Break the Bank

Not knocking you, just asking, do you have a life outside of Forza?


LOL. You serious ? BUT yes, selling fridges in Alaska. LOL.

Seriously, I’m a Commercial Director for a large engineering company, focussing on legal and finance matters which keep me busy roughly around 70 to 80 hours a week. I sleep around 5 hours per day, spend quality time with my wife and 2 kids on Sundays and before their bedtime in the week, play 18 holes of gholf every two weeks, go to my beach house with my family for a weekend twice a month, spend 2 hours with my dogs per week, watch TV (rugby and motorsports) about 10 hours per month and feed my budgie once in a while. The rest is Forza time, I dont play any other games. Anything else you like to know.


Wow. Really.

I’m operations manager / director of market for my company i do 60-80 hours a weekat work, family of four (2 teenagers) and I’m level 500 (I don’t even care what my credits are anymore- but spins that net 50mil must make it pretty easy to get to very high levels)

Is level 500 good for you, or should I spend some more time with my wife and kids for your respect, in your eyes?

I actually enjoyed having to earn credits in earlier Forza’s and saving up for the Ferrari GTO and other expensive cars. I didn’t mind having to use in game credits to purchase the dlc cars either. I still ended up with way more credits than you could ever need but at least there were various different ways you could use them. After about 2 hours play credits are absolutely pointless in Forza 6.

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I don’t know how this thread strayed so far from the OP’s question… To answer that, I would say the only other way to bank credits is to buy expensive cars to replace the cheapest ones, therefore raising the overall and per car value of your garage if you wanted to sell anything back. Second would be top level mod packs.

In the end, I would assume that the number of people complaining about grind in previous games exponentially outnumbers the hardcores posting on here that they have too many credits than they know what to do with, and T10 erred towards the easier side in acquiring credits to satisfy a larger portion of the population who just want to play and drive nice cars.


I’m level 570ish, own every car, and have spent 10’s of millions on mod packs. I haven’t finished career mode yet but when I do I will have tons of unused green mod cards. I’ve stopped selling off duplicates of the blue and purple cards. I’m still over 60 million credits now I think even given all of that.

Level 1000 plus and I own every car with the exception of a couple of special holiday paints and I too am sick of the 10 mil win spin and reaching 999,999,999 as racing for credits is the aim of any competitive racer. What’s the point of designing any more vinyl’s, race paints or tunes as the pleasure you got from the credits earned when somebody downloaded them is made worthless as is much of the point of racing.
As for us having too much time on our hands some of us have no choice either being ill or disabled our gaming can sometimes be the only thing between us and clinical depression and proud as I am at hitting 1000+ it’s truly unimpressive after racing a guy in the Super Trofeo leagues who had reached level 2600+. I’m sure there are many others that like me play nothing but the Forza franchise and don’t split their time to play other games as some of us have limitations that can make the controller complexities in first shooter games beyond our abilities. God my arthritic fingers even limit my abilities within Forza I still have to race auto but am hoping to try gear with clutch on my Elite controller paddle shifts once I build up the confidence
It’s only recently with the same controller I did away with ABS and now race in the cockpit view with everything but monocock which I just cannot adjust to. but I digress and join the call to Turn 10 that they never make earning credits this easy again along with setting no limits to the amount of credit we can earn it’s really not that much to ask for.

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I think the cr is silly. Either they should have made it so they mattered and you needed to “invest” them wisely in your car choices with a bit of a grind, or get rid of them completely similar to pcars where you can drive any car you want.

I know some have complained a little about dirt rally but i think more people enjoy saving their credits and earning the cars rather than being handed the keys to the track so to speak.


WOW, I thought I played a lot and I’m only on level 143. That’s insane. Too bad you can’t gift credits…or cars. What a wild idea that would be!


Oh…that’s really cool. I didn’t know that but it makes perfect sense for the credit granting engine to peter out at near 1 billion !!!

The"economy" is definitely broken. As it stands fm6 might as well have the project cars model where all cars are readily available right from the start.

That totally depends on a persons point of view.

I put almost as much time in FM5, but stayed away from the more exotic and expensive cars, so that I would have enough credits to buy an expensive car that I would need for the career mode. I eventually got beyond that with the weekly credits from the rewards program, but the most expensive cars remained out of reach.
With FM6, I started with 20m Cr bonus for playing previous Forzas, and through spins and rewards I now accumulated about 150m in total. With that I was/am able to purchase about every car I want in FM6. So from my perspective, this FM6 economy is far better than FM5 and perfect for me.

Now if you take my nephew, FM6 is his first Forza game, so he started with very little. Because he is a novice, his skill is far lower than mine, and through that, so is his income. He really needs those spins to be able to buy different cars. Yes, if he played more often, he would also get more credits, but his father (understandably) does not let him. He really needs those spins to build up his garage. But if you just gave him all cars at the beginning, that would take away his enjoyment in obtaining enough credits to buy that car he wanted, or even from winning an exclusive car in a spin.

So whether the FM6 economy is flooded with credits, just right, or still meager, really depends on your skill and available time.
For me and him, this system works just fine. But I understand that with your skill and commitment, obtaining the cars is a bit to easy. Perhaps they should build in an option to decline price spins?

One thing I am wondering about: apart from the extra cash through price spins, the top-end cars are also cheaper than they were before. I don’t remember what the Testarossa cost in FM5, but I believe it was a lot more than 2m. Perhaps with including the price spins, they should have left the prices as they were.

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My son (39) is in much the same situation.while he has enjoyed some very early iterations of the series, he still loves the game.

I just gave him his birthday present, a Forza 6 Special Edition Console, Forza 5 and his Forza 6 naturally.

But like many gamers, he’s chosen yo stay Off-line for his enjoyment.

While I’ve bought him a whole mess of Forza cars, the various Car Packs send spiral edition cars.
So he’ll hav a great deal of new cars to play with. But being disconnected means he only has the CPU Drivatars to deal with, and no Online game upgrades etc.

The game still does the spins, and supplies the cars which are pre-loaded when he (read I) loaded both Forza 5&6 onto the hard drive. But he enjoys the build up, the additional credits, and the odd cars thet he wins on any spins.

The game is geared towards to newer gamers, as well as veterans, but a heavily geared towards new gamers, young gamers, and first timers. Rather than the smaller % of gamers that only make up a very small % of the gamers. Sad thing is, ppl such as you and other great gamers is, that we make up a small percentage of users that are strict rule followers.

So a company that really wants to make the game grow must bend towards the gamers that represent the higher percentage of gamers, and in doing do, those of us that fit the smaller percentage, are just forgotten about.

Certainly not what you or I want, but it is a fact that a developers really builds their gamers to suit a broader audience, and the audience we have now is basically the casual gamer, so game are designed with those gamers in mind.:joy::sweat::sob:

yeah it’s actually one of the things for me that makes this game a bit more boring then I prefer. I do remember the early days(before FM) on PS with gran turismo where you had to grind all day to afford the Audi s4… lol and it felt really good in the end when u got the car and still could afford a race transmission and a race exhaust, it was like Christmas and birthday at the same time…
Now its like buy the car(don’t ever need to look at my currency) upgrade it, test drive, take a photo ore ten, leave it in the garage and forget about it…
Maybe its just me but I would like to really earn the cars. like the unicorn cars I have more fun with because I remember why I got them and it was a challenge and real fun.

people have been complaining on how the cars are so expensive and that you don’t earn enough money to buy the cars you want(for those who don’t put in allot of hours, and they outnumber people like me) in the previous fm titles… so what did we get? the cars are now allot less expensive… we earn more then enough money, even for players who play 20 hours in one year can achieve millions.
AND, here’s what bothers me you can now rent every car free! so why lower the prices for cars and boost up credits earned with spins when u can rent every car!!!.. no need for that.
I have over 100 spins just laying there… cause what can I use it on? nothing… pointless…

I hope we can get back to the old credit system in FM but leave the car rental thing as it is so the guys who play 20 hours a year can feel special ore whatever…


^^^ That’s exactly what some posters here refer to, buying “all cars that I want” leaves so little challenge. I miss and rember the Gran Turismo 4 days where we had to grind for hours (sometimes for days) to buy a decent car. I remeber my first one - buying the Red Bull Audi Touring car for the German Touring car series. It felt soooooo good. Getting freebies is not my style, no proud in that. BUT FORZA turning more focus on casual players these days that want things on a silver plate, both in games and real life, so I guess that’s what they will get, at least in the game part of that.


Of course they want to cater the more casual player. Being lauded by a select group of elite players must be a secret dream of game developers, but rarely pays the bills. Not that I’m saying you’re wrong and they should ignore your comments, not in the least. As I mentioned, increasing the available credits and lowering the prices was a bit much. But my nephew and his friends were not interested in FM5 at 30% it’s original price, but are playing FM6 (after first having played FH2).

Perhaps a compromise could be to no longer restrict prices of cars to 2m (according to Wikipedia the 250 Testarossa sold for 16.4m) and skip the 10m price spins. Because after all, when you reach the level for the 10m, you no longer need the extra credits.

P.S. I forgot. According to the game, I took me 129 hours of driving (dear God, really!!! No wonder my left arm/thumb hurts) to get 175m. Perhaps still a bit much, but if 129 hours doesn’t get me most of the cars in the game, then I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it.

Very true words mate.

And with the new Unified Operating System in place with Win10 and Xbox, they’ll be opening it for even more casual gamers so that gamers can use their games on BOTH PLATFORMS and even “switch from your Win10 platform and Xbox” ….

Only time will tell, but I see games becoming a lot more 'casual gamer" centric…


Yet from what I understand about Destiny, you have to do some serious grinding to get desirable gear or to get gear that’ll allow you to take part in some other facet of the game. This is what I’ve gathered from my roommate. He’s always in groups of very strategic and talented players and they get things done efficiently…but it still takes a while.

Destiny is insanely popular among all types of gamers.

There are a few other recent games that are just like this and require lots of time and effort to move forward.

The whole notion that you have to make the credit/award system favor casuals to increase sales or keep them playing is hogwash. Casuals love Destiny and other excessively grindy games. Forza should be no different.

Forza just does a terrible job at making players want to grind or work for top end cars. That is the problem. The other games do a good job in encouraging players to keep working towards a goal. T10 is clueless.

I had never heard of Destiny so I had to google it. Therefore, and because it’s an FPS, a genre I stopped playing 20 years ago (nothing bad about it, just not for me), I cannot comment on that.
We also play Trackmania, so you’re right in that an easy accumulation of different cars is not a necessity for an enjoyable game. But since Forza is also about collecting the different cars, I feel that some progress must be made in that, without devoting all your free time.

I you feel differently, that’s fine. Different games for different people results in a healthy ecosystem.
We are happy with Forza just the way it is, and that’s basically the only point I really want to make.

I guess you’re right - different games for different people, unfortunately in this instance at the expence of the real passionate player. Three problems I foresee though is (1) that mostly the same people preferring to go the easy and casual way of obtaining things are the same people complaining about buying DLC, so that cashcow don’t get fed. (2) Buying power of the “younger generation” is not developed to such an extent that they will support buying DLC, they increasingly develop new “needs” of which games is not that high up on their "things to buy list. So it’s up to dad (the hardcore player) to support, but dad lost his interest and started playing golf or something. AND (3) the younger generation proofed to get board very quick and will not supply a stable platform on the longer term to plan or prosper from.

I’m not a philosopher, neither can I foresee the future, but I developed enough business wisdom over the years to realise that, although regular adjustment in the marketplace is essential, turning with the winds can be fatal. Obviously, if you’re a powerhouse, playing a bit with your pennies won’t really effect your dollars.