What's the point of the fuel gauge?

Hey Everyone,

The other day I wanted to see if I could run out of gas so I took my car on simulation damage and ran for a couple hours. I ran it until the needle was on empty and then ran for another hour…

I was disappointed to learn that I couldn’t run out of gas (this was not in a race)… Why even bother having a fuel gauge that only goes down with damage turned on it you can’t run out of gas?

I personally would love to see that be a feature in the game, running out of fuel and filling up at that gas station in the desert.

I’m talking about Horizon 3 by the way

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IIRC running out of fuel was patched out in an early update to the game - I blame Goliath Grinding…

Although the infamous “Goliath Rewind Glitch” seems to have almost had the same effect on limiting the useful length of a grinding session…

I still haven’t completed the achievement in FM5 where you have to run out of fuel…

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I ran out of fuel doing a 100mil race at Daytona 1/2 a lap from the finish line on final lap :cry::sob:

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Doh!.. I guess you weren’t trying for the achievement though…

The V8 Atom around Le Mans is supposed to be the quickest way to get it…

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Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t running low on gas affect how fast you go when it gets to the fumes stage?

That’s how it worked in other Forza games.


Then that’s what the fuel gauge indicates from a gameplay perspective, I guess.

It would be interesting to see Forza include some kind of car totaling for sim damage, because there is definitely room for improvement if it is going down the open world route. The current system works well in a closed circuit style thing where a pit area exists and you need to watch the wear on your car even if you don’t hit anything, but in an open world game with blunt obstacles (traffic, trees) it needs some work to make collisions feel like they matter more.


If I had a PC that could run the game, I’d just run it offline all the time on a separate profile and mod in a “realistic” fuel system. I don’t think the idea of refuel stations is feasible (i.e. you’re driving to the airport or Coober Pedy to refuel no matter where you are). I’d like it if the fuel system actually worked and wasn’t patched. I got bored enough two months ago to do the same as the OP did, and found the same thing: fuel never runs out. I understand it’s completely removed because of kids complaining about how they ran out of gas on Goliath, but come on.

To me, the most insane part of this scenario is how it was completely removed. No options like in FM6 where you could turn on just fuel and tires or go full sim. To me that doesn’t make sense at all, but seeing as how we expansion pass owners are now stuck with a HotWheels expansion, even though I am not entirely sure if I’ll hate it or not, it seems to just remove the entire function was the way to go.

Then again, all that would need to be added is one selection in the “damage” menu called "fuel and tires’ and link it back to the function that was in the original version of the game. :confused:

Collisions (discussed in other threads around here already) will not disable cars or make them appeared any more damage, because manufacturers will not agree to do so. That is also stated as far back as the original Forza Motorsport. Just like manufacturers don’t like designs depicting their vehicles with certain words, nudity or other items in the Code of Conduct, mashing them in a horrendous fashion is not allowed.

What we see is what is allowed.

Hmm I remember in a rally game that I used to play (don’t remember exactly, might have been one of those Colin McRae Rally games), at higher difficulty settings, as soon as you hit a big tree, your car is totalled and the race ends immediately for the player. It even shows afterwards how many Gs the impact was. Even when it wasn’t totalled, cars showed damage far more than in FH3, e.g. hoods and wheels (including rims) would completely fall off.

But well, Forza isn’t a rally game (mostly) and has to submit to the sensitivities of many more manufacturers, I guess.

You can see maximum Gs in stats. Though once you get high stat you can’t see each.

I totally understand why damage isn’t shown in this game.

And I understand why they removed the fuel consumption. There was no place to fill up- so other then the novelity of saying I ran out of fuel I’m not sure the purpose. And I’m sure a lot would be suprised by how little time wise you had before filling up and then think of all the "this xyz " car’s fuel consumption is wrong. In a game where we plow through fences and bushes. Or have 1500hp in cars.

Fuel even in FM games had little purpose and we typically had to force artificial mandatory pit stops to races inorder to get a measure of strategy or realism.

The only place I see it being if impact. Would be huge multilap live online races. And most don’t use the game for that. Simulation damage is just a left over from the FM series.

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That’s fair but it’s the game’s loss.

I was referring to more of totalling a car in the sense that the car stops working, mashed or not. Like blowing an engine or totally running out of gas, and being forced to travel to the nearest garage.

Some good suggestions in this thread like stopping at fuel stations to top up, simulation damage where the car gets totalled, heck even a flat tire now and then would be a nice idea, as would pit stops in a circuit race.

PG can make the game more serious, but it seems with every release including DLC, they just want to make the game more casual, goofy and “fun”. Non-serious more or less. Will there even be another H3 game due to the reception this one got from the fans? PG is working on a non-racing title so I don’t know if we’ll be seeing a H4 or how goofy it’s going to get. Do pardon the off-topic there.

As previously stated, you’re NOT going to see total damage on any vehicle because the manufacturers don’t want them depicted that way.

Beside that, how would you like to be in a 10-lap race, competing on lap eight and make a mistake (or someone else does and hits you) where you couldn’t get back to a non-existent repair shop?

Your time is wasted, just like in FM6 (or any Forza Motorsport version) where fuel usage is enabled, you didn’t manage it will so run out and you find yourself stranded as everyone else continues to race to the finish? GT did tire wear at one point (like version 2 or 3) and it was a pain to stop every third lap to change them so you could have some competitive grip instead of tip-toeing around corners.

Option 1. You have to restart the race because there might be actual consequences for your driving actions in sim damage.

Option 2. Respawning.

Option 1 is no different from sim damage as is and is something to consider when choosing sim damage. You respawn when you go into too deep water and have to fast travel when your car gets too damaged to move properly.

There are much better ways to depict damage and collisions than the way the game currently does. The sim damage was programmed with motorsports and a pit crew in mind and just doesn’t bode well with open world racing.

I don’t think ultra realistic damage is necessary in this game. Burnout Paradise has insane wrecks where cars crumpled like soda cans and all the car’s glass would shatter. That would be a bit over the top for Horizon which is supposed to be a fun, light hearted racer, not a full sim wreck fest.


A major part of the “realism” was taken out in Horizon 2 when they generalized engine swaps. Back in Horizon 1, cars could only have external engines from their same manufacturer. I.e. The Nissan Silvia could only have the Skyline’s I6TT or GT-R’s V6TT (if I recall correctly). Now, every car can have a Lamborghini V12 (which for some reason has no cam upgrades), Viper V10, or Corvette V8. Literally makes zero sense if you know what some of these cars’ dimensions are.

Aside from that, and moving on, “crumpled like soda cans”… heh heh. What would be funny is if PG actually implemented crazily realistic visual damage and then players complained about how they didn’t like how their V12 swapped Dart looks after they smashed it into another player at the drag strip and want it removed (or reverted back to the way it was).

You can’t satisfy everyone, but understand that the realism has been steadily fading away. Just look at Forza Motorsport 6. I’ve heard from many people who had been on this site years before I have that FM6 is the most “arcade racer” of any Forza title thus far. Now with the Hot Wheels expansion… oh boy.

Most of this car damage comes down to data there are over 500 cars, modeling damage for that many cars, would involve a stagering ammount of data. So you can have relastic damage and about 40 or so cars with minumal mods and paint jobs, Or what we have with stunning paint jobs lots of different mods and tuneing options. To turn FH3 in to a game as it is now with full damage to cars would require an aditional 60gig of data or more, making for one massive game file just how big is your hard drive, and how many games could you fit on it with games of that size.

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2TB so like 20 if that’s 60 on top of the existing size

I have 2TB internal and 2TB external and am at 65% full all up. Some one here may know, can I have more than one external Hard drive connected to the Xbox one S ? I know I can have only a hard drive up to 2TB but have not been able to find out using Microsoft site if I can have more than the one external drive.