Game stuttering and tearing in G-sync on

the control , the graphics its the best of best but only problem when i play its tearing and stuttering so bad .cant play longer than 5-10 min .
the best graphics racing game i’ve ever played .thats the reason i preordered the ultimate edition with 5 min game play but only one problem it hurt too much even in Gsync on . also is there any way to tatally turn the music off ?

this will be my first ever forza game :slight_smile: well done thank you . i will be wait for the well polished full version .keep the good work .

oh forgot i got some screen shot .and without Ray tracing effect the game looks omg .

edit : same picture for no reason :confused:

I’m also seeing this with gsync on. Can you guys please investigate? It’s very offputting.

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i think some driver optimization and dev will fix in the coming full verison game.i asume they will fix it otherwise it will be pain to play in gsync pannel :frowning:

I can confirm this, as I am also seeing tearing in Gsync on driver version 399.24 and 411.70. It’s also especially noticeable on the world map.

No problem here with Gsync on GTX1080ti. Try the following settings:

Nvidia control panel:
Monitor type: GSYNC
Refresh rate: Highest available

  • enable gsync for both Fullscreen and Windowed

In-game settings:
Framerate: set to monitor max refresh rate or lower

  • enable Game Mode for this game in Windows 10.

There is no way that Gsync is working - I’ve tried 399.24 and 411.70. Gsync works on all other games I’ve tested and the Gsync Pendulum demo.

you should try now, Gsync is working now, perfectly .just locked ur fps below ur monitor refreshrate .i use nvidia inspertor .and now i dont have any probelm .im using 411.70 driver

Edit : what i did i went to nvidia control pannel > manage 3d settings> program settings>forza 4 > maximus ore render frame 1 > power manage ment maximum > vsync off , and ohh i have lower ur in game fps by 2 / 3 fps according to ur monitor. say like ur monitor is 144 hz and in game u should have 142 or 141 fps