Anything Goes PR Stunts & Seasonal Events

Ok, I don’t mean to complain much about FH5. My only complaint is the constant restricted PR stunts in every season. I would like to see, in Update 7, is for the seasonal events to be “Anything Goes”. Sometimes its annoying to complete such event or PR stunt when you can simply use whatever car/truck in any performance class to complete the PR stunts. Not saying these new PR stunts are annoying, I am just throwing that out to the devs as an idea. I really enjoyed using S1 & S2 class cars to complete PR stunts in the previous Forza Horizon games.


While I like the occasional Anything Goes PR Stunts and Events and wouldn’t mind seeing them in the Playlist from time to time, I prefer the challenge of having to do it within certain constraints. I could have more easily grabbed a favorite S2 car and raced through today’s Speed Zone, but it took a little more thought to figure out the best tune and strategy for doing it in an S1-900 Retro Supercar.


Today’s speed zone was the first time in ages where I didn’t do it first time round so I really enjoyed having something to push me hard for a change. Knocked it out with the Porsche Raau-Welt after about 10 attempts.


They could have both. Anything goes for 2 points, car restriction for 3 points. If you do anything goes, and then do the car restriction you get 1 more point as well.


Sorry to go on about it but I ain’t no drifter.
Did get 3 stars on this one previously, but in an A, 800 - no way.
As said before - been trying to learn to drift for years now - It’ll never work for me especially as a controller is totally out. Need to get the wheel rotation setting option back on the wheel options before I have even half a chance.

Getting drift points has more to do with the right tune itself more than the actual PI class of the car, Find a Modern Muscle and then do a search for a tune with drift in the description.

Some of my best scores in Drift Zones are done in an A class car.


So I’d love to know what tune/car worked for the speed zone.

For the drift zone ( I’m no drifter ) I used the Vauxhall in a drift tune, tires, suspension, power up to A800. Turn off the traction and stability. I run i Automatic btw. 130,000 drift points wasn’t hard for me.

Any tips on the trailblazer?

The Trailblazer should be pretty easy. Just pick a qualifying car and load up a rally tune. I did it first time round without too much bother.

The speed zone is challenging. I did it using the Hoonigan Porsche with a S1 900 tune by ugrundy. You want to cut the corners slightly. This will allow you to maintain a higher speed. Heading West is quicker. Took me about 10 goes.

For the drift zone I just used a stock Dodge Challenger SRT. Put the handbrake on to get it drifting then the power. Did it first time around.

I used the Bugatti EB-110 with OnlyNaps tune 141 124 064 - get a running start from the runway. It did over 150+ mph and it only needs you to go over 140. Pretty sure Nalak28s Ford GT 2005 (trial reward car which goes with the upgrade theme) S1 tune will do it too.

Edit: Yep! Ford GT 2005 with tune 845 624 494 did it no probs. :ok_hand:

For trailblazer stay on the road and flatter surfaces as much as possible. Driving it slow to think about the route is good too for all trailblazers.

Hope this helps.

I completed it with my own default tune and im terrible at drifting.
The only thing you need to do is, switch to manual shifting (and try to keep always at least in 3rd gear and never go down), deactivate stability and traction control, and try to drift always at max speed as you can. You dont need any specific tuning at all. No tune is gonna help you if you dont know the basics, like when you need to start drifting, when you need to hold your steering wheel, etc.

And again, you dont need special transmissions, tyres, or whatever. And no, you dont need any special tunes. All people giving tunes all around when its completely pointless lol.

I specifically said that car tune is more important than PI class. I did not say that car tune is more important than settings and technique.

If you are an mediocre and cannot quite get there, having a car that is tuned for drifting can put you over the edge. It’s why you don’t see too many people showing up in Horizon Open Drift events in a non-drift car.

I would challenge you to do a statistical comparison of driving the same car multiple times through a drift zone with a drift tune half the time and a regular tune (but the same PI) the other half but I wouldn’t trust you to actually try equally in both setups or to accurately report the results.


Stuck an A class on a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (2018) - still not close enough sadly though it was better than previous runs. Guess it’s just back to me then.
Never have been, never can. Wish I could though - it’s great when you’re doing it just rubbish when you turn out and FAIL! comes up.
Worse still when you get stuck on something and have to reverse for just another FAIL!
Not saying it shouldn’t though - just need to be a better drifter I suppose.

Horizon 4 has/had “anything goes”. And “anything” in that case means you use the same three cars every week. Boring.


It’s not even difficult. I even got new PB With A800 Vauxhal Monaro. With controller.

Actually, “anything goes” in FH4 meant Hoonigan RS200 or Ferrari 599XX Evo. But I agree: boring.


These replies are less than helpful. It may not be difficult for you or me, but it might be hard for others and statements like that do more to discourage the struggling players than they do to help them succeed.


Car: Vauxhall Monaro VXR
Tune: 118 465 649
Direction: come from SW

TC Off

Stick it to 3rd and go practice on one of runways. Try to keep car going forward at speed while going sideways. Festival site runway is good place to practice because of lines. Select set of 3 lines and try to stay as close to middle line as possible without spinning out.

Key to handling drift is good throttle control and counter steering only at correct times. What I mean is: do not be like this newbie:

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Don’t forget the Mosler. FH5 even recently acknowledged that in the flavour text for the four-stage weekly.

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I keep hearing the same argument, that PR stunts were boring when you could use any car to complete them. The thing is no one was forcing you to use a high powered car to just easily finish them. You had a choice of how difficult you made it for yourself. With the restrictions that FH5 has you’re now forced to take what’s required and the choice has been removed.

Not only that, now the majority of the time required to do the stunt is actually spent acquiring the proper vehicle and tuning it if necessary. Just to easily blow through the usually low objective required. Very few of the weekly PR stunts so far in FH5 have taken more then a couple of tries. In FH4 I remember more of the weekly stunts taking multiple attempts, trying to find the perfect line to squeeze out a couple more KPH to hit the speed or distance that was necessary to complete it.

A good middle ground would be restricting the seasonal PR stunts to a certain PI class and leaving the car model and manufacturer open.


I’m all for giving people the choice to use whatever car and class they want for PR stunts that way it suits everyone, they are solo events not online so what someone else chooses to use makes no difference to anyone else.

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Can you prove that you never used S1, S2 or X class car in FH4? A bit sus claim.