No hotlap for drag racing?

Does anybody have any information as to why there is no hot lap for drag racing in Forza Motorsport 6?

Why would you want that? LOL
Just kidding. I wanted that too, but looks like Turn10 is kidding with us too.
It’s a shame though… =/

Somebody has to know why it isn’t in the game

My theory is that drag racing was a last minute copy paste job from FM5 and T10 have never cared about drag racing at all. They can claim it’s in the game, because technically there is some drag racing, if you can call it drag racing when reaction time plays no part in it. So they might sell a few more copies of the game without really having to do any work to make a truly functional drag racing mode. Drag is so pathetically unfinished, they should have left it out. I would have a better opinion of the game if this junk game mode was not in it at all.

It seems they are either unable or unwilling to make a drag racing mode that doesn’t use their circuit racing template. So if they were to have leaderboards, they would be like previous Forzas where its only organized by the regular circuit racing classes. That has never made much sense for drag. I was going to say it would be better than nothing, but in this case, scrapping this game mode altogether until they can do it properly would be better, IMO.

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Would love to get an answer from a mod

Mods don’t know any more than we do. Mostly they are just fans like us. They don’t work for Turn 10. They moderate for the love of the game. They just want to help this place run smoothly and give Forza fans a “home”.

So basically posting anything on here is a waste of time?

if your goal was to interact with the developers directly, pretty much yeah. going to the news section and posting comments on their articles is probably your best chance. and everyonce in a while you can catch some of the developers streaming on twitch on the official forza or microsoft channel. i’ve seen helios, mechburg, and joniwanna on twitch playing forza and answering questions that they are allowed to answer. yours seems to be a question they could answer.

I’ve tried asking the same question on the Dan Greenawalt Twitter account and the official Forza Motorsport Twitter account. No response on either. I agree, a little input would go a long way.

Yeah just asked dan on his twitter

If u don’t mind what’s your Twitter handle, I’ll jump in on the question as well.

It’s a question every drag racers wants to know because without it tuning a car for drag racing is a nightmare.

Have you tried accessing them via free play?

In FM5, that was the only way to access them. I’m not sure if that’s the same in FM6.

There is no option for drag racing in free play like there was in f5. just the different genres of racing and circuit tracks. :cry:

They forgot or neglected to copy over drag in free play. Only way to drag race is in multiplayer, public and private. Neither have a way to see top times.

Hmm. Now that’s just dumb.

Well here’s to hoping the online leaderboards are posted soon.

I twittered twitted twatted whatever u call it Helios as well… It was mentioned in the wir that there would be some gameplay updates upgrades… Here’s hoping they recognize this problem

We did it without times in forza 4 and it was still a blast.

great input on why there isn’t any drag racing hotlap in forza 6 smh

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