Anything Goes PR Stunts & Seasonal Events

There’s nothing to prove because I never implied that I didn’t use high powered cars to do the weekly PR stunts in FH4.

I had multiple vehicles A800 and up that I’d use.

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You don’t have to prove anything to anyone on here anyway how you choose to play in solo is entirely up to you.


How would changing it so that PI would be only restriction make it better?

Every class already has overpowered cars. To point where some A class cars perform better than most S2 class cars. F450 is OP in D class etc. Only thing I can see is that most would just use those.

What I don’t understand is that how do you have to waste any time to acquire any cars to do them. If you have played since launch you already have most of the cars in game. Only way that would be possible if you have just started playing the game in which case you’re going through same phase everyone had to go through at beginning.

I see it as a not having the choice issue rather than not having the cars, who would it actually hurt if they did allow people to us what ever car and class they wanted for PR stunts they are all essentially solo events not online events anyway.

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“Whatever car they want” doesn’t work with goals tailored to a certain class, or even specific model. Should they create goals for every single vehicle in the game? I don’t see that happen, ever.

Yep. Agreed. I would jump in them twice a week and put them away. Now I check to see if I have a spare car, put a tune on it, paint, it, maybe race it then keep it for a new purpose or gift it to someone. Makes the stunts feel worth doing again for me.

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But that’s kind of the point PR stunts don’t need to be tailored to a certain car or class.

And then it will be exactly like FH4, the same three cars to finish the whole thing every week.


Well I have way more than 3 cars, I wouldn’t choose to use the same 3 every week, I didn’t in FH4, that’s down to the individual not having any imagination if they did.

3 cars ? A bit extravagant, 599xx + rally fighter job jobbed :slight_smile:

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You are of course free to choose any car you want to drive doesn’t have to be restricted to just 2 or 3.

It’s not exactly fun in the first place to do a speed zone, or a jump, or a speed trap. So using the same car at least eliminates the extra boring step.

There are games that are pure racing and nothing else. Maybe try one of these?

I don’t buy this. It’s irrational. You are saying PR stunts are boring, and your solution to this is to essentially make them require even less skill and have less challenge.

I personally have been having fun trying to see if I can complete PR stunts with stock cars in the requirements, or with minimal tuning. At the very least, it has gotten me to drive cars I may have otherwise ignored to find that they are really fun to drive.

Have you ever considered that you’re bored because you never leave the same handful of cars?

EDIT: I do agree w/ the idea that we should have PR stunts that are “Anything Goes” sure. No issues at all with that. But, at what point is “get 300ft at this danger sign” matter just so someone in a D class can hit it too?


Yeah that’s totally rational. To make something boring over with quicker is rational.

I think you missed the point about you being responsible for making it boring by making that choice to just use the same car all the time and get it over with. Make it interesting by making it a challenge and use a different car. Or stop complaining about how boring it is to use the same car all the time because it’s too easy lol.


No you missed the point that having a forced car makes it ‘more’ boring. Having to tune the car, and spend ages over doing a stupid stunt is pointless… and pointless is boring in that the brain learns nothing from it.

Oh, We see now. You’re bad at the game.

Sorry, I misunderstood the situation. Let me know who is forcing you to do the stunts and I’ll have a stern word with them ! You shouldn’t be made to do things you don’t want to !


Do you know that you have to do the stunts?

Seems odd that you don’t know that.