Break the Bank

I’ve hit the 999 999 999 cr mark so all credits now earned becomes void as that seems to be the maximum… I know the obvious solution is to buy cars, but the problem is I’ve reached level 1060 and all spins are special spins so 95% of wheelspins gives me 10 mil cr (5 mil cr once in a while). So not to loose the credits I have to buy at least 5 cars every time I spin so not to loose the credits. Not complaining, but the spins feels so useless now. Anyone know if there’s another way to “bank” the credits.

At that point why play for the cr? You have more than enough to be everything and I believe there is a cap on the amount of cars you can have in your garage.


I stopped paying attention to credits when I hit about 50 mil.


Well done. I don’t know what you could do with them. That’s why I liked the FM4 economy. I could buy paints and tunes, and cars, and I could hold contests/races where I gave away expensive cars. I could also gift cars to people who might otherwise never get the cars, like the F250 GTO.
Congrats on your remarkable achievement.



Wow impressive. Ya credits essentially have become meaningless so- I guess for you it might be nice to just not have spins anymore. The Time that that takes because they are absolutely meaningless as well. I just hit the 500 mark on Sunday and won 50mil. While I was excited, to get the grand prize I do see the futility in it all at same time


It would be kind of cool to have the limit set a bit higher in order to have a billionaire’s club. A badge, a gifted car with special livery, just some recognition for hitting a billion credits. I’m at about 180 million and still have some cars to get and at level 610 plenty of time to work on being a virtual billionaire :slight_smile:

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The credit system is broken in Forza 6.

Everyone has more or less unlimited credits after playing for a short while. 20 million or 1000 million makes no diference.

@Turn 10

Please bring back some sort of auction house - trading between players - and other way’s of using credits in Forza 7.


The fastest and easiest way to spent credits is buying 300k mod packs. You are only banking less than 10% of what you are spending on mod packs but it is better than earning credits that disappear. Plus once you buy enough mod packs you have space in the bank to pile in more credits.

Buying a 2 million credit car takes around 1 to 1.5 minutes per car. Buying 300k mod packs takes about 5 seconds a pack adding up to 3.6 million spent per minute. Both ways of spending credits is mind numbing but one way is faster than the other due to the slow menu system of buying cars. I got it down to a science.

Level 2133
530 unused Spins
5 Billion credits Earned
4 Billion credits Spent
757.5 Hours Played

Wow, I suck, LOL

We need a way to spend the Billions. The way it is now makes no sense.

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Maybe you could buy a track?


Your surplus of credits a one of a few reasons why the auction house and storefront would actually matter.

Until then, you can just horde your credits.

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Actually, I have my own meta-game of buying EVERY car in the game… (it used to be an achievement in one or two of the older Forza games)

I am level 160… so I have a long way to go - I rather have this economy than having to buy $ 9M cars and hardly any credits like in Forza 4 when DLC cars cost players credits…

Just my $.02

What economy? The economy of free handouts? There’s like a 500 or so car limit. Good luck in buying them all on one account. Lol.

I do miss that achievement though. It was fun wheeling and dealing to get the higher end cars at a deal.

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I own all. The limit is 600, not 500.

I’ve got every car in the game, and a few repeats, at level 420 (or thereabouts not checked today) and have about 50+mill credits.

I’m simply allowing the credits to build, selling off the cars that don’t matter to me, as your stats show the number of cars both purchased, as well the ones currently in your garage. And having the vehicle cap at 600 cars in Forza 6 means one has to sell off multiple cars in order to still Aquire various other vehicle DLCs that are still to come.

Don’t expect many, possibly 2-3 at the most. As any more would simply take the number of cars over the games built in vehicle cap.

So all cars released to-date, including all Unicorns is currently around 540±, especially with the most recent Lambo Huracan Toreo Leauges car released today.

But I’m just amazed at how some ppl can get to levels above 1000!

Have they been plugged into the game 24/7 thus far? Lol…

I play daily, buy the cars I want, earn my winning as they accrue and simply allow the game to unfold.

I’ve only got about 60% in the last volumn to finish the Career Mode at 100% for all Volumes, and won’t be finishing the Showcases completely, as I hate the silly bowling and Autocross style TopGear events. So that’s not a ‘must finish completely’ for me.

I’ve finished all Forza’s 1-3 almost completely, (99%) as I didn’t do any online playing. But my stats show full completion for those three games (well, almost as mentioned above).

Forza 4 is just about 28% at the moment, as I’ve not found it as enticing to play, unlike many seemed to have on these forums.

And now that Forza 4 &. 5 support has closed, and there’s now no ability to purchase required DLC to complete Forza 4.

So it seems point.ess to me to continue, as I’m unable to get assistance, and secondly, and most importantly, I can’t get any cars that are required to move up the progress ladder, or buy packs which are needed to ‘complete’ the game.

Forza 5 is almost completed for me, (95%) but with no online play it’ll remain that way, but that’s my choice with this franchise. But I continue to play it at least twice a week, simply because I like it.

I think the idea of supplying huge credits was a knee jerk reaction to the difficulty in getting cars in both Forza 4, and especially in Forza 5.

Where even 1st place wins saw much smaller credit payouts. Making it very difficult to purchase the really expensive cars in the game.

I’ve reached 310 cars in Forza 5, but now it’s not paying out the previous 3mil credits it once did upon reaching that 300 car level. So the bank has stagnated at around 5mil, and I’d have to race constantly for a week to earn enough credits to get just a few of the remaining high end cars.

Currently, purchasing just 2 high-end cars wipes my bank out In Forza 5.

So in Forza 6, they have been overcompensating credits so players can get into the higher end cars much quicker than previous iterations.

I’ll admit it’s a bit overboard now, but it certainly gave the casual gamer quick access to the top tier cars, which this iteration proudly advertises it has in its stable.

So in that regard, the higher credit payouts make sense. It didn’t take me long to buy the cars I wanted, then a few extra cars of the same style, then once the bank began to give better payouts on Special ‘century’ spins, I was able to acquire all the cars available within the game.

Now I’ve sold off the replicas, gotten rid of the ‘Junkers’ like the Limo monster 4x4’s etc, and I’m simply concentrating on building racecars with different set ups. Creating layer groups and doing done painting.

So there’s no worries about having enough credits to do upgrades etc, unlike In Forza 4-5 where it was a stretch to do so.

Turn 10 have definitely overcompensated this time…perhaps they’ll find a middle ground in the next iteration.

That’s if there’s to be one? Or in the next NEW GAME for the franchise? Time will tell… We’ll have to wait until E3 to find out.

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car limit be 600, just hit it and cant download rival league cars, best clear the 6 outta way for hurricans LOL

Congrats I reached that point as well and don’t pay it any mind as I I am about lvl 1310…

Hi mates. Thanks for the responses. For now it seems that I (and those in simmilar position) will just have to “bank” the wheelspins, fill the garage to the car limit allowed and buy/install some of the great community tunes available. AND perhaps change my Gamertag to “RichieRich”. LOL.


Maybe when Forza 7 comes out, they can take your bank from this game and use it to adjust your earnings in the following game. The more money you got this time, the slower you’ll earn next time? Give you some work to do as it obviously has been a cakewalk for you! lol
I have had at least 10 million credits at all times since the game launched and usually lots more. But without the AH, SF etc i’ve stopped paying any attention to credits. DLC cars are free, prize spins give out money like water, weekly rewards give out free money, cars are cheaper, upgrades are cheaper, etc etc.
I really have no idea why they’re even bothering with an in game economy at this point. It’s become so dumbed down it’s practically worthless. If you went to a car dealership and complained the cars were too expensive they’d laugh you out the building, not drop all the prices. lol

I agree with an earlier comment that I would rather have this system of rewards than to have them be scarce. The number of players making 500 million to a billion credits is likely a minority. Although I haven’t had the game very long, I’m only in the 30’s for level working two jobs during the week and splitting free time between my wife and three or four other games. Even with VIP, I am still under 3 million with the few purchases I’ve made of my favorite cars (very few “race” cars). The reward system should be generous to encourage people to play more types of car and to use them online. Great job on a billion as it has to take a great amount of commitment.


It is possible to own every car. I do and have circa 150m (pointless credits) in the bank. lvl 540 ish