Auction Hot wheels legends does not work

What you are asking for is not completely normal, not in this case.

You have no idea about my gaming experience, not one clue, but keep assuming I have none, its the only way you can justify your argument to me. MMOs,which I have plenty of experience with as well, are a different system and yes, they do have any item in the game and on occasion, promotional items, available within the game without paying real money. Yes, players can buy/sell on the auction house/market boards/trade boards whatever items they choose with no restrictions. But, as I stated before, some of those items may be useless until your character is able to use them, be that due to a level cap, class restriction, etc. and guess what? If that level cap or class restriction is tied to a PAID expansion, while you may be able to purchase the item with in game currency you cannot use it until you remove the restriction by purchasing the cooresponding content. It really isn’t that hard to understand dude.

Forza is not an MMO, the economy is different and as I had also previously stated, you used to be able to buy any car on the auction house, DLC or not, but you could not use it if you didn’t own the DLC. So rather that have people complain about being able to buy the car but not use it or remove it from the garage, and they did, Microsoft made it so you cannot even buy the car on the auction house without owning the DLC. There was a point in time where you could buy cars individually and separate from DLC packs as well, I’m not sure why they did away with that, but you still had to pay real money to use it.

The majority of console games I know of work this way, you cannot use the content without paying for the DLC first and before it gets brought up, because I know it will, COD adds free content every season, which is available after that season as well and can be gotten quicker with battle pass, BUT that content is not part of paid DLC and is simply part of a free update.

Now, before you respond to me, please take the time to read my entire post and not just cherry pick the parts that are convenient for you.

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That’s very clear.

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So you should make free game packs for Microsoft, and use your time up to fix your problem if you want other people to do it, it’s only fair.

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Funny to read this discussion.

I too wondering any time I saw one of the dlc cars in the auction house, As everyone who could buy them had gotten already one for free. But mostly the ones which are offerd comes from players, who wants to generate some money.

They have taken these cars for free and trying now to sell them for some extra money. And if you have the dlc, it really makes no sense to buy them in the auction house as most of the hot wheels legend cars are about 100 000 bucks at the car dealer and about 1 000 000 bucks in the auction house.

Seems to me that not microsoft are the fools here but the sellers of these dlc cars. For heavens sake why should I buy a standard stock car used for more money than the same complete new, where I can change at least the colour without blocking a save slot for custom design?

But to be serious, this is not the most stupid descision in design - when I think of FH3 or one of the older Motorsport titles, you got gifted cars from the devs which where originally dlc cars, so you had cars already in your garage for free, but had to buy the correspending dlc to use them. Funny thing for the motorsport title that there was already eol and no dlc available anymore, as i got the unkown car as a gift…

grabs the popcorn

HW pack was decided as paid DLC content, so you have to pay for it first, then do whatever you like with it. They also decide a long time ago, that trading Lego DLC cars is closed.
Here I’d say opening auction house to this new cars was a mistake, that caused this kind of pointless discussion.

Skyrim also had paid DLC and you couldn’t buy it with ingame gold coins, right.

In any case, its their marketing decision, you can go with it … or no.