I don't want to play online events with last gen xbox players

I’m not a hater, and I do feel sorry for them, but my god they take a decade to load in. Those of on PCs and the newest gen hardware should not have to wait 10 times longer than we normally would for them. If it was 30 seconds or something, whatever, but we are taking minutes sometimes, it’s horrendous.


Has nothing to do with last gen consoles, it’s because of shabby coding and lack of care to produce a quality product that you have to wait forever.


I was unaware that getting an Xbox One Series X somehow upgraded connectivity to PG/T10 servers. Man, I might just have to ditch my 5G Fiber network for that.


What’s Xbox One Series X?

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Xbox One 360 Series X/S Box. Clearly…


I should’ve guessed it was just weird way gamers of “certain platform” say “Series X isn’t next gen”.

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Yeah I mean where else are you gonna get graphics like this?

Is that on low? Still, the game doesn’t look anything special on higher settings imo, I am a bit baffled by people praising the graphics as some big leap forward over FH4. I don’t even think it looks nicer than FH2, never mind 3 or 4. It’s just another cartoony looking game, FH4 copy and pasted, loads of stuff removed or broken, and a new map and (worse imo) physics / handling.


FH4 looks significantly better than 3. The environment itself really helps with the look of 3 but the graphics are much better in 4. For all their talk of photogrammetry, you have to look pretty closely to see any real improvement in 5 over 4.

Yeah it is lol. I was trying to fix the menu lag and testing it. Turing the graphics down fixes most of the menu lag/ makes the game run smoother, feels like FH4 performance. So that means it was poorly optimized out of the gate. I agree to some extent more so on how lazily this game was made, I am playing max settings in 4k and it does look really good. But you have to run the right settings, and it has to work properly, we still have some weird lines that show up for resolution scaling. I was on the same fence for physics, but I am getting more use to them did a few endurance races for that. Eh, it’s too early to tell for me, I don’t hate it but in some ways I think FH4 was better there.
The only thing I really loved was the map, that’s really good.

Oh btw off topic, but I love your plate. Is that a Falling Down movie reference? If so, nice job. lol

Yes! I think I relate to that character more and more as I get older :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you’re going to be snarky, maybe make sure you actually have a clue what you’re talking about first?

Series X and PC players benefit from newer HDDs, processors and SSDs which give significantly faster load times compared to old gen hardware. It’s very well documented.


The reason for the very long loading times between online races is a bug which has existed since FH4 came to Steam, which almost unbelievably, has carried over and not been fixed for FH5.


tbf it is a mix of the two. ‘Fast travelling other players’ being long is usually because of other players hardware, but there is indeed also a server bug which makes waiting times exceptionally long.

There are youtube videos showing the loading time difference lol. I have no idea what some people in this thread are smoking. No one is trashing them or their hardware. We just don’t want to wait 5 minutes to load every race in a 5 race champions ship.

I did not find any video showing 5 minutes difference of race loading, even offline, based on device, if anyone have, please share link.

Online loading time between races issue, like FN stated it, was introduced on FH4 with opening game to steam players. I’ve tested waiting time up to 42mn back then. Before that, loading times were not reaching even 1 min with already One S, 1X, SS, SX and PC players connected.


HDD vs SSD. 100% a real thing.

Yes…I know.
I have the game installed on a SSD too, and I also have long wait times in online. I don’t know if I mentioned that. So let’s blame Xbox one users I guess?

But not the reason for the long delays we’re discussing.


Yes they are. I am waiting on hdd users. If you have an ssd and still load slowly its because you’re also waiting on hdd users.

I have played in lobbies with only ssd users and had no issues. The game also loads instantly for me on the Series X. Because of the SSD. I agree there are other issues but the majority of the loading issues are from HDD users/people on the 8 year old OG Xbox one