So, who's using cockpit view?

I’m surprised that many, if not most people seem to be using chase cam instead, and are even using the driving line. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but i didn’t expect to see this so often.

It makes me wonder how many of us are actually using cockpit view (for racing, not just for cruising around), and what assists they have turned on/off.

What about you?

I use cockpit veiw in career racing and anything else other than online racing. Online racing I use the 3rd person far veiw as I can see other drivers better and it helps me be a cleaner racer. Less chance of me cutting someone off by accident. I do favor the in car veiw though as its my favorite.

Good point.

What assists are you using?

I only ever use cockpit view in any racing game where is available, as for assists only abs everything else is turned off.

But I never play online unless it’s with real life friends.

Den Jie, I have the line on and normal steering. Everything else is off. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Also cosmetic damage as there are too many obstacles to avoid with full sim on

Even with the far veiw I still bump cars more than I would like. It’s hard to race clean in this game but I try as hard as I can.

In FM5 i always use cockpit view but in this it just seems more fun in chase cam, normal steering all assists off except braking line when doing cross country events otherwise I have no idea where I’m going lol

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Cockpit view, ABS, TC & Stability all off and normal steering (I use a controller, and I find it can get a bit twitchy for me on simulation). My only vice with assists is that I keep the braking line and rewind on. I’ve come to rely on the braking line over the years and can’t seem to kick the habit. The rewind is just for convenience and is especially useful in the cross country races.

Always loved the cockpit view, especially in Horizon games at night when everything is lit up.

I have to agree it’s hard to be a clean racer using cockpit view; you almost have no idea what’s going on around you.

I always turn off the driving line, names over cars and ghosts. Most of this stuff is distracting or takes away from the immersion. I even want to disable the map while driving in cockpit view but having no map is impractical. Having a hard time deciding what features and assists i should turn on or off.

@ Mushroom: yeah, simulation steering seems to be too responsive at times, resulting in weird slides and twitchy maneuvers while i try to recover from understeering. I find the rewind option to be very useful as well. In most cases i have to use it because of drivatar stupidity/error.

Always use cockpit view in whatever racing game I play when it allows.

I use cockpit view for all racing, chase view for drifting and only assist is Braking line only. The off-road races are difficult using cockpit view as the checkpoints can be difficult to see but I still use cockpit view.

chase cam here, no driving line tho

I use the cockpit view with abs. If there’s a cockpit view in a racing game I almost always use it. Before there were cockpits, I used to go with bumper cams, it’s just the way I’ve always raced.

Cockpit view is the only view that feels natural to me so that’s what I always use. Does get tricky sometimes during the cross country events but I deal. As far as assists I like manual w/o clutch, TCS on, braking line on, and everything else off.

I used cockpit and bumper can in all previous forza games but in this one, I find the the forward view is too limited, especially when driving through fields, and the chase cam becomes necessary for me. For assists, I use the braking line so I don’t have to deter my attention to the map (my TV is so bigcl/close I have to look away to see the map) and TCS since I use a controller and am not very precise with the throttle trigger.

I use cockpit or hood cam and no assists, no line, sim damage, sim steering with a TX wheel 900 degrees. I love it! I do switch to chase mode in the offroad events cuz I cant see where the heck I am going when driving through tall grass or a vineyard lol. It would be quite the accomplishment to stay in cockpit mode and win an off road race.

I’m using cockpit view with my wheel, I’d use hood cam if I was using my controller. Assists turned off, manual + clutch, 540 degrees on the TX 458. I did turn sim damage off, but that’s cause I hate having it on during ‘free roam’, and I’m just to lazy to turn it on while racing!

This is my first Forza game and it’s safe to say I’m going to be a fan for life. I love cockpit view, however it is frustrating that while playing online, the leaderboards take over my rear view mirror in leftside drivers. As for assists I’ve got everything turned off besides braking lines. Simulation steering and simulation damage, however sim damage has to be turned to cosmetic while online thanks to all of the talentless knobs who go out of their way to t-bone me while taking corners :confused:

I only use cockpit and I love it. I don’t use any driving line either.

I also play on unbeatable with no assists and rewind off.

I like the challenge.

I have always used chase car view for a few reasons.

  1. Early racing games only had that view.
  2. I like to see the beauty of my cars.
  3. It gives a good all round view.

In FH2 I use full racing line simply because the checkpoints can be hard to see from a distance.

Controller, 0/100 deadzones, normal steering, no other assists.

I have turned on TCS a couple of times only because my tunes were not yet up to scratch. Retune and TCS off again.