Donut Media ‘DLC’ announced

I personally prefer performance over quality for FH5 on the XSX. But for Donuts, I prefer quality. :doughnut:

Oh yeah, OP; that donut brothers nonsense or whatever it is :smile: I prefer apple fritters by far!

How do you not feel sick when playing in quality mode? It’s horrible…

Indeed, some people say they can see the difference. Often, even when they’re seeing it on hardware that physically can’t display more than 30 or 60 fps.

Personally, I’ve seen 60 and 30 fps running side by side without being able to reliably tell the difference between the two, but if I’m playing at 60 I can at least sense large frame drops. Anything above 60 is completely pointless for me.

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30 fps - painful
60 fps - acceptable
120 fps - satisfying
180 fps - stop flexing

RTX 3080 running 100+ fps in 4k on ultra settings with an Aorus 48" OLED 4K. No issues.

So we get some obscure YouTube channels dlc for free, I certainly hope its free, way cheaper than some mainstream TV like TG or GT I expect, probably doing it all for free just for the publicity being in a game gets them.

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While I don’t like their videos, I will admit they know the YT game well, 6.78 million subs is nothing to sneeze at. Granted, with videos like " We Replaced Our Car’s Oil with Blood", you can tell where they are aiming their content. Not exactly Motor Trend level of writing…

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Sounds like they are aiming for the knuckle dragging demographic that society unfortunately has.


Part knuckle dragging, part squeeker, part JDM fanbois. Lowest common denominator…
Their full list of projects:
Money pit Miata
Money pit E36 BMW (non M) Rally spec
2 Nissan 350 Zs, both V-8 swapped.
2 Toyota Tacomas (off road prepped), one they managed to pull a bumper off with the winch (genius).
A VW Golf Cabriolet with a “supercharger”
Early 2000s Dodge D100 van (Merch van)

I honestly have no idea what you’re referring to. I play exclusively in cockpit mode, so not sure if that’s a factor, but everything looks excellent to me during game play. If I want to pick it apart, I can occasionally see frame rate (I hate to use the word impacts) looking far ahead during high speed as scenery populates some details, but that’s all I can think of & really isn’t noticeable.

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Yeah, this sounds like high class, quality entertainment that would dovetail nicely with FH5 :smile:

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How really interesting that all sounds. :roll_eyes:


Using a 240hrz monitor, I’ve found the higher the framerate I get used to, the more I notice changes in framerate.

However, maxxing out the monitor is only important to me in a competitive FPS like Overwatch. Also the higher you go, the more diminishing returns there are. I noticed a difference going from a 60hrz monitor to a 144, and I noticed a difference going from a 144 to a 240, but the impact of the 60 to 144 conversion was way more than the 144 to 240.

I’ve experimented a lot with frame rates and how “noticable” of an impact it makes, and I found the 60 to 80 leap to be the most beneficial one. Not only that, but I found that framerate consistency was far more beneficial than just pushing maximum frames all the time. A drop from 240 to 160 is far more noticeable than a drop from 90 to 80, despite looking better on paper. Ideal framerate changes from game to game, but I have a pretty good idea what my targets are for each genre.

Then you have the whole CPU drops vs GPU drops and being sure to balance the load on those two, which changes from game to game… Long story short, I’m usually limiting the framerate in my games, trading max frames for consistency.

Not really relevant to the conversation, just thought you’d find it interesting.

I found for racing games 120 - 130 is the ideal range. I’m not pushing that in FH5, I care too much about the graphics in that game. I am however pushing a frame rate minimum of around 79 to 78. Averaging in the mid to high 80s so it’s nice and consistent.


I think the content I’ve liked most from them is when they look at crazy builds other people have done

Like I said, if it looks good, sounds good to you, go with it! We are talking about graphics but let’s not forget the Dolby Atmos which is also amazing IMO. The rumble through the sub behind my chair while everything else is spinning all around the room just brings a smile to my face :grin:

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I think that’s true up until the point of competitive.

FH5 is not a competitive game, nor am I particularly interested in being competitive in it beyond PvPing with my friends.

In Overwatch though, I do sacrifice the visual look of the game in order to keep the screen uncluttered and the framerate high. It’s of key importance. It’s not true every time, but it’s been true some of the time that the framerate has been the difference between victory and defeat.

If I were trying to be competitive in racing games I definitely would be turning graphics down in order to hit at least 120 fps, however in racing games immersion is far more important to me than competitiveness.

It’s a question of priorities.


I guess I’m just needy then, because I want more competition and more immersion. I want my cake and I want to eat it, dang it.

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Then the limits of technology and the limits of your budget or your biggest foes my friend.

I’m running a 5120x1440 monitor. Super-immersive experience, especially in racing games being able to sit in cockpit mode and not feel like I have blinders on.

But even my 3090 has trouble pushing all those pixels at 240 hrz. And I had a rediculous budget that frankly, I kind of regret spending so much of. My computer parts war chest had gotten rediculously big, but looking back I probably wanted to save more for next time. Haven’t really been able to contribute to it of late due to inflation and the less financial security that brings.

Don’t regret the monitor though. Worth every penny.

Would you like a Donut instead? :rofl: