Car prices and the auction

Long time player here but don’t use the forums a lot. Maybe someone can direct me to the section where I can get better info.

So I’m going through the auction to find some cars that you can’t just buy in the auto show.

Why is a regular “common” e46 M3 going for millions of dollars. I really want a Nissan 300zx TT and it looks like you can’t pick one up for less than 9 million. I grind the game a bit but I only have 11 mill and I’m not spending 9 on a car. What makes this car so expensive and is there any way I can get it by winning it ?? These prices on some of these cars seems ridiculous .

Rare cars what cannot be bought in the auto show go up in price as people buy them. The market sets the price, the more desirable the more it’s going to sell for the in AH. I agree it’s ridiculous but kinda is what it is at this point. Most of these cars can only be won within one week, sometimes come up in other weeks but they’re rare.

The common/rare/epic/legendary thing means next to nothing in the game and has done for a long time now.

Never seen the point of it to be honest, has always looked like just another unnecessary jump on the Fortnite bandwagon to me, the desirable cars in any car game sort themselves out and have never needed something like that to do so.

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It’ll come around in an event or #forzathon shop soon enough but you can always grab one from the Horizon Backstage in the meantime. Check Max’s thread for the updated list.

Just get friends to buy cars off you for top price. I often help people out by buying cars off them for 20 million. Then I can sell the car back to them cheap, and they can do it again.