Cars should be ghosted for the first 20-30 seconds of a race

Cars should be ghosted for the first 20-30 seconds of a race.

Even with the race regulations penalties it’s ridiculous. Maybe half of all races, me & almost everyone else I’ve driven with have been punted off the track from people behind out-braking themselves into the first corner, mostly on the first lap. Most times costing me or the people that get hit about 5-10 seconds whilst I/they get back to the track. Yet the people that hit you off the track only get a penalty of a couple seconds at most & almost every time able to carry on around the track without going off because you’ve slowed them down enough.

No matter where you place your car, when you brake. I’ve tried it all & as i said has happened about 50% of the races I’ve taken part in.

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Maybe. It’s one of the best things they’ve done for online in Horizon 4.


Not for me. Ghosting the start of the race would completely take away the whole point of racing down to the first corner. Without a physical car to battle with people will just ghost straight through you, no point in defending.

The problem is the mentality of forza players and the ghosting system not being sophisticated enough to tell when someone is about to ram into another car. Fix this and you’ve solved most of the problems.


Try getting into upper tiers in leagues, its much cleaner, it still happens but far less frequently than public hoppers.

IMO best solution is combining FRR and league style ranking system, it will mean the matchmaking will be much better, matching players with similar skills and intentions.

Ghosting takes incentive out of achieving pole position and doesn’t do anything to improve the rest of the race

Root cause is players with very different skills and intentions in same lobby, so accident will just happen at 31 secs.

Also bare in mind, FRR is a still a beta hopper, i would expect to get rammed in there by people testing the system.

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No. Part of the challenge from a poor grid position is making your way up from the pack. You don’t want to take away any all forms of risk from the game. Just like real life, starting mid or back of the pack is a risk and it should stay that way.

Once the penalty system is up to scratch, this won’t be as much of a problem as it is now anyway.

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I disagree, instead, there should be a driver rating system, if you get smashy smashy then you get with others who do smashy smashy on the first corner. Since bad players have stopped playing this has been less and less of an issue.

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Maybe ghosting AFK players so the race doesn’t start as a parking lot, but it’s fine the way it is now. If anything, multiclass needs a better ghosting system. As is right now, C and B class cars can drive backwards and ram A and S class before they can start moving.

If it happens that often maybe try to brake a little bit later yourself?