro and limit aggression on and off on each. I was only playing pro with aggression limited until I saw posts about the issue. What I have found is below expert the drivatars are bad drivers and I experienced the run away driver more often unless I got through the pack quickly. On expert and pro the drivatars were much better and the run away driver occurred less. I have also found the better suited my car build and tune is for a track the easier it was to catch the run away driver though there were some I could not catch. I think expert and pro drivers race pretty clean.

I’ve only noticed aggressive driving on lower levels. Once I hit pro it died down quite a bit and now I’m having hardly any contact on unbeatable.

Play Silverstone in the wet. They all get stuck on the last corner before the start finish Line. That because of the dumb ai. Thir nothing like skynet. will never become self-aware lol

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For me the AI are alright, but the unbeatable setting really does bring out the ‘hax0rz’ in them. Sometimes they run out of hax0rz and intelligence, their power missiles finding some form of problem.

The Drivatars in this game are much better than previous titles. I race on Unbeatable with the limit aggression off and they race cleanly and are competitive.