Fh5 auction house is broken and unusable

I have been playing the game ever since I got it for Christmas. I’ve gotten far. But one issue that boils my blood is the auction house. It’s literally impossible to win a bid in this game. No matter how good of timing you have you can’t win because every bid I see is dominated by bid bots who instantly bid once the bid is about to win. And there is from what I understand, no way to beat them. I have been trying to get myself a sesto elemento for about 3 hours and have had no luck because I always get instantly outbid at the end by a bot. Only once in this entire game have I ever won a bid.


I win auctions quite a bit. I guess I’m a bid bot. Seriously, though, you can’t win auctions if you wait until the last second to bid. The server cuts bidding off with about 20 seconds to go. Follow that rule and you can win auctions. You’re welcome.


I used to use my watch to get the last 10 seconds, and win a lot of bids that way.


They aren’t bots. I’ve won plenty of bids before if its a car that is highly sought after you’ll have lots of players jumping at the bid button. Timing is key

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Timing, and a good internet connection with low latency so your bid request reaches the servers when you expect it to. This was much better implemented in FH3 where bids put in during ending soon would add another 30s or so to the auction so the car would sell for a closer approximation of its true value, not for a barely above minimum bid price since everyone waited to the last second to try to get their bid in just before auction close. I have no idea why the devs broke this system in FH4 and FH5.

In earlier games before the artificial car scarcity mess the AH was used to sell cars with paints and tunes that couldn’t be downloaded any other way and so were actually unique cars created by players which was a much healthier system than what we have now where the AH serves as a way for player-made cartels abusing their legendary status with the broken AH max buyout calculations to keep the prices of artificially rare cars (another issue I won’t get into here) artificially high so they can gloat over their mountains of credits they’ll never be able to spend.

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The auction house is literally plagueed by people laundering hacked cheated credits and cars and those wanting to gain as much credits quickly byy putting up stock cars for extortionate amounts of credits they need to limit the amount that can be got over the autoshow price for cars say 25% mark up only on cars that have actually been upgraded or tuned.

Why? Part of the game is about making money, the Auction house is a part of the game.

Yes the auction house is part of the game I didn’t say it wasn’t but they could put restrictions in place to ensure there is no exploitation, like people selling common stock cars that are probably only worth 20k at autoshow for 20mil, funny how some people have a problem with some players using autosteer and rubberbands on controller to farm credits on the goliath but not with people exploiting the auction house to gain credits. one is classed as cheating while the other is classed as part of the game.


I recently posted a rather large post on my AH experience, however I shall repeat some of that within the post.

I’ve been investing more time into the AH since being unable to compete within the drift zones due to the nerf that occurred prior to the new year. I’ve successfully flipped cars for more money and always made sure that if I’m using my legendary status to sell a car for 20 mil, it has a unique tune and custom paint on it. Sometimes these tunes can cost up to 100,000 credits each.

At the same time I’ve sold the same cars for 87k or lowest available price (min of 2 for every 6 sold). I’ve also gifted a ton of them away including SVJs and today I gifted 10 Bentley Blowers due to this weeks requirements, and if I’ve sold more cars when I login tomorrow, I’ll gift even more Bentleys away tomorrow as a way to share my status with other players. I’m aiming to share at least 100,000,000 credits worth before Thursday. That’s 25 Bentley Blowers hopefully going to people who couldn’t afford to buy 1 from the AH or Autoshow. If they don’t need it, I hope they gift it onwards.

I’ve not once cheated, exploited or used a XP AFK Farm, what I did was uploaded my old designs from FH4 that were liked by the community on the first day of launch. Then I reworked my tunes and shared them.

From that I got legendary status. I then sold a few duplicate cars to raise enough credits to buy rarer cars. Anyone can do it, you have just got to put some time and effort into it, and make others aware of them via the forums or social media. If people like them, they will download them, and you’ll end up with followers.

I know there is exploiting going on, unfortunately I’ve been victim to it and had to delete these cars as they seemed glitched or modified. That’s 8 million credits every time lost to cheats. I’m I happy about it? Of course not, but it’s a risk I know about and a risk I take when buying rare cars. Personally I’d rather I didn’t have to deal with cheaters in every aspect of the game, but until PG do something about it, I have to accept it.

The fact is not “everyone” is a cheater or exploiting the game, and having more than 20,000,000 credits is something “any” player can achieve. Believe me, I have sat for hours at a time to make credits; buying, tuning, applying a custom paint, then reselling at the right time. To compare that to the likes of someone loading a race, changing settings, applying a rubber band and walking away, is totally unjustified.

As said, I’ve never once cheated or glitched the game nor have I sold or bought cars via a 3rd party account, nor played any of those stupid XP Farm Blueprints (yes I see it as exploiting), yet I’m able to happily gift cars whenever I choose, and try helping the community by selling cars that typically would sell for 20 million for 87k at random times. All because I put the effort in at the beginning and if that’s cheating/exploiting then I’m stumped.! I shall let PG decide that one, as I have all records of bought and sold cars as evidence.

As I said previously not all of us are in it to be greedy.

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Funny, I tried to go to the auction house, as I had bought the Castle, and didn’t have the money for the F40 or the Bentley for this week.
When I would go through and pick out a rare (but, possibly reaquired) car in my garage, I was stuck setting the buy it now price between 1/2 to 1/9 the auto show price.
Why would I sell under those conditions?

I don’t know how, but I am aware that PC players can change the options on their computers to create a VERY fast bidding time reducing process - still human controlled - that console players can’t set up.
I watched a vid on it, and yeah, it was sort of stupid the sniping he was able to pull off. Like - at the time when they were hot - 8 Sesto’s sitting in his car lot . . . good grief . . .
For me, I will usually wait 25 seconds prior to the offer expiring, and then click - the - are you sure you want to bid - button - or something like that.
I have been relatively successful doing this at about - - - - hmm… 40% of the time winning the bid.

It’s the player that credits don’t matter that usually get me. I wait 4 minutes to enter in the last 25 seconds bid - only to see the "bid Failed " screen to then back out, and see a full price buyout.
Nothing against that player, but that is what normally happens to me at least, and prevents me from buying low most of the time.

I will also look for a pattern of 2 cars next to each other that have a low bid and counting down at the same time- but one - is slightly higher than the other, - preferably placed below the other car- and I will bid the higher one.
I have found that at times, a bid war is happening with the low ball auction, and my slightly higher bid is - sometimes ignored - while the clock counts down, and I get the car due to the time expiring at the same time as the other car. Small amount of success doing this.

I usually avoid the auctions ending soon where a bidding war is going on. I look for another auction with the same buyout price and purchase it. I guess I treat people the way I want to be treated.

One problem I have with the auction house is rare cars that rarely pop up e.g celica I’ve not won once. How are people beating me every time.
I’ve tried everything even Y, down,A,A faster than my console can cope with showing any screen menus just to be told auction already finished.

I must be just me being slow because since the celica was made available I tried for hours each day and never won to this day on Xbox but no as when I went around to my friends house and won about 1 in every 4 times I tried (on his account so no benefit to me) on pc.

Is it me or do pc users get a slight advantage over console users?

I know there will be pc users saying that they have more bugs so it balances out :thinking:

I used this car as an example because with it being a car not seen in a horizon game before you know it’s gunna flood the auction house soon by the hoarders for 20 million and chances are they were mostly pc users collecting them all to sell to us (disadvantaged) console users.

Oh well looks like I’ll have to join the farmers to afford something that should be a cheap car in the autoshow.

Yes PC players seem to have a slightly faster load in time to that of Xbox users. I find I get stuck on the image downloading which prevents me clicking on the Y key. I’ve asked friends on PC about it and showed them my example and they all reply “it doesn’t take that long for us”… so I’m wondering if it has to do with Xbox Caching?

When it comes to the rarest of the rare, it is nearly impossible to win on a Xbox, in these cases it’s just a constant barrage of button pressing non stop for up to 30 minutes (in some cases). Even then you might not win them. Highly frustrating! Then add into this macros on PCs (keyboard presses programmed) to run these steps over and over at a faster rate than humans, it becomes even harder to obtain them.

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The auction house is bugged like it was in FH4. Almost half of the time bids were not registered because someone bid at about the same time frame and the data of the offer won’t update. You don’t get the info of the increasing price. Sometimes even if you load the auction new the old price tag is shown and there is no chance to place a bid on that car - only to buy it out.

And of course you already lost a car if you get a rare one in the seller’s overview and are trying to load the auction details at that one. Btw I am wondering why the Peel Trident is still at 20 000 000 because I seen several autions now ending without a bid or buyout…

That’s not a bug, that happens on Ebay as well.

Typical example I wanted a acura rsx so thought see if I can get a bargain in the auction house now to buy from the autoshow the car is 25k so I saw one in the auction house completely stock no paint job or upgrades for around 10k so made a bid kept getting out bid until price reached 23k so I decided if it went over that I would bow out, the buy out price was 50k it looked like I was going to win it for 23k until at last minute someone paid the buyout price of 50k, I thought wow what an idiot lol

They could make an auction with no buyout price, but the unlimited bid price would still probably go over the car value anyway.

Well anyone who pays over the autoshow price is an idiot lol

I win bids fairly often. Maybe you just need to learn the system better OP.