Why are people bidding more than car value?

I’m so confused. Am I missing something? Why do stock cars at auctions keep going for more than value in the autoshow? Almost every auction I come across is selling for more than the cost in the autoshow.

For example this Pista. It’s $320k in the autoshow and people keep buying it for $550000 in auction. Stock. ???

A lot of people aren’t very smart, that’s the sad reality. They could go and check the price in the autoshow first but it apparently doesn’t occur to them to do that.


That’s what I was wondering. That many people just don’t realize and bidding? Wow. I seriously thought it was a glitch or something I didn’t understand.

ever heard of more dineros than brainos? no? too bad, people still preorder games then cry why they are broken
like George Carlin said Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that


I think many players assume Auction House is the cheap way and thus think any price they win it for HAS TO BE cheaper than the Autoshow otherwise it wouldn’t be that price. But cars of the moment that are required seem to attract more than Autoshow price.

On the other hand, I just sold the Raesr for $20m and bought one back for $20m for the accolades as I will never be a top designer/tuner and the Raesr was allowing everyone to sell for $20m asking in Auction yesterday. It now doesn’t allow that. Glad I got those Accolades out of the way.

off topic, but do you know why that car was priced so high? i too bought it to see why it was 20m and the thing was a piece of junk. low top speed and awfully slow acceleration. wasnt fun at all, so i sold it back as well

i am willing to dole out the coin if the car has a good livery on it that i like. it saves me a slot in the livery library that is already too limited imo. as a painter i never know when i’ll need an extra slot when the muses arise. other than that i really see no need to even buy from the auction house unless that’s the only way to obtain a car.

I did it in pursuit of an accolade, though it was a relatively cheap purchase even above the Autoshow price.

Autoshow is actually quite hard to find when you first get the game. There are probably 100 menu items if you combine all the items in the indoor, and outdoor menus of Forza horizon, because the Menus have menus. The first thing you are going to look for is your Garage, and so the Garage page becomes your main page. Autoshow is back where you came from, and people tend to go backwards last of all.

You shouldnt.
As in real life or any other game, people try to take advantaje of beginners and new players to the franchise,
its not their fault if the guy who bought the game doesnt even have the smarts to go to the autoshow first… lol.

But what i dont get is, how do they sell those cars for bigger prices??? you cant sell a car in the auction house for more than 35-50% of he value of the car, unless you are legendary…

Lots of players are legendary.

You can’t really even try to help AH buyers by telling them in the actual auction…

AUCTION :point_left:

I have never been able to understand that.

Also, I wish people would buy out cars that have no bids on them! Leave the bidding to people that don’t want to pay the buy out values!


That infuriates me.

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i purposely buy out cars people are bidding for because i hate the whole auction systems and if the person didnt set a high starting price they are probably new and deserve credits

I really guess its just people being dumb.

When I’m looking for a new car I always check the carshow first, write down the stock price, go to the auction house, see if I can get it cheaper there. Its rarely worth the hassle to actually bid on anything, but if you just set the filter for the ‘buy now’ price to below stock then you can often save a few hundred k. This adds up after a while.

But what I really see quite often is , that people (not just one or two, dozends) are bidding more then two or three times the stock price for a stock car…
I mean, its at least a bit baffling that people are offering stock cars with a starting price above the stock price but, you know: greed.
But the fact that poeple are happily paying that is just… stupid.

Best for me was today a Honda Civic 2016 (the normal one not the coupe) from a level 1 painter: Autoshow cost 35 000 credits. Auction House bid stands by 1 000 000 and buyout was 20 000 000. For a second I wanted to take a screenshot of that, but then I don’t wanted to waste any more thinking on the whole matter.

I bought than a Honda Civic Coupe (the real rare one) for 20 000 000 and sold it for the same price. So at least I got the two achievements done… though of course it costs me about 2 000 000 credits…the infamous auction house fee…


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Because the obvious answer is that they aren’t people. They are bots. And the obviousness is because this game is in such a comedic bad state right now that nobody is playing it. However in order to make it seem like it’s alive and well, bots automate these auctions.


You nailed it. I’m working on the “buy 400 cars at the auto show” accolade, so I’m just buying cheap $20K cars and reselling them on the auction in hopes of not losing too much money. Turns out I’m making a fortune buying 25 cars a day at $20k and then selling most of them at buyout for $105K -130K. Just selling 25 of the same common, car every day. There’s no way the demand is there for actual “dumb humans” to be buying them. Gotta be bots.