Crash - Crash loading featured multiplayer races, after intermission or qualifying (1525669)

If I join a Featured Multiplayer session with friends my game crashes just before every race.

I load in fine with several players and get through practice and qualifying fine but then my game always crashes before I load into the race itself.

I have played plenty of Featured Multiplayer by myself and its mostly completely fine but with friends it crashes every time.

I am on the MS Store version of the game.

For me it crashes when I’m about to go and practice for the 2nd race. This is happening since update 1.1.
When I play featured multiplayer with my friends (no matter the group size) we get through the first race without a problem, but when we get to the 2nd race (group leader presses continue to the next race) the entire group crashes at the same time when the first of us clicks practice.
When the group leader doesn’t press continue after the race but has us return to the featured multiplayer screen and then join a new race crashes are less common, but still happen from time to time (and for players individually instead of the entire group).
The group consists of players on all platforms: Xbox, PC store (me), PC steam.

When playing on my own I don’t experience any of this.

Class D featured multiiplayer crashed motorsport after qualifying and before going to the race. On a second occasion it froze after qualifying.
I use xbox series x.

Yesterday was ok. Today 3 races in a row crashed after intermission countdown.


Froze on me twice yesterday :unamused:

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Well 3 crashes in open D class in 2 hours of play. Does turn 10 even care. Maybe if everyone leaves then the system will be stable. How’s that for trouble shooting

And another crash… i might need to get a playstation

And another crash in D class. Same again. 00.01 intermission countdown. I’m really gutted. I was so excited about motorsport. I was saving up for a wheel. Why bother when i can’t play. I’ve played FH2 FH3 FH4 FH5 FM7. WHY SHOULD I BOTHER

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This is ridiculous. Its been a month since release. Frame rate issues with amd’s SAM, shaders compilation on every run with amd gpu’s till a couple of days ago, intermission at 0:01 very often in online races, infinite loading often enough when applying tunes, changing car etc. in online and infinite loading almost every time after an online race. My hands are tired pressing alt+f4. Only career and rivals are ok to me. These are my experiences from playing the open D class in featured multiplayer these days.

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Same here. Crashing in the transition from practice to race.
Xbox Series X and I have the 1.1 update

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Same. Crashes about once every three races. Not too mention the endless loops on Updating Multiplayer races after a race. The cloud saving and online stuff is so busted in this otherwise fine racing game. Fix it. Series X

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Nothing really works. One multiplayer race is all I can get before needing to restart the game to race the next one. If that first one even works. Often the race might not even start or just finish middle of the race.

I was under the impression that in 2023 multiplayer with 30 players isn’t a real technical challenge. It’s shocking.

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Me too, 2 times today

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This forza has to be by far the worst game there bought out , NOTHING WORKS on it. Its always crashing , cant load up races. I went to start a online race and as soon as it started it put the camera in the pits so i couldnt even see. The game is so lucky it was on game pass because if anyone paid for this game i feel sorry for you.


I’m on Game Pass and I’m still very frustrated with the state FM got released. I can’t imagine having spent like 70+ bucks and get FM in this state. I would have try to refund 10 times by now.


Another report of the game becoming unresponsive after qualifying.

I made a setup adjustment after finishing quali, but the game got stuck in the “applying tune” screen. Practice timer ran down, then the intermission timer ran down to 0:01 and stayed there. Had to close the game via task manager.

Edit: realized this report probably belongs under Multiplayer - stuck on "Loading Tune and Upgrade" Multiplayer Lobby hangs at 0:01 (1630009)


The quality of the multiplayer is distressing and pathetic and also penalizes us.

The more the days pass, the more the quality of the multiplayer deteriorates and becomes distressing, dismaying, it’s pathetic especially in class D.

For a few days, especially yesterday and today, it’s been impossible to do multi-races in a row, in addition to a weird feeling of micro lag/slowdowns/fluttering.

  • Crash on the starting grid
  • Crash while racing
  • Crash in qualifying
  • Interruption bug
  • Bug, the race which stops for everyone after 1 lap
  • event calendar update bug
  • query screen bug

Bug, bug, crash, crash…here comes Forza Motorsport.

The worst thing is that each time I come back after a crash in a race, I see my general grade lowered, being degraded when I wasn’t even able to participate in the races, what is this madness!

Now in addition to being victims of the absurd penalty system and the bad behavior of certain bad players, we are punished/victims or even held responsible for crashes and bugs during multiplayer games?

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This issue will obviously get fixed ,but for now it’s totally frustrating having to go through practice,qualify stages then the game crashes. Yesterday was the worst experience to date .


This is completely random. One day it’s all okay, other day crash after crash. Today i’ve done about 8-9 mp races. There was hanging after intermission countdown comes to 1, sometimes, but 0 crashes. But there is infinite loading screen after each race for me, where you are forced to restart the game.

Again i think, it’s server problems mostly…

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Same here, since november 4th, class d open multiplayer is unplayable. Guess ill play offline they need to fix this. Sad caus online races is the fun right!