Best S class cars for handling/performance?

Im trying to find a car with better handling and decent speed. But I do not have much money to try all kind of cars. So if someone could help and list me a few would be great! thanks.

I like the Ford GT with some upgrades that allow tuning - there is a Ford GT tuning challenge going on right now in the Tuner’s Lounge so I suggest checking some of our tunes out. If you don’t have the Ford GT or 250,000 CR download and play the demo for a free one.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Bugatti EB110 Supersport drove, it was easy and nice to drive. I believe it starts in lower/mid S class.

That car handles like a brick, lol.

2008 Dodge Viper… Don’t be scared off by the fact that it’s on the lower side concerning top speed bc it more than makes up for this with its superior handling, acceleration, and breaking ability! At this level and on these race ways a cars top speed is honestly a moot point bc on the majority of the tracks an S class whip reaching 4th gear for more then a second or 2 is rare and 5th on up…I’m convinced…exist in theory only lmao…

Anything with the engine in the middle works best

Id have to say I really love the Scuderia, its amazing stock, put a set of tires on it and its quite impressive track car, I will admit it lacks on top end though. The Ford GT is also A GREAT car I agree with PPiDrive

I’ve had good luck with the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR.

I’m usually against picking cover cars other than the 350z from forza 2. But the ford GT with a good tune has me killing everyone. The SRT viper is also great.

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The 2003 Ferrari Challenge Stradale is one of my go to cars for S class. It starts off mid A class, so you can throw tires, drivetrain and power upgrades onto it and it’s a good predictable drive, at least for my driving style. lol

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It has been solid for me too. I was able to knock off more than a few Rivals in it.

There’s a few S classes that get around nicely…If you get a chance get yours hands on a Ferarri 458! With a good tune…it’s definitely a car to have in the garage!

McLaren 650S, I found it very balanced.

Saleen S7, or a RWD swapped Huracan

I have Uploaded a F40 and F50 Tune yesterday. The F40 is very easy to drive with an amazing handling. The F50 need a bit more Skill to drive but still has a very good handling too. With the F50 I can drive Top 10 Times ( Road Atlanta for Examble, at the moment i should be top 20 with it but i can be 0,6 sec faster). With the F40 should be Top 20´s possible. If u try the F50 u should use the 3rd Gear the most of the Time…2nd gear only in very tight corners.
Have fun with these Cars :slight_smile:

You could build a B class car and just mod it to a high A class and it may keep up if not outbeat the S classes, its up to you, your game, start something no one has!

The 2008 Viper ACR is one of the best in that class when it comes to handling. You dont even really need to go through a lot of tuning.

The ACR is a nice car!, too fast for me on stock tires i dont know if u can upgrade it to keep it s class with tires

my opinion build something mid engine that way when you turn one end wont be favoring the other and its easier to manage opinionwise. Cant go wrong with AWD either

When playing in S class last night and looking at the leaderboards it seems to be the most wide open class for the variety of cars being used. Just be careful to not start out with too low of a car because some cars are hard to get to S800. The CTS-V is a prime example. I couldn’t do it without aero so I’ve got a couple of times well into the top 100 in the world in a car that isn’t even built to the max of the class because it was impossible to do without aero and the car had more straight line speed without the aero.

2013 SRT Viper GTS - My go to (Used it to batter the ACR not in the hands of Fast guy - better top end little less handling but good handling - on speed tracks it usually comes out on top of ACR But the ACR Viper is great grip car

Haven’t used the C7 z06 yet but I bet you it’s nice
The DBS - Vantage- Zagato F50 - F40 - 360CS - 05 NSX.

S class is littered with great cars…