Being competitive in leauges and rivals?

So I’m by no means a slow racer, i’ve been playing this game since FM2, i took a break after fm6 and now with fm7 i am using a wheel set up and swear by driver cam and the occasional hood cam. Though, whenever i watch youtube of top racers like guys from JSR, F4H, Raceboy77, they all use chase cam and controllers. Are there any top .01% guys who use a wheel and/or a cockpit/hood cam (obviously chase cam is necessary for T1 madness)? Thanks.

JSR AziDhk uses wheel if I recall correctly.

I think there were a few in FRC in cockpit but not 100% sure.

All top .01% can drive at same level in cockpit but nice try though. It’s not any harder. All these players can adapt.

“Nice try though”? please explain how in any way i’m trying to pull something over on anyone or throw any kind of shade… Thanks for the insight everyone, regardless of delivery (ahem ^) It’s good to know. I like to be competitive in whatever i do and want to see myself move from the top couple 100 to the top 100 but was wondering if using a wheel and cockpit view was limiting me.

Sorry. Thought you were one of the if you don’t play this X folks, you’re trash. I guess I’m used to that angle on this forum.

The wheel might be limiting you. Hard to say. If you find that sweet spot with the wheel, excellence happens. But you’ll need to learn controller if FRC finals are you’re goal. Looks like they make every one use an Xbox controller if you get invited to play in the finals.

POV is preference. Use whatever makes you faster. I know many use bumper cam to help spot the apex easier for example.

I heard WR Virus uses cockpit.