Always playing on cockpit view with gamepad, do I need to change ?

I have a little problem, Im used to play simulation games for about 25 years or so and most of them were on 1st person.

I ve noticed that most of PRO or SEMI-PRO players on Forza Multiplayer play on 3rd person view (chase cam) and yes as I ve noticed that 3rd person helps to analyse your surroundings but Im really not used to that view, its less immersive and I dont feel the car when it’s spinning out not as well in 1st person anyways.

Still I can notice surroundings with rear view mirrors, or behind view button but thats all.
So question is, is there a bunch of seasoned or good players who play on cockpit view with gamepad ?


I don’t use third party view, always struggled to see my braking points when I tried chase can. I always use bumper cam and although I’m not a top 10 driver, I can hold my own in most situations. My advice would be to experiment with different tired views and see what you are most comfortable with.

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Yes there are a ton. A few in the FRC have said in the past they run full cockpit but I can’t recall who. You’ll find more cockpit usage in private leagues.

Chase cam provides a strategic advantage in close quarter last second maneuvers that are typically hard to judge in cockpit view. Drivers take more risks so its less predictable than real life where risk of injury exists. Many in the FRC also use SIM steering with the controller and chase cam helps prevent tank slappers in some racing scenarios.

I would venture that most if not all FRC guys can switch views on a whim and do just fine but am not sure how many prefer cockpit in casual racing. I know I bounce between the two views depending on what I’m doing. Cockpit for single player and chase for rivals and multiplayer with some variation depending on mood. I’ve done it enough to where it’s not a hard change but it did take practice at first to adjust to brake points.

Bumper cam is the one that i found the hardest to get used to though. I prefer bumper in some games, but in forza it throws me off.

Interesting, I can’t drive at all looking a the car. I tried for a few months in 6 but I was worse.

Turn motion effects off if enabled.

Yes,although I use a wheel now,it always feels like i’m driving a remote controlled car in chase cam,delayed reaction feeling and all,seems so unreal to me,hood or cockpit is what I use. Edit,only time I used chase was in cross country in FH’s,so I could see over the weeds,lol.

Pro and semi-pro use chase cam? In what world?

Go with hood or bumper cam.

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^This. (although I prefer cockpit)

Not only that, but how are they getting paid to play FM7?

In the Forza world. Just ask and some top players will respond. It was more than I thought the last time we had a peak of what they were using

Payment is through FRC earnings and other esport comps. There isn’t anyone getting paid per say via a contract with a team. Forza esports is too small for that.

Yes, so they aren’t pro or semi-pro. Check.

You can be pro or semi pro without a contract in the racing world. It’s less common now days due to funding hurdles but owner/drivers were still pros. So it’s reasonable to call the top dogs of Forza pro/semi-pro as sole proprietor owner/drivers. As an owner/driver, outside of sponsorship (which some FRC players have), income is dependent on themselves doing well.

Um, since when was cockpit view bad? I cannot race without cockpit or bumper cam. They are basic necessities to see how your car is performing and IMO cockpit is best to see how your suspension is doing and how to adjust. However for some cars it’s practically impossible to use cockpit because of how narrow it is limiting your vision greatly but those cars are few and far inbetween.

I can drive both with third person (usually during the first lap to avoid collisions, and on the last lap to enjoy the exhaust note), and cockpit for realism and immersion. I play with a G920 with clutch and H-shifter (depending what transmission the car has in real life). I don’t really care which one is faster or slower, honestly.

At the end, play with whatever you feel more comfortable with. Don’t focus on what other people use.

I’ve been playing Forza since the 2nd game - I like to consider myself a fairly seasoned driver and do play using the first person views, including cockpit. However, I’m used to chase as well, It’s all a matter of getting out of your comfort zone and getting used to it.

Yes, this got me surprised as well. Most of them used the 3d person indeed.
I guess they have more situational awareness that way.

When I use that view it is really hard be precise for me, also that view lacks sense of speed to me.

I can use that view in the Horizon series were less precision is needed and it is more about the experience.

Personally, I blame Atari for “conditioning” many players to use the chase cam, myself included, stupid Pole Position. I believe it was Atari who also first offered 1st person view with “Hard Driving”; as a kid who had no ideal what a clutch was, they weren’t kidding! Personally, I stick with the chase cam’s as I do feel I have better “overall” track awareness; this does typically lead to generous braking zones though.

The new Dashboard view beats Cockpit in terms of “immersive” IMO. gamepad or steering wheel
In most cases, Forza’s cockpit view seems a little weird as it feels lower and more backward than the real-world driver vision.
3rd-person feels like playing a remote-controlled toy car. Nothing “immersive” in 3rd-person chase view