Auction house is rigged

It seems that your auction house is rigged and people just wait for idiots to bid just so they can win,Please fix your Auction house and please put and limit to bidding so they can’t bid after set time

Then it wouldn’t be an Auction. Any auction I have ever been to never ends until the bidding stops. Just like it does in-game.


Ebay stops when the auction is over, it doesn’t keep going until the bidding stops.

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It’s no different than eBay, where many bids are placed in the closing minutes and seconds. Are you going to try to convince them that they should stop allowing last-minute bids? They’ll just laugh at your idea and shrug it off.

The whole point of an auction is to sell to the highest bidder. The game waits for a set period of time after the last bid, and if nobody wants to pay more, then the last bid wins.

If you lose at the auction house, it’s because somebody else was willing to pay more, or was willing to pay the buyout price. Not sure how that qualifies has rigged…


Except that isn’t the way the FH3 Auction House works. Every time there’s a new bid in the final minute, it adds another minute. It completely defeats the purpose of the auction. There’s no bid sniping at all.

Not sure I understand what you’re saying. You basically just said what I said about the timer, and I have also stated that there is no sniping under the current system.

Because it extends the timer, and there is no bid sniping, the purpose of the auction is defeated? That’s were you lose me.

The purpose of the auction is to get the best price for the car you are selling. That good deals can be had for the buyer is secondary, and a wonderful feeling when happens, but nobody is guaranteed that deal. You get that cheap price because of supply and demand, and not because the auctions house’s purpose is to give away cars at a steal to people who don’t want to pay more.

If the object were to sell cars super cheap, the cap would be under the value of the car, rather than above it, and the game wouldn’t allow even higher buyouts for talented painters, tuners, and the more desirable cars.

Ironically, there are real world auction methods that do employ such mechanics as timed limits, and also some that use a price cap, more like the buyout option in the FH3 house. Reasons for employing such methods can vary, but the idea in all auctions is to make money based on supply and demand. While getting rid of unwanted, or unneeded items may also be a consideration, if profit isn’t a concern, having an auction is a pretty elaborate production compared to a straight set price sale, like a garage sale. Auctioning doesn’t guarantee higher profit than a set price sale, of course, but if you know items are in demand, it allows the seller to gamble on that demand for potentially more profit than if they just slapped on a price tag.

I’ve encountered timed auctions at estate sales, where this was done in order to get through all of the items within a time constraint. Doing so didn’t keep prices down. People just bid most items to resolution before the timer was up, rather than risk losing an item to the clock.

I have also been to charity auctions once or twice that used an amount cap. Not even sure why that was, given it was for charity. Don’t think I ever saw anyone hit the cap either, so having one appears moot in those cases.

Most auctions I have been to had no cap, and no real timer, (except for the descretion of the auctioneer, who would call for larger bids when trying to speed things up), but otherwise continued until nobody topped the last bid. That’s auctioning in the purest sense, and the sole purpose is to make money, getting the best price possible.

So basically what I am still hearing here is that some portion of the population is under the impression that the auction house is here primarily to provide them with cars, at a price that they want to pay, and that allowing other people to outbid that price defeats the purpose of the auction house.

I am also hearing that the desired remedy for this is to simply not allow bids past a certain time.

What I am not hearing is how exactly this does anything at all to give a select portion of the market the price that they want. A timer doesn’t stop me from raising the bid higher that what another wants to pay. It just means that if it’s a hot item, and the price is within the going rate, I’ll be willing to plunk down that higher bid before those last minutes tick down. If that maximum hits fifteen minutes early, and somebody wants to pay even more, or to snipe for a higher amount last minute, that’s no loss to me. I’ll have moved on to the next auction ten minutes prior anyway.

Exact same happens in the FIFA and NBA 2K auction houses…probably all games with auction houses
Everytime theres a bid at the end it adds like 30 seconds giving the other person that just got outbid another chance to bid
It’s how auctions work

If you want it so bad choose the buyout figure


You should be able to bid even up to the last second. I do think its really dumb though how it will say it is ending very soon so you bid on it, then it says it ends in one more minute. I had a bidding war for 5min one time and the entire time it said itl end in 1 min. How are you supposed to get good deals like that. I get that the seller gets more money ot of it and stops the chance of them selling a HE car and possibly only getting 200k because no one bid until the last second but still, its kind of bs and i rarely bid because of it.

It says one more minute because if no one bids in 1 minute it goes to the highest bidder, if you bid than it lasts another minute and so on. I thought it was a bit funny at first till I worked it out.

It’s called snipe protection, meant to make it more fair so you don’t lose out because someone bids a second before the auction ends.


Well than it’s not like eBay. Sorry if you loose on the last second but that’s their fault. On eBay there’s a set amount of time on an auction and it ends when it ends regardless of how many times someone is bidding, but there’s never time added to an auction lol it’s almost like monkeys in a barrel in the auction house.

The Forza auction house was never advertised to be “like eBay” though.

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So basically people are upset that everyone has a chance to bid, and that a car might sell for more than they want to pay?

Ok, yeah, being a veteran FM4 flipper, I can understand the frustration of spending lots of time hunting for a deal, only to have people willing to pay significantly higher prices outbid you repeatedly. Especially so since I particularly enjoyed picking up desirable cars at dirt cheap, and then putting them back up at random times with a nice paint, and a still cheap buyout, so that people that would appreciate them might have a decent chance at getting something that makes them happy.

It would sometimes take hours or days to build up stocks of such deals. Not what everybody wants to be doing with what play time they have, certainly.

But what I am hearing here is that giving everyone a fair chance to bid, and people not getting cars for the prices that they want to pay has a result, is “rigging”.

Instead, it would seem, some people want it set up so that all they have to do is wait until the last possible moment, and “snipe” somebody else’s bid out from under them.

So basically it’s not that the auction house is rigged that is the problem. The problem is that there will always be the chance that someone else wants it more, and is willing to pay more, and allowing everyone the opportunity to continue bidding until the maximum price is reached means some people will lose. Possibly often, and possibly just because they don’t value the car as much as the other bidders.

Putting a fixed end time doesn’t change that. Somebody will still lose, and somebody will still win. Only with a fixed time limit, it’s no longer about a fair bidding market in the end game. It becomes simply who is lucky enough to get that last bid in before time runs out. Defeats some of the purpose of bidding in that case, (not all, but some of it) and turns it into a game of chance instead. More than likely it wouldn’t even change the final prices all that much either, because you would still have bidders trying to position themselves in time leading up, to lower the potential competitors for that final bid. You’d still have the highest bidding players setting the final prices, only the final outcome now comes down to who is luckier hitting the button on that last bid.

Finding great deals under the current system is not impossible, but it can take time, and a lot of auction house watching. There are people like me that still like to put up random cheap buyouts, and there are people that put cars up to come up for final auction at slow times, when obscenely great deals can be had. Picking the middle of Saturday morning to do your shopping probably isn’t going to work, but depending on your time zone, there are always slow times when half the world is either asleep, or at work, on weekdays.

Random searching with a max buyout no higher than you want to pay can work. There are certain cars that I search for every time I stop by the garage. A little luck, reasonable expectations of prices, and a quick jump on a good deal can result multiple buys one day, and nothing the next, but it’s rare that I don’t come up with at least one really good buy every few days.


Excellent Post.

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I just think the snipe protection is kind of cheap. If your selling a 200k car and put it up at 50k, dont get mad when 1 guy bids on it last second and wins it, if you want at least 150k then start it out there. Its just an unneeded headache cause i see its about to end and no one has bid on it, i bid on it, then its up for another 2min and everyone starts bidding on it. Now ive got 7 lost auctions and have to wait for them all to be finished to get my money back and the load times take forever. You take a chance putting it on auction and if you want to take the risk of setting the price real low and attract a bunch of people for a bidding war, it should be on you when only one guys interested in the time given.

I personally love the auction on fh3 it makes me millions every day try getting up early there aren’t many people up to bid on things I always get great deals on a morning and sell at night making about 400-500k on each HE car I sell. I picked up some great deals tonight too paying 1m for 2 HE jags and I will put my own paint jobs and tunes on them and sell them for 900k-1m each no probs, I have no problems with how the system works it just takes good timing and patience never be in a rush to make some cash or get a good deal on a car you really want there are many of the same cars to bid on every day

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The FH3 auction house works like real life auctions but just have an approx time limit for convenience sake.

In real life, auctioneers give a period to allow for additional bids.

Only when it appears no more bids are coming in within a reasonable time does bidding end.

Watch a couple of reality shows with auctions if you want to understand how the auction works.

EDIT: If you bid on a car and you really want it I suggest you watch the auction in the last minute so you can rebid if someone outbids you. At real life auctions people don’t bid, walk away and hope no one outbids them.


Honestly what I think the auction house needs is the ability to bid any amount of money you want. This means that if you are willing to buy a car for $100,000, but the bidding is currently at $50,000, you can bid $100,000 but if no one else bids higher than that you pay the next “step” up from $50,000. (Anyone else notice that the bid goes up by a certain amount each time you bid? That amount is a “step”) Also, for someone to outbid you they have to pay more than $100,000. This is how Ebay works.

I wouldn’t mind that at all actually.

I’m sur T10 has it’s reasons for the incremental steps, but I certainly don’t know what they would be. Knowing might change my mind, but I do think setting our own bids would at least streamline things, if nothing else.

Then again, guys like me with money to burn, and a knowledge of the market for a particular car, would just bid the optimum bid right off the bat, and everyone else be damned, so maybe that’s the reason for the incremental bids I suppose.