Do you think there is any chance we will see FM6 on Win10?

Hi, I’m a long time fan of Forza. I have played the series since the first game on the original Xbox and owned FM2 through 4. A little while ago I switched to PC gaming, and don’t own an Xbox One so I missed out on FM5. Tbh there’s really no replacement for FM in my opinion, and I would love to see FM6 be released for Windows 10. I know that MS is incorporating a streaming feature, but I’m talking about running the game natively on PC, with no Xbox One required. Imagine how amazing FM6 would look in 4K…

I mean it would be a great game for MS to show off DX12 and their new OS, and no doubt it would sell very well. FM5 was ported to DX12 and demo’d on PC but sadly never released. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a possibility with FM6? Or do you think it will remain Xbox exclusive?

Seeing as how it always has been, I honestly don’t see it changing. Never hurts to have some hope…

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Not this FM.

“Xbox one exclusive”

Microsoft showed Fable Legends on E3 2014 already and immediately said it was gonna be some kind of flagship game. Fast forward 1 year: Fable Legends will be free to play on One & Windows 10 with crossplay mixing players from both platforms into the same world.

I do read and contribute to a lot of other forums and there seems a bigger “need” for other PC racing-games to be ported correctly to consoles than that PC-gamers are directly asking to get console-games for the PC. Ofcourse, some of this can be attributed by some horrid 1-on-1 ports where a good console-game was released for Windows without adding much improved graphics or controls.

Unfortunately that’s probably the way things will work out. :confused:

Interesting. There’s a gap in PC racing games that Forza could fill pretty well; typically there are arcadey games (NFS, etcs) and then the sims (Assetto Corsa, Project Cars) but Forza is a blend a both. In my experience no PC racing game has the good driving mechanics AND sheer amount of content as Forza does. Games like Assetto Corsa feel pretty good to play and the driving mechanics are great but the amount of content is really lacking.

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In all honesty; Forza is just another racer when given to PC-gamers just because there are already hundreds of older & recent games giving all sorts of physics, realism, surroundings and whatnot to PC-gamers. Forza, even in FM6 with a staggering 26 tracks, is ofcourse a small player when it comes to actual surroundings for the PC. The hardcore racers already have their iRacing / RaceRoom / whatever leagues going on and there is little chance they will switch to Forza for their racing.

There is however 1 way I see fit: make Forza much more realistic and it can certainly appeal to much more people on either platform but simultaneously lose a lot of casual players due to the high boundaries of getting grips with a game. No offense to anyone but it’s easier to grab money from millions of casual players than get a steady revenue from a few 10,000 players.

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What I mean is that the hardcore racing sims turn away a lot of the more casual players (yet players who think games like NFS are TOO casual) for various reasons. The sims typically have less sheer content because they are made by smaller developer teams. With such a large dev team and Forza’s mix between casual and sim, I think it would attract a lot of gamers from both sides of the spectrum.

I totally agree with your last statement. It would be a slight risk releasing a FM game on PC but I feel as if it could pay off.

For FM to move to PC properly, and not piss off the PC userbase, they will need to adapt to software as a service preferably instead of bi-annual releases.

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Windows 10 has that Xbox app that so far does not allow you to play games!

What is it good for if it cannot play games?!?!?!?!?!

If Forza wanted to, they can make it playable right off the X1, require an X1 and the game, and port it… Forza could become the flagship there!

People load the game, verify it is theirs by putting the disk in [if they bought the disk] and go, allowing the people to change the disk and let people use their X1 for other games…

It would open the MS market, and possibly drive more game sales.

Thanks for reading but it doesn’t solve on of the initial questions/suggestions like native use of DX12 and higher resolutions than the so-called FullHD that the One supports.

There you go; assumptions based on beta-software (both preview ring of Windows 10 and unreleased Xbox firmwares). Why not continue your case / stance after Windows 10 will be released on July 29 and we get official public firmwares for the One that do allow for streaming to PC/tablets?

Stream from your xbox to PC. done

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Can you imagine the Paints users could create on a PC vs the console, then for that content to be cross platform back to the Consoles. Oh I would be in heaven with all of the incredible paint jobs the members of this community could create.

unless T10 provided a way to include files that were edited in photoshop like most skins (dds files etc) it wouldnt happen.

In addition to that, say goodbye to creativity, talent, and originality. The livery and vinyl sharing features would be riddled with cut and paste jobs from Google images – the fastest way to exterminate the painting community, more so than it has already become.

In my opinion, Forza always has and always will be a selling point for the Xbox console. Until there is no Xbox, I foresee no Forza on PC and, even then, I suspect it would assume a whole new persona, so to speak, and not be Forza as we’ve known it to be … for better or for worse.

I am a fan of Forza and I would like to play FM6 on my simulator rig triple screen setup with Fanatec CSW v1 wheel.

So would a lot of people. Maybe we get lucky for FM7

that would be great!

Sounds like a fine way to lose a lot of Xbox sales. I’d certainly not need to buy an Xbox again if they were on PC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think it will ever happen. There are plenty of simulators for PC. Forza is for Xbox.

Forza on PC would be a dream come true. But alas, a hopeless dream. Microsoft may bring Gears, even Halo to PC, but never Forza.

Like I said in other thread, once DX12 and W10 release, Phill wants to enable cross parity between X1 and PC so it’s more than likely we’ll be pushing Forza 6 and future games to the max in 4K and triple screens in the next 18-24 months or so :). With parity, we’ll finally be able to get the PC to do more work for the game as due to the way he wants the architecture to work and from what i’ve heard from insiders, DX12 and W10 on both allows not only a performance increase, but also the ability to “scale up” (or down) on PC/X1 cross board, meaning higher performance, higher framerate and ofc choice of other such options like more wheels, hardware input support and much more!

It’s going to be an amazing time for gaming over the next year or 2, let alone talk of PC games on X1 thanks to the parity too, Microsoft are kicking it atm!