Dolby Atmos sound

I want to hear some opinions on how you find the Atmos mix and quality.

The environmental reverberation is cool in tunnels and inside buildings, storms just flood the environment in a positive way. positional audio of other cars is well present.

But how about the general sound mix? Ive been trying to set my EQ but l dont know if the game just sounds the way it does. I feel it sounds a bit mid heavy or kind of… imprecisely thick or loud. Hard to put terms on this.

Has someone more experienced been able to set their own Atmos audio well?

I’m using atmos with headphones and am unsure if its me or the game that’s just a bit off mix wise.

Yeah I set the in game LFE to 0 and it has made it slightly better. It’s very heavy on the low-mid range, I got ear fatigue within 15 minutes of playing. I’m not sure what I should do at this point, I don’t think they will fix the sound mix. I’m also not using Atmos so I think it’s just the game in general.

I got a fairly decent atmos rig ( Klipsch Reference Premiere all around ) and I’m not really happy with the mix. It sounds to me like they mixed it similar to FH4 and chopped a ton of bass out. The stereo image of the cars is pretty narrow ( sounds like it’s mostly coming out of my center channel) and the car sounds just don’t have enough bass. I’m going to give it a very thorough test on my studio rig this weekend and give them a bit of an ear full. I got them to fix the EQ of H4 so I don’t imagine this’ll be much of a challenge. Whoever is mastering and mixing this game needs to move away from their EDM mixing techniques. It’s only a slight improvement on H4. Pretty disappointed tbh.

i use the dolby atmos app on series x couple with some steelseries arctis 9x headphones

i think its ok. positional audio is good.

storms and some other environmental sounds are very loud, even if youre inside the cars cockpit view they drown out the music and engine sounds quite a bit.

Is there actually Dolby Atmos on FH5 on Xbox? I notice overhead sound with FH4 but haven’t yet with FH5. I’m on Xbox One S.

Not sure? the test would be the metal rail bridges that you go under, or the seagulls. They make a loud noise, test which speakers they use. As for the overall surround sound, the mountain echoes need boosting, and the Chase cam has the mic too far back behind the camera. So that mic position need moving towards the car.

Thanks for replying. It must’ve been my bad. It’s working today, nice and loud! :slight_smile: