Wheel vs Controller

So are we separating wheel racers vs controllers in this years championship?
I think this is something that needs to be taken into consideration if not.


I agree!

I would also like to see a cockpit/dash cam separation from 3rd person cams as well. Since hovering 10ft above a car gives you a much greater view of your surroundings than being constrained to inside the car. Those of us that prefer cockpit cam are severely disadvantaged compared to 3rd person cameras, imo.

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Well simple to fix use 3rd Person and I suggest you go to utube and watch some of the last couple of seasons finals you will find that all use the exact same set up with the same equiptment.

No Wheels no Cockpit no tripple monitor just a Xbox with standard controller on a 23inch screen.

That’s funny. You are implying that the game is even playable with a wheel. Forza is a joke for wheel support. Lucky for that guy that invented EmuWheel.

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Why would they. Have you ever watched the Finals of ot ForzaRC last couple of years that I watched they all used a stqandard Xbox controller everyone in the finals used the same set up and same equiptment. I think the only ones using a wheel was some of the players doing Drift demos or drift comps.

So no need to separate when you will be using the same as evey other finalist if you make it to the top 25.