[PC] - Pacing issues with Unlocked frames and Unlocked frames (Vsync) Causing Audio pops and stutter

Massive problem. Just upgraded to an ASUS Strix 1080Ti and Asus PG2780Q Gsync monitor.

I was hoping to use Gsync 144hz with forza 7. How wrong was I.

This game is in such a mess right now. From Loading stutters while in the menus, I dont know what system they are using for loading, but its the most annoying thing ever, to watch that racing guy onscreen to freeze all the time while this game loads. I’m running it off an SSD, and it never used to do this when the game first came out.

Back to the Gsync problem and unlocked Frame rates.

My system is setup Correctly before anyone asks. Gsync on In Nvidia CPL (for this game Both full screen and windowed) Vsync forced on and power management set to max for Forza in Nvidia CPL.

In game: Frames set to unlocked I tried both Unlocked Vsync as well. All graphics settings to max, no dynamic stuff.

Straight off the bat, even while in the menus you can hear the audio pops and stutter. Then in game the frame pacing and audio stutters to go with it, they match up. FPS is good. 110-120. But the pacing is all over the place. not smooth at all. Unplayable.

Unlocked with Vsync is almost the same, maybe a little bit better, but still pacing issues and audio pops and stutters.

Here is the weird thing… I set to 60 Vsync. Everything smooths out, audio frame pacing very playable. But FPS is at 74, not 60 which I thought weird.

Here is this thing, if I wanted to play with Vsync on at 60 FPS I wouldn’t have spent £500 on a gsync monitor, and £800 on a Graphics card upgrade from my Trusty old GTX Titan x (Maxwell)

How long has this game been out??? And every update you are no where near fixing issues. Seem to be making it run worse.

I dont want to have to play this with Vsync on as 60 FPS. I dont want the fancy Menu system you have with all the nice graphics on for it to Stutter all the time while loading or pre loading.

Take some of the unnecessary rubbish out off the game, all the eye candy menus they are just sucking resources, have a nice clean straight forward menu, no glitched, audio stutters, Driver guy freezing all the time while he poses. Get rid of this Pre loading or streaming of textures or whatever it is, no other game loads up like this.

Infact go one better, allow Steam to sell it. Have it run in proper full screen and not this borderless window.

win 1803 killed also my g-sync system, i believe it’s a bug :

go back to 1709 and then g-sync will work…

I dont agree with this. because this would mean all windows store apps would be having a problem with gsync, which is not the case… Only forza 7 is having issues.

Sea of thieves - ok
Horizon 3 - ok
gears of war 4 - ok
Forza - Apex - ok

So this is not the case