Dolby tech in general just doesn't work very well on xbox

Dolby Atmos sounds terrible and Dolby Vision has this weird like ‘limiter’ on it. Soon as I turn Dolby Vision off and set sound out to DTS:X, the game comes alive. Dolby vision looks like it’s not hitting the peak that my TV can hit ( LG G3, so 1500 nits ) and all the blacks are raised. Not only that, but it looks like it’s interfering with the ray tracing. I think y’all should take a good long hard look at the dolby stuff before trying to push it too much. It’s clearly not working correctly. Hasn’t since the series consoles launched.

Wow, can confirm! Turning it off doesn’t fix all the weirdness but it at least looks light the brightness is mapped correctly!

Dolby Atmos Sounds great on almost all other games.

This games sound is pretty bad. Tons of missing sound effects.
Car bottoming out and not being able to hear a helicopter above you or just two. No sound effect for either

Eh, I wouldn’t say great. Doesn’t hold a candle to DTS:X imho.

Just got an update for Dolby Access. Seems to have improved Atmos some how, but Vision still looks pretty bad.

Something definitely happened with Atmos in this last Dolby Access update cos everything in every game sounds better. Tighter. More defined. Proper imaging. I used to bounce between DTS:X and Dolby Atmos and notice a HUGE difference, but now it’s pretty minimal. In fact, Dolby Atmos now sounds better than DTS:X. Shame that it took so long to get this fixed, but I guess later is better than never.

Another interesting development. I turned on Perf RT and the Dolby Atmos sound got deeper. More dynamic range. Still doesn’t have the correct sound stage. So now it sounds different depending on what visual mode you have the game set to.

Just got a Dolby Access update. Man… nothing has sounded this 3D since I got my first xbox series x on launch day. This means never. I can’t believe this went broken this long. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING sounds better. FH5. Motorsport. Halo Infinite. Every game I own actually sounds pretty darn good. I wouldn’t say Dolby Atmos is 100% what it should be but it’s really really close.

Dolby Vision, however, is still sub-par. Doesn’t look as good as HDR10 on my LG G3.

Dolby Vision is indeed busted… But this may be a LG thing where DV has always lower peak brightness compare to HDR10 no matter the media (BR/Streaming/Gaming) and there’s nothing the user can do about it.
Peak brightness and specular highlights are definitely way to muted in Dolby Vision in Forza though…

It’s not so much about the brightness as it is the quality of it. DV on Xbox has raised blacks and washed colors on my LG G3. DV everywhere else does not. If I watch movies or shows in DV, they’re darker than HDR10 whereas on Xbox DV gaming it’s the opposite. DV in Xbox movie/show apps do not have this problem. It seems to be a DV for gaming issue only.

Also, this is not in Game Optimizer. That thing washes out HDR no matter what. I won’t use it.

Only way I can get DV to look remotely right on my LG G3 is to either set game optimizer black stabilizer to 4 or set black level to 40 in Cinema mode.

So. Picked up a PS5 and instantly noticed that Dolby Atmos on it is a good 5 - 6dB quieter. Maybe even 10. Haven’t measured it yet, but it’s considerably quieter with my receiver at the same volume. This tells me that the Xbox is being compressed. Shame on you. Turn that trash off. We don’t need it.

Atmos is quieter on PS5?

Yes. I fired up the same game ( Cyberpunk ) on both consoles. Xbox is louder for no real good reason other than to be louder. I also noticed deeper bass on the PS5. My receiver is setup for eARC. There’s no different settings for the 2. Xbox is just louder and more compressed.

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I Agree with You I always Use uncompressed Audio. i always use my wired Headset so I will Always know were my opponents are including FPS Games & 3rd person i think Xbox could make a improved version of all audio outputs without having to buy an app for the series X|S Microsoft already makes a Tone of Money

DV appears to have had some work done to it. My colors no longer look as washed out as they used to and I’m seeing far less color banding than I did a month ago. So both DV and DA are better on Xbox now. I wouldn’t say perfect, but far better than they were. Worth checking out.

Here’s something interesting. I turned passthrough off in Xbox settings and all the surround modes sound better. It’s like passthrough is doing something weird to the source. Either that or the source is just that messed up. It’s not a MASSIVE difference, but it’s enough. What I’m hearing is that everything gets brighter and less defined in the lower mids. There’s a weird boost at like 2 - 3khz. It just doesn’t sound right. I run my TV in passthrough to my receiver and it doesn’t do that. It actually sounds better.

Something else I just discovered is that during some testing of the passthrough feature, turning it on and off several times will cause the XSX screen to go black. No way to fix this than restart it. Since the screen is black, restarting it via the OS is near impossible ( unless you remember the key combination to use the restart button ) so you have to hard reset it or unplug it. Fun.

P.S. I have NEVER had this much trouble with a playstation.