Auction Hot wheels legends does not work

when you try to bid or buy a lot at an auction for in-game currency, instead, a window pops up about buying the Hot wheels legends add-on in the Microsoft Store and the lot has a certain icon. I have the ultimate version of the game

You won’t be able to buy them from the auction unless you have purchased the DLC they come from. It’s the same with all the DLC cars


Seriously?? oh my. Another terrible design. So, to buy a car in the auction you DONT HAVE, you need to actually buy it first… so you already have it. So no point on the auction then. Such stupidity design lmao. But what can you expect anymore from this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah? Because it’s DLC, you can’t sidetrack the system to get a car you haven’t paid for. It’s been the same way since at least Forza Motorsport 4. You can go buy your 1st ever McLaren Senna in the auction without paying real money, because it came with the game. Since the additional Hot Wheels cars didn’t come with the game and instead are an extra purchase you need to buy the pack first to have access to them. How is that a stupid design?

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Erm come on… think (i know its a lot to ask). Why allow these cars to be auctioned in first place??? if you cant buy em unless you already have em… its pretty dumb straight. Again, its a frikkin lazy design, that spreads to every single mechanic in this game.

The Auction house has more than 1 function, it isn’t just to own a car that you haven’t got.

1/ It can be used to buy, and sell cars for profit.
2/ It can be used to buy a spare car for a different tune S1/S2 etc.
3/ It can be used to buy a spare car for 2 vinyls of different designs.
4/ It can be used to buy a car for a friend, and sell it cheap to them if they can’t afford 20 million for example, and they own the DLC.
5/ It can be used to sell vinyls not in your HUB as rare vinyls.


The Hotel Wheels pack is not included in the Ultimate Edition bundle. It’s a separate thing altogether

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can you send me a link to the desired dlc so that I can buy hot wheels legends cars at auction?

if you buy the DLC you get them free in game anyway, you wont need to buy them from auction

You can buy DLC from microsoft store for $10 or 10€

Link posted by Max : Buy Forza Horizon 4 Hot Wheels™ Legends Car Pack | Xbox
From thread:

You need to purchase the DLC. If you purchase it you get the 6 cars for zero in game credits one time. If you want a second of the same car you can buy it from the auto show again or get them from the auction house. You cannot buy cars from the auction house that are DLC that you did not purchase. Otherwise who would buy the DLC???


Having 10 million, for example EC in-game to spend in one car is not easy at all. So yeah, some people will buy the dlc with money, others dont. And please stop the nonsense, MANY plenty of games offer content buyable with money and you can also buy em in-game with other currencies. Or did you born yesterday?. Now tell me that Microsoft is that greedy and they dont have the will to change the system… well, i understand that.

What? You are failing to understand how paid DLC works. You want to circumvent paying but that is not how it works. I have 855,000,000, don’t tell its hard to earn in game credits. You need to pay with real money and I think you know that.


I dont have a clue what you guys are talking about. For many people its way easier to just buy the dlc than gather 10 million credits. Its just about money and i get that microsoft wants to gain more money, like every single company. But if you played enough, you should be able and have the right to buy a frikkin single car with those 10million credits that you EARNED playing the game for a long long time. And that time invested is more worthy more than any dlc price they can release. Please stop patronizing. Many games work like that. Im not talking about an expansion, or whatever, im talking about a SINGLE CAR. Seriously. If you are able to put an specific car on action, it should be buyable for anyone. It doesnt matter if you already own that car. Its a terrible design flaw, period. And there are ways to balance how much a dlc cost with how much credits you need to buy it. Also, if i only want one car from the pack, i need to buy the entire pack??? ridiculous. But yeah, keep patronizing MS, the videogaming industry is never going to change and it will keep getting worst year after year.

If you buy the DLC, you get the car for free, no need to gather 10 million credits. If it that is easier, then just buy the DLC and quit making conspiracy theories. You’re right, you are able and have the right to buy any car you want in the game, as long as you own the rights to the content. It as simple as that, if you don’t own the rights to the content, you can’t buy it. This isn’t a P2P or torrent site dude, you can’t just get what you want for free.

Nobody is patronizing, they are explaining how the system works. Many games charge extra for content that isn’t accessible in other ways, more so than those that offer it for free. It’s not a design flaw. I’m curious as to how you would balance a real money cost of DLC with a non-existent virtual currency. Microsoft paid for the rights to use Hot Wheels, that price is passed along to the consumer, us in this case, it’s how the market works. No one is entitled to things they didn’t pay for, regardless of if it is accessible or not.

On your last point, you’re wrong. The video game industry HAS changed, a lot, some for the better and some for the worst. Take the EA loot box scandal, for example, it made waves and many developers have changed how microtransactions work. Most of them now are only cosmetic items and no longer contain items that affect gameplay.


No, im not the one interested in buy any car, the op is (it will be pointless for me to buy any car anyways because of the stupid save limit bug). You missed the whole point, but why im not surprised. You guys only read what you want to read lol. As always. Just go to work for MS, if you think everything they do is correct and cant be changed for the good of players, instead keep monetizing things all over the place. Also, please play more videogames, and you will realize that what im asking is not that rare, in fact, its the common procedure to buy stuff without money, when you have played so long in a videogame. Sure, its rare to see this procedure in driving games, but in arpgs, or massive online games, its basically the common way to get stuff without paying. Microtransactions is basically how online games work. Sure , somebody else bought that stuff for you, but you are already paying it investing 2 years of in-game currency or whatever price the seller is set. Im sorry im just tired of reading patronizing inexperienced players all over the place promoting and degrading the videogaming industry year after year. Its getting old already.

You want to tell me that I missed the point and only read what I want, yet you didn’t even bother reading the rest of my post. Hm…

I never said everything MS said is correct and cannot be changed, ever anywhere in my post. ARPGs and MMORPGs, let’s just assume for a moment, that you mean WoW, have microtransactions as well, but as I previously stated, which you would have seen if your read my entire post and not just the first sentence, those items are cosmetic and have no affect on gameplay.

Yes, WoW also has an auction house, where you can buy any item you like that is INCLUDED IN THE PRICE of the game. Yes, you can sell items from the expansions, but you will not be able to use them unless your character is within the level range of the item, which is most cases you cannot be unless you have, wait for it…paid for the expansion and extra content! I realize the item is still there and you can purchase it, but it is useless to you until you own the expansion.

Guess what, you used to be able to do that in Forza too, but the car sat useless in your garage until you paid for the DLC. Are you getting the point now?
Microsoft changed it because people complained that the car sat in their garage and they could not use or get rid of it, but were able to buy it. Did you read that sentence?

I’m not patronizing, nor am I inexperienced I’m simply stating facts. Whether you choose to except them is up to you. As far as inexperience goes, come back at me with that once you have more than 2600 GamerPoints and have played more the FH4 and Street Fighter.

Also, experience with video games has nothing to do with understanding that you can’t just get something for free.

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It does, if you had gaming experience you will know that what im asking is completely normal. It is not something for free. Jeezus. Again, you dont understand because you lack of gaming experience and you dont understand that in most massive online games, you can get everything FOR FREE as long as you invested enough time in that videogame (that leads to have gathered enough in-game resources to make the transaction). Why this cant be applied to a single car?? its ridiculous. If you cant see why, sorry i give up.

People think that buying something with real money is more “expensive” than anything else, big mistake. Most people use money instead in-game currency because sometimes it is cheaper. If someone says, im going to sell this dlc car for 50 million credits. Many people dont have that amount of credits unless they played for a long long time. So they will just buy the dlc. Period. Easier, and cheaper than waiting many months to gather 50 million credits. As again, this is done this way because MS wants to gather money from everything. But if it was another company be sure that they will add other methods to get those cars. Again, you dont have enough gaming experience to understand what im saying, sorry.

There’s no way you talk to people that way in real life.

It’s a rather ironic statement if you look at his Xbox profile…

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