Drag Racing seems to be getting phased out

It really seems like drag racing is getting phased out in FM7. Test and tuning on a drag strip is a thing of the past. At least in older versions we could get a idea of how the car was doing before we raced against other players due to the ability to test drive and live tune on a drag strip. Now it’s a 100% guessing game before a online race. The RWD Drag lobby is gone and I have not heard or seen hardly any good news about drag racing period. I bought this game out of the assumption that drag racing would be like the previous Forza Motorsport titles and now I really feel cheated out of not just money but the experience of racing with friends that I know in person and online friends that I met over the years in drag race lobbies. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.


I haven’t even tried the Drag Racing since FM4, because there were issues that made it clunky. I’ll have to take a look at it in FM7 and see what’s up. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but I know some who feel it is.

No competitive racings geting phased out of forza. Everybody has to be a winner.


lemme guess, u didn’t get to be on the podium?

Forza RC Le Mans

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Actually, every single person on that podium, and every single person that either qualified or had a chance of qualifying for that event feel the same way as Happy. There is still no spectate mode after two months of this game’s release which impacts the viewership of the leagues (TORA, ORL, etc.) that these guys participate in. That alone would be pretty bad if not for the massive instability issues that are still happening with online play. This holds back this game ever becoming a viable e-sport and is just an insult to what these guys do.

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Drag race was phased out in FM6, but I believe it the gave the LB back.
Now it circuit race is under attack

Without the funny cars and wheelie bars, it seems completely superfluous anyway.

Well I dont know about that as I have just Sold 4 Monty Carlos FE fully tuned for Drag for a total of 16,000,000 so peeps must want drag cars, and its not a bad drag car either dose a nice wheel stand befor it takes off for the finish line using Auto I was hitting low 9s high 8s on the quarter and not really trying as was working on the tune for a fast launch with minum wheel spin. Never did a final test using manual with Clutch So should be quite quick.

Last time i checked there are still two drag lobbies. Unlimited Drag and Nostalgic Drag.

I agree. I cannot understand why they have cut out the test drive option from the single player drag racing section. It seems like a fault to me. Why would they have done this intentionally? Drag racers need as much tuning as any other type of car.

It’s a shame the drag racing in freeplay isn’t more detailed… I feel on mine you can’t even get some variations of the strips as you can online.

For online however… the unlimited drag especially, it’s too predicted, almost everyone just uses Ford GT40/Alfa 33S or Plymouth GTX FF. Don’t they ever get bored? the credits difference for winning isn’t even huge and it ruins it for the people who try and create a monster from an unsuspecting car.

I have a mk1 mx5 currently setup and it’ll hit 7.9/8.1 1/4 mile but it’s pointless online because those above cars are abused, I’ve tried the Alfa 33S with the top tune up and it feels glitched.

Wasn’t F3/4 like this with the Datsun 510 been silly, i’m not surprised it feels phased out.

I love drag racing. I’m someone that has been as vocal as I can be since FM4 about drag getting a little more attention. I have written many a thread describing what I would like to see added or fixed or just plain working in these games. Most of the ingredients are there, they just need proper implementation.

With FM7 they have, at the very least, given us 4 different locations, with an actual leader board. That is at least a step up from FM6.

The test drive being nonexistent for drag is a step backward, even from FM6 which was a run down a strip qith no countdown and no actual result given after said run. Pointless! Not having the open space test track also isn’t any good.

As far as that unlimited online hopper, I do agree that everybody ends up using those same cars. Sadly, that’s just the way it’s going to be. (it is the same in ciruit racing, once that dominant car is found) Partly because the lack of some either class based or at least drive train based hoppers. Also i see it as everybody jumping on the fastest car train. I fully admit to running the heck out of my GTX FF, although I keep mine RWD for the challenge of trying to get 2000 hp down straight and fast. My goal is to eventually get to a 19.000 or quicker in a RWD tune. I’ve been close, 19.2 and a buddy has hit a 19.1.

It is very frustrating building an S Class typical drag car, wanting to run it and you’re the only S Class car in the lobby. As annoying as that can be, I just take it for what it is and see what I can beat that’s in a higher class than me.

My biggest enjoyment in this game, for drag, is getting into a private lobby and running with my friends in similar cars. If Turn 10 isn’t going to listen to what those of us that do love to drag race want, then I will continue to find a way to do what I want. Or at least as close to what I want as the game allows.

I would love true drag upgrades, working trees and proper staging. I’m NOT going to be one of those that hop on these threads and talk about how it’ll never happen. Folks just need to be as vocal, respectfully vocal, about what’s needed in the game. We need to show Turn 10 that there is a point to taking the time and putting in some effort for drag. I feel it would bring a while new life to the game, in my opinion.

Anyway, as things stand, I’m still gonna be building and tuning and sharing as many drag cars as I can. I will find as many ways to enjoy the little bit we do have and race with my buddies when I can. I hope you guys can find a way to enjoy what little we have as well!!

Uh… guys… go to single player free play → change race type to drag. Tune and modify from the menus there. It’s actually more accessible than some of the previous titles, but it doesn’t appear that way until you’ve figured out the wacky new ways they’ve implemented loading screens and menus. I’ve been gaming for decades and this one kind of threw me for a loop at first.

That being said, drag mode is getting less and less attention each new title… and there really isn’t a good drag racing game out there that isn’t an ad-filled mobile game. It’s a shame and they’re really missing out on a pretty die-hard audience.

Yeah, that’s how I build and tune. Problem is, even in free play, there is no access to test drive. The tab is there, but it’s unselectable. Along with that, in drag mode, for some stupid reason, you can’t use the accelerator until the countdown hits 1, which makes finding the launch rpm pretty much impossible. The ONLY game mode in which launch matters and it doesn’t work properly. And this is ONLY in drag mode, everything else I have done, you can hit the throttle all the way throughout the start countdown.

What I end up doing is selecting the 2 car, 1 mile drag. Then I just run up and down either 1/4 or half mile. I’ll finish the race, adjust whatever, then head right back to it. For the launch I just watch the timer and try to launch on the .10’s and go from there. Not a ton of credits or xp but it all counts.

So yes, you CAN drag in free play. It just doesn’t function in a useful way.

I don’t think Drag Racing has ever been phased in in the first place.

In these titles it’s basically a short distance point-to-point race. I don’t have much interest in it myself but Zepplin has mentioned numerous times the various simulation/experience aspects that Drag Racing has been missing (the traffic light countdown, ability to do pre-race burnouts, more freedom when testing etc.). I don’t think any of that has been in a previous title and it’s highly unlikely that it’ll appear in a future title.

Heck, even circuit racing is starting to feel like an afterthought these days and that’s the primary game mode (no qualifying, penalties, telemetry exporting etc.).

At least you Drag racers have Leaderboards in this game, that’s one improvement over Forza Motorsport 6.

The problem is, there hasn’t been a drag-racing specific game to my knowledge since the PlayStation 2… even the NFS games took a horrible shot at it. The options are slim. Fire up the old xbox for some IHRA 2004?