Another Huge Bug

I’m still new to posting on the forums and I know different topics have different places so if anyone wants to move this somewhere go ahead. I was with my friend in a private lobby testing some tunes for the mazda 787b #55. I shared a tune of mine so he could try it out without having to leave and make it. I shared it, he downloaded the tune and then I remove the tune (unshared it) we do this all the time. We noticed a few days ago that the tunes that we shared with each other were showing up on our profiles in multiplayer even though they were not available for download. We thought is was just a glitch and that only we can see it ( that it says our names under tune) which was the case I think for one time. This time I was starting the race and I noticed it said my name under tune on my friends profile even though I just removed it. I stopped the timer because I wanted to see if I was able to download it, and I WAS. I realized this is a major flaw in the game. But I was so wrong. After I downloaded it I clicked my tunes to see if was there and the game froze and crashed. I start the game back up and do the same thing. I go to my tunes and it freezes and crashes. I tired a total of 5 times and still happened. I hard reset my Xbox, unplugged everything completely and and it still happens. I noticed that the tune was loaded on the car, I can still view the tune so I copied over to the #18 787. I then hit save tuning setup and it saved. I was able to load and do what ever I want with that tune I just saved. I went right once, which is the bugged tune and it froze and crashed. So basically I can’t use #55 anymore and luckily for some reason they put the same car in game twice so I’m very lucky for that. But every time I go anywhere near that tune the game freezes and crashes. The tune is the 1st one on the list so I cant use any of my other tunes and I don’t have them saved in my notes on my phone which I do sometimes. All the tunes to the right of the bugged tune I can’t get to, which is all of them… Deleting and re-installing the game won’t do anything because it’s still going to be saved there.