Bugs in Forza 7

Don’t know if anybody else has this issue, but forzathon challenges are not counting at all. And whilst browsing for tunes, after about the 6th tune, it won’t load any data and will not let me download the tune. Pretty dumb when first 6 tunes are all 1 star and the 7th tune is a 5 star, but can’t download it because the game won’t load any of the data for it and just says “error” and can somebody PLEASE tell whoever is in charge of the drivatars behavior to stop them from always crashing into you? They don’t crash into each other, but every time I go into a turn, I’m either being spun out or hit into by every drivatar possible. Makes it pretty much impossible to have a clean race and absolutely impossible to run simulation damage and get more credits - when you barely get any credits as is.

Yes, but everyone else is using existing threads instead of creating new ones for everything you mentioned.

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Boo-hoo. Maybe if they actually replied from their twitter or actually communicated with their customers and fans, or better yet, FIXED these issues, I wouldn’t have to go perusing through forums and wouldn’t have to post this. BINGO.