Am I the only one that HATES what they've done with the physics in FH5?

While it’s quite a mediocre title in the series, FH4 has the absolute pinnacle of driving physics. It was good old arcade fun with a perfect sprinkling of realism. No more insanely springy suspension or supercars easily offroading like in FH3, midair physics, while not perfect, were an improvement assuming you jumped and landed cleanly, and by far the best feeling was the amount of grip you had. Depending on how the car you were driving was built, it felt realistic and the car’s grip would be expected.

With FH5? They threw it all out. The entire map might as well be covered in ice. Applying any form of throttle on a turn with a RWD car? Enjoy going sideways like it’s Formula Drift! Just you wait until you slide off the track and are thrown offroad where the lack of grip TRIPLES (which is fair from a logic standpoint, but you get what I mean)

Unless you’re in the FE Sesto or a Jesko (going extremely fast, it handles awful otherwise) every car just want to SLLLLIIIIIIDDDDDEEEE

Just now I got the SVT Lightning, dropped the suspension, threw on semi-slicks, and put another handful of upgrades and even with those tires and lower center of gravity, I couldn’t make it around a turn without “Drift” popping up on my Skill Chain HUD.

And the tire spin. Look, in Forza, I perfer cars that handle a little “imperfectly” any car completely lacks body roll or wheelspin is a turn off. Yet, so many cars wheelspin for WAY TOO LONG.

TCS isn’t even a help because you still end up going into a drift. All it does is prevent the car from spinning out so it just slows you down even MORE. PGG, get your crap together. You’re leading the industry with these simcade physics.

With all the screw-ups FH5 has had, they couldn’t even be bothered to leave the physics alone.

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I don’t like it either. I have to relearn how to brake in FH5. I miss brake points every time. It’s like the cars all have drum brakes now. Installing new tyres and upgrading the brakes helps but not much.

Do you play on controller and if so have you adjusted your deadzone settings? I thought it was broken until I remembered to do that.

Hope this is helpful. :+1:


Easy fix: Lower the tyre pressure.


Why? That will ruin the responsiveness

I’ve got used to the physics now… just practice. I think though that the Pi of the tyres is a bit high, because on most slippery cars you can’t change the tyres in lower classes.

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Hated it since day one. I’ve said the steering is bad and especially the braking being horrible. I think alot of it has to do with the newly added “gravity.” I have adapted to it but I had to take an unconventional approach to get the performance i’m accustomed to.

Some of the cross country landings are particularly brutal. Urban cross country for an example but Costera has the top spot for worse jump/crashdown.


NO JOKE. Most of the danger signs, you just land stationary. It’s stupid


I dont like the lack of ablity to adjust direction in mid-corner. (except some track car got magic grip)
It create lots of problem in PVP race and with traffic.

People argue this is “more realistic” handling
But the problem is
a “more realistic” racing phyics game often dont run in this fast game speed (We dont have time to react to traffic or a sudden overtake)
And jump that high/far away (suspension cant porper react to it)

I just played a street S2 race
The amount of traffic in the track
At night
With frog

It give me no time to react to the traffic.
And only because I am using a Fxxk evo I have more contorl. It basically unplayable for hypercars.

And I notice there is no “light halo effect” in traffic cars at longer distance. (In older game it have)
The traffic cars is completely hidden in the background untill it is too late.

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With a FFB-Wheel I think its the best arcade physic available in arcade racing games.
just with that perfect touch of realism-like behavior.
I can do things like trail braking, weight transfer, throttle steering and scandinavian flick and its fun to drive so I don’t have complains.

Jumping and landing is weird. All cars should have midair control. Landing shouldn’t slow down the car like it does to often.


S2 998 Jesko for example
In H4 it can adjust the direction by adjust accel input. It drag the car slower and change direction to fix understeer or react to things happen on the track.
In H5 it cant. so no one using it in online race anymore.

Yes H5 is more realsitc but sometime it dont fit the gameplay design.

Without this adjust ablity we often get ram/lean on when we in a small track or playing the trial
If the game want to go realsitc it should have some driving level checker to stop newbie matching with high level PVP/PVE matches and ramming people. So it need rules.
If the game want to go “everyone friendly” it should go back to little bit arcadey.

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Hi, Maidoll.

What do you play the game with? If it’s a pad then adjusting your deadzones makes a massive difference as pads by default don’t register the first few degrees of stick movement.

So if you are are going right then try to go left for instance there will a break in input and then it will register but only after a few degrees of turning by which time you are fighting the car and chucking away time and risking collisions.

I don’t often see it suggested, but kudos to the people that do mention it, because it helped me so much from FM5 onwards.

It’s the same even for throttle control. You get nothing then a bunch all at once. Adjusting deadzones allows you a much more confident and responsive feel.

If you don’t play with a pad then sorry, I don’t know what else to suggest. I enjoy how the cars handle for the most part.

I know that deadzone thing and adjusted it since launch.
The problem is unrelated to deadzone.

In H4 it can simply lower accel input to steer more even without moving left stick.
In H5 lower accel dont drag the cars much slower it keep on going outside.

this is kinda a arcade game things.
Like a arcade racer you can tap the brake to make the car turn in more.

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There is some tuning on the market people try to fix this on supension and differential.
Then you saw a FXXK EVO with ugly super high front spring because it is the way to move all the weight to front when braking.

and since it is not a “standard handling” in the game.
Even I can handle it. The others cant and they lean on me when exiting corners.

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If you’ve tried that and still don’t like the handling then fair play. :+1:

Im not play much Open but in Trial and Tour I never saw a reasonable S2 race in FH5

to many player just don’t brake at all and wall bouncing every corner or do the slam into other car brake technique. S2 races are just a mess in FH…

however yesterday I won two S2 Tour races and had no issues with throttle steering
took the bugatti divo and did it with ffb-wheel

I have the feeling you complain more to a issue the FXXK EVO may have
or an issue with gamepad behavior?
but the topic is about the physics in general

The problem is in the new driving physic then people try to fix it by overly aggressive tuning. (to make the car bouncy like a boat to flip the weight to the front)
You dont often feel this problem in a track car.

I not sure why you still think this is a gamepad issue
you dont get more steering in the limit.

If you play on the single player vs NPC. They drive more predicable so you dont feel this problem.
And in slower class or in some track cars.

In H4 S2 998 Pagani BC without aero is driveable and fast in wet weather.
But in H5 it got hit by this “cannot turn in more by changing accel” problem.

Many hypercars in S2 and some in S1 have the same problem.

If the track are wider or it is a track game without object/traffic
or have something to anti ramming
Then it is not a big issue.

It is not mainly “the phyisc is bad” but more like this realstic handling dont fit this game very well.

you pick some cars in H4 S1 S2
Pagani BC
You can make it turn more by gas paddle contorl.
In H5 you did the same the car sometime head outside to understeer more.


This type of adjustable handling usually in the arcade-street race game.
Because things happen suddenly in street.
Traffics come in
People changing path near you in a faster gamespeed.
And the map got so big it is hardly to memorize all corner speed in detail on a openworld map (Maybe you only need to remember it is about 15X km/h entry but no need to remember every digi.)

I am not asking a brake to drift handling but atleast It should let people slow down+turn more by lifting off acceleration in mid corner.
Just like some track car.
Or give 1 more level handling upgrade to some car.
And maybe with a power limit.

I don’t like the physics on tarmac at all. Not enough feedback for me, way too much traction resulting in powerbuilds on Drift or Rallye tires and that mid-corner turn-in denial make it worse than Horizon 4.
The new braking mechanic is awful, brake upgrades a total PI waste and only useful if the car has tons of downforce.
Otherwise increased brake force is useless because surface or elevation changes can lock-up the tires anyway.
The applied pressure has to be decreased the slower the car gets and the less aero helps.
Does not fit the arcady rest of the physics imho.

Racing offroad still feels good.


There are others topic talk about the turning/steering in this game feel “random” “less predicable”
I think it is the result of the accel-mid-corner-adjust thing.

Under the new handling it is more need to do everything right in 1 go at the entry.
In older FH title if i saw the car going under I can adjust accel timing later even I already put accel once.

With the new braking is also got more random.
lots of randomness in a small short track and 12players and without crash phyisc nerf. Then lots of bad things happen in most of the race.

Yes it is more close to SIM handling but is it really good for this game player base?