Dlc (no one plays forza dlc)

No one knows what motorsport means in america so don’t say that the DLC idea i had last time (Gamerchanger) isn’t about motorsports.

I think you miss the point. The intent of Forza Motorsport is to have a more realistic track oriented game. The changes you suggest sound like an arcade game. It’s better to start a whole new game than to try and change FM to that extent.



Yup. Agreed with this. The ideas in that other thread certainly are game changing…thing is, they change the game into something that’s not Forza. The game you describe might be what you’re looking for, but it’s not what most people who play Forza (myself included) are looking for.


It doesn’t matter anyway im willing to help with the game and stop the franchise from failing. one of the reason that people stopped playing forza was because it was the car version of call of duty but it got alot worst and worst instead.

Thank you for your feedback. You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com

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Before this thread gets locked, I would like to say that although I agree with the previous posts with Forza sorta becoming COD, there still is hope. If Turn 10 can add new features here and there and maybe include something"gamechanging" besides these lackluster lukewarm car packs released every single month. I think if the next Forza Horizon installment is successful, Turn 10 can shed light on what needs to be done in the future and make Motorsport something truly special. More tracks, vehicles options maybe and an overall feature that EVERYONE can have fun with should bring the series a breathe of fresh air, instead of the majority of FM6 being a copy/paste of FM5. I certainly understand why so many Forza players have left the series though.

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I described a few things wrong on the post i know it’s ment to be a relistic motorsport game not an arcade