Any PC users have experience with Gsync?

People told me that if I had stuttering in Forza Horizon 3, to really think twice about buying Forza 7, because users were experiencing the same thing. I’ve heard this from, who I thought at the time, were very reputable people, and I’m fairly certain none of them know what they’re talking about. I didn’t have any stuttering in Forza Horizon 3, and I’m getting a tsuami of stuttering in Forza 7. This isn’t a system requirement issue, as I’m getting over 120fps most of the time. I actually had to turn on 110% resolution scale just to keep the frame rate below my displays 144hz Gsync range. A lot of people keep telling me to turn on “v sync”. Again, these are clearly people who don’t know what they’re talking about, as I’m not referring to tearing. I’m talking about stuttering. My display is changing it’s refresh rate in real time , so it’s always synced. I don’t need V sync. And I’m surely not going to introduce a bunch of latency for vertical sync? If there is a game requirement to run with V-sync , then the developers have to be forthcoming about this, and not have an option to disable. Though, I don’t think this is the case. I think this is yet again more noise from the PC community, most of which is based on ignorance. The stuttering I’m experiencing in this game is game breaking. All of the cut scenes jerk around so bad I can’t even watch them. I have no idea what’s happening because they’re stuttering and lagging out. When I get into the game and start playing, it’s smooth half of the time, and not half of the time. When it’s not smooth, it’s sort of jerking around in microstutters , usually around corners and turns while I’m in third person. When I’m in Cockpit view, I don’t get any stuttering at all. Which is what led me to turning up resolution scale, because I think cockpit view is slightly more demanding. I think it’s a matter of me getting too many frames (stressing out CPU). The more frames your GPU is delivering per second, the harder your CPU is working. And microstuttering is usually more related to high CPU use, not too little FPS. My only concern is, I’m still experiencing microstuttering within my displays Gsync range, and I don’t get microstuttering in other games at 120fps.

Are there any Gsync users playing Forza 7, and if so, how is your game playing? Any stuttering?

I’m on

Windows 10 Home - latest update
7700K - not overclocked
GTX1080 - latest drivers
S2716DG - 144hz Gsync panel

win1803 dont work with g-sync in f7…so go back to 1709 or try my settings:
use the driver setting g-sync off and the refresh rate 100hz and ingame the setting unlimited(v-sync) @ 1440

Okay. Here’s where most people get wrong about G-Sync. It is meant to work together with V-sync. This is how Nvidia meant for it to work.

This is how you set up G-sync:

  1. Make sure G-Sync is active in the Nvidia Control Panel. Very important: only select “active on Full Screen only” This is the first of two options.

  2. Turn Vertical Syncronization ON. Note: do this ONLY in the Nvidia Control Panel and only through the general 3D settings. NOT in-game specific.

  3. Use Riva Tuner or any other similar software to limit you max FPS. Preferably, set it 3 frames below your monitor’s refresh rate. Example: 144hz, set it to max 141FPS.

  4. Within the game itself, set refresh rate option (if the game has one) to 144hz (again, if this is your monitor’s refresh rate).

  5. Within the game itself, turn V-sync OFF.

  6. An additional setting would be setting your mouse to 1000hz polling rate. 500hz will do, but it is recommended to go higher if available. This will give you a boost in smoothness and pretty much eliminate stutter.

  7. Turn any mouse smoothening or acceleration within Windows and games themselves OFF.

You can verify this in the Nvidia forums. They even go in length explaining how G-Sync works and how it’s meant to be a compliment for V-sync.

i run the game with g-sync until the 1803 upgrade, now i have to run it without g-sync and you can verify this on by pc. :wink:
tell me one player with g-sync, 144 hz monitor and win 1803 who have no problems with f7 since the upgrade…with 1709 it runs good with g-sync.

It was just a suggestion I was sharing if people had doubts on how to set up G-Sync. Maybe I did not read the OP properly. I was not trying to be condescending when I said “you can verify it in the Nvidia forums.” I was at work and didn’t have time to look for links.

Also, the stuttering may also be caused by the game itself. Remember this game us still quite broken.

I had to disable GSync with Forza. Stuttering kill the game fun.