Drag races? Two players split screen in drag race?No? Forza 6

What happened with this game mode? :frowning:

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It is the reason why i buyed this game ;(

i buyed this game for that too :frowning:

So the only way to play on a drag strip is to use Test drive or multiplayer??

Yep. Drag wasn’t mentioned in the patch details at all, so I would assume it’s the same. Only multiplayer, private and public, allow you to drag race. Test drive lets you drive your car on a drag track, but you can’t test launch or see times. It’s utterly useless.

If you want to tune a drag car, make change to car in tuning area, save change, go to multiplayer, create private lobby, change settings to drag, set track, change class from C only, start race. Need to change a setting? quit out, go to tuning, make change to car, save change, go to multiplayer, create private lobby, change settings to drag, set track, change class from C only. Rinse. Repeat, ad infinitum.


Yeah, it would be nice if us drag racers would get a little attention i mean were not asking for much. Just a free play drag mode to test and tune in. Its that simple. Give us leaderboards and a Free play test and tune mode like every other game type has and im good.

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I’ve not been on myself to confirm… But no drag rivals this month either. i think it’s pretty clear they’re trying to phase drag out @dissapointing and frustrated

I dont think they are trying to phase it out. I know they have some other issues they are dealing with in the core of the game, and i understand that. Its been this way in every FM title, they fix all they can and THEN put the drag stuff in. It kind of odd that they are on top of the game when it comes to drifting though. I mean drifting is just as much a motorsport as drag and circuit so why not equally distribute the game types and options? Im not hating or complaining, just my .02 worth.

I’m with you… its just hard to fathom how you take a step back from forza 5. after all the complaining in f5 then bringing out a drag mode that was 25% what it was in forza 4. Then roll out forZa 6 add a couple tracks back from forza 4, then completely leave out the lboards,drag rivals free play etc… It has been 2 yrs since forza 5, the new platform excuse can’t be used anymore.

Just very frustrated, I’ve tried being constructive and positive. a little complaining feels good for the soul :smoking:

They left out a lot of good from 4 including cars :frowning:

i loved FM4 free race drag!!! and the test and tune!!! i guess T10 does not think Drag racing is a Motorsport…

Yeah, it’s a shame. I really wanted to do some split screen drag racing in free play.