Let Ghosting be on/off

From all the racing games I do prefer Forza 4 horizon, cause it is fun. Recently I came back to the game and now I found out that they added new feature - “no ramming aka ghosting”
Dont get me wrong, get rammed by random person is bad, I get it, everyone understands that. But It feels like you are playing solo game right now. You can always have best possible line in corner, best possible speed, because the car in front of you is ghosted.
Question: Why wouldn’t they just add option in game: Ghosting on / off. ?
People who want have ghosting in their racing games, let them turn on, they will know that they sign for, for ramming, which is not always happens lets be honest again.
And people who dont want to risk, they will turn off ghosting.
I dont think this option will hurt anybody. It will just make other people who dislike this update enjoy game more as they did before.
p.s. Sometimes car collisions make fun situations in games, like car flying away from track, flies into the air, it is silly, but it is fun, and people play game for fun. FH4 isnt competitive game as FM7 as example. :slight_smile: IN the end it is arcade.

This is not a new feature it’s been like that for years. It doesn’t always work the way it should. It’s supposed to prevent things like dive bombing from other drivers. What you are talking about will not always work as it does not always ghost the car in front of you if you hit it. So you can’t always do anything. Yes, I have seen people use that to their advantage but it is not a reliable thing to do. You will find yourself ramming people if you try that. For the first I think it’s 20 or 30 seconds everyone is ghosted to prevent pile ups at the start. You can’t have it so some people have ghosting on and others have it off in the same race. What a mess that would create. They are custom adventures that are ghost only. Being rammed off the road and thrown into the air by jerks is not fun in any way arcade or not. In Burnout maybe but this isn’t supposed it be that.

No, ofc not, I dont want to to see ghosting on and off in same race. Just who has on or off option, make them always join together in same race. No mixing with with each other

It would be fine if it were permitted, it’s the fact that you aren’t permitted to ram, yet people still do it, and there’s little enforcement of it, that is the problem.

If they made ramming permitted, I’d at least be willing to give ranked adventure a try in that context to see if I can get the better of people when everyone is on a level playing field. As it is, I do ranked adventure once a month for the playlist percentage and I can’t remember how many months it has been since I didn’t have at least one driver ram me. I’d quite like to give Wreckfest a try, as I’ve seen it said that it actually has the cleanest racing, precisely because ramming is permitted, but it hasn’t yet been on sale cheap enough for me to go for it.

How does Wreckfest permitting ramming (the basis for the game) give it the cleanest racing? As I understand it, the definition of ‘clean racing’ would contradict that. I’ve done very little WF multiplayer, and as it’s name suggests, ‘clean’ was the last thing I would describe it. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t understand.

Because the fear of retribution means that people are scared to annoy their opponents. It depends on the mode, though, from what I heard.

Have you got Game Pass? Wreckfest is on there if you want to give it a trial ans you don’t have to lose at least £18 if you’re not keen.

I don’t, it’s cheaper for me to just buy the relatively small number of games I want to play, and even the collection of free games I have from the Epic store mostly never even get tried because it’s not worth the time it would take to download them and the SSD space.

The ghosting is only on in the public lobbies. If you have a private lobby, you can decide to have it on or not.

I honestly don’t mind the ghosting. It’s the wall touch penalty that I find most annoying. It’s supposed to prevent wall riding, and I suppose it does. But it unnecessarily punishes slight mistakes by making recovery practically impossible.

Your ‘fun’ is someone else’s fun spoiled.


It prevents “Highspeed Collisions” so some diff in speeds is needed and trust me u can see flying cars :wink:

Let’s examine some of your claims.
1: Ramming does not happen all that often.
This is complete garbage, I cannot enter a race without someone intentionally trying to wreck me, not a single race.

2: You and your wrecking friends can in fact wreck each other all you want to, simply start a co-op race against AI players.
Wreck and smash to your hearts content. Nobody will care, and the AI will wreck and smash you back, fun for all involved.

3: It’s not competitive.
Here you are wrong again, online racing is in fact competitive in that you are racing to win in the case of FFA adventure or Ranked. In team adventure, you are competing for a team win.

My opinion of wreckers and bangers is that they simply cannot stand to lose, and will aggressively attack anyone with a better line or faster car.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.
I have almost 40,000 races in this game, I’m a prestige 10 level 2,310 with an almost 3 clean pass record per race average.
I do not need to wreck people, I never wreck better drivers than me, I’m not so shallow as to believe I deserve to win every race by whatever means available.
I often times find myself letting everyone go ahead of me to wreck and smash into each other instead of me, doesn’t effect me one bit. I didn’t get to prestige level 10 by wrecking everyone around me, if fact, that only hurts your end influence rewards.
So by all means wreckers and bangers, get together in co-op and smash each other into oblivion, but leave the rest of us out of it. As stated above, you have the option to wreck and smash, just don’t do it online with people who enjoy competitive racing without having to deal with your inability to drive.


Well, again. I do agree with you and other people who commented on that thread.
But like one guys said - your fun is spoiled other person fun. It is double edge sword. Even then I was getting rammed somewhere, I didnt rage or anything, maybe it is just because im that cool person which hard to get angry. But I just laugh it up, how I went down the hill or something like that, I respawn and do the race.
But again, I dont see a reason why wouldnt be there are an option to have ghosting on and off in FFA, Adventures etc.
I see you are very competitive person, it is fine, it is cool, I do respect that. So in your situation u will have ghosting on 24/7.
But u can’t not agree with me that some people will want to have ghosting off for reasons. So if they dislike ghosting, they will just turn off and play with similar people who has same taste about ghosting.
I literally see no bad things about this change to that system.

I don’t want ghosting 24/7, that would be boring, especially in dirt racing. My problem is with intentional rammers, the ones that can’t drive and refuse to create custom adventures where they can race with other rammers.
Contact will happen in racing. That is not the problem.
Intentionally pushing people off check points or into walls/trees is the problem.
As for raging, I don’t do that either, as I stated, I will just let them all go first and slam into each other, after all, they are just bullies getting their kicks by intentionally wrecking better drivers. They eventually rage quit when they realize I won’t play their silly games.
There are options for the wreckers to turn off ghosting, custom adventures and co-op both allow for ramming and wrecking, but they are never utilized, because bullies do not want to bully each other, they prefer to make everyone else as miserable as they are themselves.
You want to play NFS Forza version, just create a custom adventure. We shouldn’t have to create a custom adventure to accommodate wreckers and bangers, which is why they put in ghosting. It’s on you to create your world of chaos and leave the rest of us alone.

  1. Ghosting is not on throughout adventures - ghosting is only in place for the first 20 seconds or so and then will only kick in again if there is a substantial speed difference between two cars. If two cars are travelling at similar speed, then there is no ghosting after the start and so there can be plenty of contact.

  2. In light of the above, if you are finding that you are always ghosting when driving behind someone at corners, then the reason can only be that you are going too fast and failing to brake sufficiently. The game no longer allows you to use other cars as brakes - and that’s a good thing.

  3. If you really really want to be able to drive without ever having ghosting, then I think that’s an option in custom adventure.

Ghosting shouldn’t be a thing period. They should, instead, punish those who intentionally ram etc. Don’t punish us all for their nonsense. Same goes for free roam. I hate that the everyone is ghosted.

I like knowing I won’t ruin someone’s race just because they don’t know they can go faster. I also like not being blocked and brake checked by people’s team mates so it’s been quite handy to just scoot through like a rocket. If someone is as fast as me the racing is close, aggressive all without having to worry about playing pinball so much with rest of the pack. Some people are just so slow they need to disappear and I’m glad they do now and can still race without getting wiped out. Its called anti rammer whatever but for me its traffic management.


That’s not a new feature, it’s been around for years and and it is the most annoying feature of Forza Horizon series. It is also the only reason why I and substantial number of people I know does not play online unless it is required for progression.
It’s done to prevent some malicious players from disrupting thengame play ramming other player of the race, but it also eliminated two key aspects of gamenplay, skill and defense.
how can I hold my position if player with a faster car goes through me becasue of ghosting. That renders my cornering skill absolutely useless.
However, individual player setting ghosting on and is not the way to go. It should be an option but it should be set at event settings. Once it is set it should be same for all players in the session.

I think it’s fine during races as it is, but I would really like it if we had a choice in Freeroam, it’s really annoying when everyone is ghosted.

I agree ghost should be available for on and off. I for one would love to have it off bc it will be fun that way, especially with the noobs who like ramming in a desperate attempt to win. :smiley: Back in 2006 when Project Torque was the superstar of online racing games, rammers were nearly 50% of the playerbase, so I learned to counteract them and they usually ended up out of the track dropping out to the last position. It has always been especially fun when I’m driving a 4WD car and someone tried to make me slide. Or driving a drift car and someone tried the same. “Oops, it didn’t work!”. :smiley: