Are there any videos showing off the loading times during the game, or rivals?

The only videos I see are heavily edited where loading times are edited out. FH4 is full of slow loading sequences, many of which are unnecessary - eg. during rivals if you want to change a car or tune, you need to exit out to free roam (usually meaning a change of season too) and then go all round the houses to do that, and then navigate back to the rivals event again and load it again and ZZZZZzzzz… yes it isn’t very well designed. Is FH5 better I wonder? It could be, because it’s a design choice and not a problem with the hardware not being capable of doing better.

The other thing during rivals is that FH4 doesn’t show you the leaderboard after you finish a rivals event, so you have to (after waiting for all the loading back to free roam again, and the slow built-in delay while the camera slowly pans around before you are allowed to access any menus) navigate back to it yourself manually and laboriously.

Please tell me they streamlined this stuff and it isn’t just a lazy copy and paste of FH4.

I think it’s an artistic choice to show off the graphics during loading, and not a slow loading process.

edit - double post, 500 error. Maybe the forum is hosted on the same servers they use for the online racing, would explain a lot.

(If I sound fed up, I am when one of the richest companies in the world cheaps out on proper servers or developers who care about fixing FH4’s legion of problems.)


Some of the loading is not necessary, that’s the point I was trying to make. It’s not just about what is shown during the loading screens, it’s that half of them aren’t necessary if they designed it better. We’re not still using 512MB RAM like on the Xbox 360 after all. Maybe their designers forgot that.

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I fully agree, we don’t need the slow pan around the car every time we go back to free roam. The shots of expansion packs can also be eliminated, this would drastically cut down on loading times as well. But somehow, I don’t think they will get rid of it. They might even add more now that they included bowling pins and pinatas.


What I meant is that I think they actually add a pause to the screens as well.

It would be easy to massively improve functionality in Rivals. Being able to switch cars, tunes or opponents without having to completely exit would make a huge difference. I doubt it’s their focus but hopefully we’ll get sight of a decent Rivals mode indie course.

As the game is out tomorrow for Ultimate purchasers, perhaps I can take the liberty of bumping this thread in the hope someone may kindly let us know about how the rivals mode looks.

I’ll try it out later tonight FN.

Rivals is near identical to FH4 - class based rivals on every track. Interface the same. Only difference so far I’ve spotted is that times in races appear to count.

So they did just copy/paste FH4 rivals with no improvements. Not surprised, I wasn’t expecting much from a team with top enthusiasm being for piñatas.
So for now, what I read in posts is

  • Copy paste for online multiplayer with championships ( at least championships are there )
  • Copy/paste for rivals.
  • Seems even copy paste of online issues with fast travel getting stuck
    So for online racers, it’s basically FH4 with new map, isn’t it ?
    Online wheelspin filling the garage kept ?

That is disappointing then but not surprising. Are loading times at least any more streamlined or faster I wonder? Well I’ll find out first hand next week on game pass anyway.

I’m a computer programmer myself, it does frustrate me to see major improvements that could be made in games like this but nobody is apparently willing to do it.

Just tried it. Did a random S1 road course (Descansar Dorado sprint), beat someone on my friends list who had a dirty lap time, afterwards it said my new rivals time to beat was… the same time I’d just beaten. That’s a bug. I’ve found a lot of rough edges in this game so far, it feels like it’s in beta.

Also there appear to be no Rivals Challenges for any course that I’ve looked at, only class rivals. None of the curated weather and car combinations of FH4.

So, back to FH3 rivals isn’t it ?

The answer is to get a better Xbox or an SSD. Load times are near instant on everything I play that’s not online. Online load times are definitely glitches by people joining. If I try to join my convoy mates in am online race or they join me or anyone joins anyone it will say we made it in but the people already in the race will be stuck on an infinite load screen while we drive around in the session freedom until the joiners quit.

But no, offline and rival events and fast travel and car changing and starting the game are all instant on the Series X like they were on the One X in FH4 when I used my SSD

No, you don’t understand. I already have a very powerful PC with multiple SSDs installed in it. The loading sequences are built-in. They aren’t ‘instant’ on any platform. If you think they are, you have a different concept of what those words mean to what I do.

Anyway, this is not the main issue, I appreciate the game has been written to run on lowest common denominator Xbox One base model hardware and the rest of us have to suck it up and compromise to some extent. What is not excusable are the DESIGN CHOICES like making you back out to free roam to change a car, tune, or pick a different rival.

I agree with adding the features but the load times ARE near instant on the Series X. The car spinning is the load screen when I’m playing rivals the car doesn’t even spin. That’s how fast it is. You may need to invest in a new SSD lol

Those load times are the same as on my PC, I’ve seen videos on YouTube. That isn’t what I’m talking about.

I vote to get rid of all the cut scenes. I don’t like them the first time I have to watch them. I really don’t like to have to watch them over and over.

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digital foundry videos about the game show the loading times on all console versions.
i think there might be a pc comparison thrown in there aswell