[ANSWERED] Forza Support not answering back

Hello guys, i’ve had a problem with my save file sync for FM7, as i’m playing from both PC and Xbox One, resulting in lost credits/cars.

I’ve sent a ticket to the support explaing what have happened but 10 days have passed and still i haven’t gotten an answer. What should i do?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Since the launch of FH4, we’ve seen an increase in support tickets. Due to that, the response time for support tickets has increased but we will make sure we respond to all tickets. Thanks for your patience.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, I’ve been waiting a month for them to get back to me.

They replied to me after a few weeks. Give it time.

Response is in order of weeks, which isn’t what we’d expect.

Weeks, months? That is an absolute joke. There isn’t any excuse to treat your community this badly. “Oh we’re busy since the game came out” Well people wouldn’t need support if the game worked correctly. Secondly it states 7 days, which I still think is too long. Do you expect people not to pay the game, I mean you guys are clearly happy to take our money but not to offer a reasonable amount of support when the game you made breaks. I’ve lost a save I don’t even know if I should start again because I don’t know what you can restore… but I might have to wait a month… what a joke. This wouldn’t stand in any other industry. but for games it’s okay…


Its now been a month since I’ve asked for support. not what you would expect from a game you pay top dollar for.

Jake, I just started sifting through topics and saw your response. I’ve been waiting 22 days on my ticket and agree, some sort of ticket update would go a long way. Something like: “Due to an uptick in support requests, our support team is working quickly to prioritize…” Not responding to tickets is poor customer service.

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Has already been stated in a few of the other threads om this exact same topic

When they fix the customer service issue with a notification vs keeping people in the dark, people will stop posting about it. Until then, churn will continue.

-signed someone who interfaces with customers 15 times a day.

*a sticky at the top of the forum would do wonders as well.

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My game is unplayable and I emailed 2 weeks ago about the issue and even what’s causing it. Still have no answer and considering what others are saying I’m not likely to get one for months. I have patience but I also have a limit. I may just call Microsoft and start a screaming match until I get a refund at this point.

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