Buyers on the auction house make no sense whatsoever

What’s going on? Am I missing something here?

Surely one of the main points of the auction house (all auction houses) is to get cars cheaper. Not blindly keep bidding on them (even stock versions) so that you pay more than what you can buy one for new from the autoshow. People even buying them out at ridiculous buyout prices. Doesn’t matter what car you bid on, same thing every time. It baffles me.


I totally agree with you sVig. Just be thankful that you & I have more logic & intelligence. It is always worth spending that extra minute to check the Autoshow first.
Early days, early bargains. ;o)


The AH has been a joke for as long as I can remember. Doesn’t help that it’s basically run by elite tuners/painters who scalp cheap cars then jack the prices up beyond what the rest of us can charge.


There was one greedy individual who was auctioning off FIVE Lambo Sestos FE on the auction at a starting bid of 20 million each, all on 1 hr auctions. No thanks.

Same old awful auction house, same old auction house problems.
It really doesn’t make any sense though seeing people buy up Hoonigan RS200’s for a million CR in auction house, rather than just pay 500k from the auto show.


Good point… but maybe those folk are buying up Hoonigans for 500k in the Autoshow and then flogging them in the Auction for double profit ? It’s one of the most lucrative ways to bump up ones credit balance. ‘Buy low,sell high’ & all that.

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Yep. Some players don’t use the autoshow because they don’t want to or don’t know about it. I know it doesn’t make sense. Tbh I sometimes try to use the auction house so that the credits go to another player rather than to the house even if I’m overpaying.

Imo sometimes taking advantage also keeps the prices down.

Are the cars being sold for so much just regular paint jobs? I always thought the ones selling for 20 mil were because of one off designs that came with the cars. You’re paying for an exclusive design, not really the car.

Yeah, I saw some taking advantage of supply or at least trying to. If you’re legend painter you can put 2 masks or vinyls on a car and sell for 20m. If you’re legend tuner just an air pressure change let’s you sell for 20m.

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Well the design is what sells the car… 2 vinyls are not going to help your car to sell. Legendary painters have to get 50000 downloads, uses, and likes… that’s a lot of downloads, uses, and likes.

I tune, and paint my own cars, but I never share anything, so I’m rank one. I usually just make 2 tone paintjobs, racing stripes, decals, etc… Simple, clean designs. I bought a standard rs2000 from the autoshow, put some sponsor decals, a simple pinstripe design, and a tune on it, then I decided I didn’t like it. I figured I’d take loss on the AH, but it sold for a LOT more than what I paid.

All you have to do is make it so the paint and tune boxes don’t say “stock”, and it sells for more than you paid.

Might be big for the Pista for a few days starting Thursday, depending on how many people have caught on.

Even just regular stock paint jobs with nothing on them at all by a good painter or even sold by a highly rated painter. And no tune on them.

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I’ve always found this laughable.
cars in the Autoshow for 100K or even less get bid on in the AH for hundreds or even millions.

Even the tuned / painted ones are a joke.
People spend way over budget forgetting that even a good tune or paint job is only about 100 K or less to buy and add to the stock car.

Anyway let them carry on paying ridiculous prices for no reason whatsoever.
Only downside is that it tends to keep the stupid price limits up.
You should be able to set your own min / max prices rather than being dictated to by PGG.

The auction house never really acted like a proper auction house to begin with.

The way I think it should be done:

  1. No minimum nor maximum prices
  2. Auction house takes a fee if your car sells or if your car doesn’t sell. This is not meant as a money sink, but as a way to assure fair pricing:
    Say the Auction house takes 10% of sale value or 10% of the minimum bid you requested for you auction if it doesn’t sell.
    If you put your car up for a min bid of 20M, it will cost you 2M if the car doesn’t sell. So you only put it up for 20M if you are sure it will sell.
    This assures that people will find a min bid that a car will likely go for, so they won’t be losing money on it. Furthermore, they will likely also adjust the buyout to be reasonable so they might get a quicker sale.
  3. The auction house will not limit prices but will show you a small report of average sale prices over the past day/week/month as well as current auction house prices of the car you are putting up for auction. This way sellers can make an educated assessment of a fair price for the car they want to sell.

This will create a far more reasonable auction house. And rare cars will actually be expensive while common cars won’t (I remember picking up so many preorder editions for 500k back in FH4).


Agree on everything, but misses the most important point

  1. Everytime a successfull bid is made, the auction is extended by one minute. This assures that the highest bidder will actually get the car.
    Currently its simple the last bidder that gets it, which is why everyone waits till 20s before end of auction and then tries to place one bid.
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You are right, that needs to be added as well.

Basically, guys, just almost copy the World of Warcraft auction house. That works fine (or at least did a few years ago when I played).

10 seconds will work I think.

Should have just kept it how it was in FM4.

Also I bid on a car yesterday, my bid showed up as the winning one until the auction instantly ended and it turned out someone else had put a bid in + won which never shown up for me at all.

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Yes auction lag the most frustrating thing of all.

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