Cars breaking down?

Do anyone know if the cars can break down? I think thats Forza is missing that cars can get mechaical problems and not break down becouse you crash them… In a real world is it always a risk that your car or racecar get a mechanical problem and then you have to fix it or go to a workshop if you cant do it by yourself so why should this not be in Forza? And its realy bad that you can go straight into the wall in 200 KM/H and then countinue driving so i would like to see that the cars will break down in the future.

I olso wonder how they do with the fuel. In FM5 could you ran out of fuel but it were quite hard but in FH2 can you travel realy long and i think it would be bad if they take away this feature in FH2

With damage being possible in FH2, it is also possible that tire wear and fuel consumption could have been an option. However, the E3 Demo screens didn’t show a fuel level indicator on the HUD, so I suspect it won’t be included. While it is true that having “random” breakdowns could enhance realism, I just don’t see it being implemented even as an option. I mean, licensing the cars would get harder if you tell the car manufactures, “Yeah, we’ll have cars occasionally randomly break down.”

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That would be the main reason why this will not be seen.

Not sure about having to stop for gas, realistic & not too much compared to other things like washing your car and changing the oil.

Having breakdowns would increase realism but it would severely hamper the fun and gaming aspect of this. I don’t want to come home, have a bit of time to enjoy playing my game, and OH SNAP car broke down. Well, time to get a tow and get my car fixed or spend some money on this, and now you’re not playing and it’s no longer fun. The Forza franchise has done a lot in terms of realism in games, but you’ve got to remember that in the end these are still video games which most people play for fun and that “most people” does not include the couple hundred hardcore fans that populate the forums.

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There’s a fine line between realism and annoyance that you don’t want to cross. You hit the nail on the head, “In a real world is it always a risk that your car or racecar get a mechanical problem,” so since I already worry about that in the real world, why would I want to come home and then worry about it in a virtual world? Tire wear might be okay, that might be a manageable annoyance, but for the open-world aspect I don’t think the realism of fuel consumption beats out the annoyance of filling up a Bugatti every 5 minutes while you’re trying to cruise.

If you want to deal with ‘fixing’ your damaged car then you can go back to an Outpost or Garage, enter and exit it, and see your car all fixed. I, on the other hand, like to turn damage off and drift around.

So I think it would be a terrible thing for it to even be an option; “Mechanical breakdowns: On.” And you also want to have the ability to fix the issue yourself?

does anyone think we will get gas, like having to fill up your car on a daily basis at the gas station.

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No. Open-world driving games wouldn’t accommodate that very well, in my opinion. In purely racing games fuel consumption can be a mark of strategy and difficulty, as well as realism.

Do you guys want to go to the Forza DMV and get Forza Insurance and get Forza Smog Checks, too? That would also be realistic.


Might as well get speed limits that you have to conform to and if police are added and you break the limit you get caught and fined? LOL end of the day its a game, fuel filling will just end up getting boring, say i forget to fill up and during the race it ends up empty, no thanks.


I’d like to see it as an option. I can see why some people would hate it though. Some of the early F1 games had mechanical failures and I enjoyed that touch or realisum.

Sure the early F1 games had mechanical failure. but as was pointed out earlier - those were strictly track racing games. Sure, on a track there are mechanical breakdowns, tires wear out, how you pit and use your fuel is important and it does add a sense of strategy, difficulty, and realism to the game.

Horizon 2 is a completely different kind of game and adding some of those features would be stupid and detrimental to game play. No matter how realistic video games get they are, and should be, all about having fun and enjoying yourself. A Bugatti Veyron can only run 12 minutes pedal to the metal (or something like that, if it’s that important google it). Do you really want to play your video game and have to go get fuel every simulated 12 minutes. Do you want to go out in your older Lotus or Aston (sorry guys) and have it break down on you, catch fire maybe, and spend the next simulated 6 months fixing it up? I’m sorry but that doesn’t sound very fun or appealing to me.

If you can’t enjoy yourself without mechanical breakdowns, then go to your garage and work on your car in the real world. Go buy an old car and fix it up, but Forza Horizon is not the place for that.

and yes, I would love to wake up early, drive to Forza DMV and spend 4 or 5 hours in line, get called up, realise I need paper work I do not have, go home and try again the next day, and then 2-3 weeks later get my license in the mail and FINALLY be able to drive for the first time in FH2. Hope I keep enough credits to pay my tags and registration, and let’s not forget insurance. :stuck_out_tongue: #sarcasm

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Maybe it not have to be totly realistic but i still think that this features should come. Your right that with your argument but maybe they could change the time for running out on fuel and instead 12 minutes for the Bugatti veyron (pedal to the Metal) it should take about 30 minutes and have this as an optional setting.
About the cars breaking down do i not mean that you have to whait a real week before you can drive the car again. If you can, you go to a workshop and get it fixed (1 minute or something to wait) And if you couldnt go to the workshop should it be great if an another car came and tow you to the closest workshop (1 and a half minute to whait) and olso have this as an optional. Maybe the most players think this is an stupid idea but i think its great and hope i see it as an option in the future.

Breakdowns would be far more annoying than ‘fun’ in my opinion. Especially if you had to spend your own credits to fix something you didn’t have any control over. Some things should not be done in video games, this is one such thing. Again, in my opinion.


Plus there’s the whole, you know, not being fun in the first place thing. =/

On the bright side, I have a great idea for a new endurance event - 2.4 hours of waiting for AAA.



Cars breaking down would be realistic and i would enjoy it, same with fuel, filling up would bring a new level of strategy to the game, make it optional, those who wish to toggle it on/off could do so.
older cars could be more prone to breaking down, mods could improve your chances of cars failing and certain mods could make your drink more fuel and some could help save it, also kms/miles driven in the car could be another factor, cars that drive more would be more likely to have problems, remove the fuel in races just make it more when your out cruising, it would be great to add this feature or to even see it in fh2

Cruising around an open world isn’t supposed to have a strategy. That’s exactly why it’s open world. If I have to start planning out open world cruising based on where gas stations are then I won’t want to play the game. I do enough trip planning in my daily life and the point of a video game is to not worry about things from your daily life. I think, sir (or madam), you’re missing the point of Forza and video games. You should look into simulators instead, they’re probably more what you’re looking for in a game.

That sounds like the exact opposite of what would be practical and fun in the game if it had even the slightest chance of being implemented. Fuel consumption during a race, assuming the race was long enough to even bother thinking about this, say endurance racing, would be something that would bring about a new level of strategy and difficulty and could be toggled as an assist. In fact, this is already the case in Forza Motorsport 5 where you can turn on Cosmetic damage or Simulation damage which includes tire wear and fuel consumption. Leaving the feature on for cruising and then removing it for a race makes absolutely no sense. Who wants to be out cruising, you forget to fill up and oh look no gas. If I wanted that level of realism, I’d go jump in my own car and forget about fueling up. Games are supposed to be fun, Forza Motorsport (and in turn Horizon) are out to deliver all the things that most people cannot afford or cannot do in the real world without the worries that would plague such activities. These worries include crashing, rewinding parts of the game if you want, driving cars that you’d never afford in real life, and not having to worry about gassing up your car every couple hundred miles.


Maybe your right that ramdomly breakdowns not should come but i think its bad that you can drive straight into a wall in 100 MPH and than continue driving, the car should get destroyed…
the fuel is an option in FM5 so why not have it like a OPTION in FH2. if you hate it, dont use it

Again. This is a video game. Things happen in video games because they could never happen in real life. Do you think it’s realistic to be able to continue playing a game even though you may have died? If you wanted a FPS to be realistic then you could only play the game if you don’t die. One death=never play it again. You can turn on damage to the car and drive into walls if you would like, testing damage… most of us avoid driving into the walls. But again… video game.

Fuel is an option in FM5, along with tire wear and simulation damage, because it plays a strategic role in real life motorsports. Fuel consumption and simulation damage don’t play any role in open-world cruising.

The incredibly large majority of us do not buy an open-world, multiplayer, social video game so that we can worry about filling our gas tank or driving too fast in case we crash… So again, if you would like that much realism in a game, look into driving simulators: sim racing.

I personally think having brake downs wouldn’t be that cool. Like what has been said above it would get boring after a while. But that having been said engine damage would be a good thing. For example buzzing in to the limiter after a sloppy lap a few times could make the engine and gearbox weaker. Making gear shift timing imperative.