Physics need major improvement

Every time a new Forza comes out, I’m always hoping to see more realistic physics. From playing Forza 5, I can respectfully tell you that there needs to be a major overhaul to the game’s driving physics. I’ve periodically checked these forums, and I’m always turned off by the lack of constructive criticism on behalf of the game’s physics. If I was a game developer, I would truly listen to the constructive criticism to help create a better game. I have purchased every Forza game new with the exception of Forza 5, so I think I have room to talk.

Cars lack any flexing or swaying from the frame to the axel during turns. Not having this makes the cars look like they are always sliding on a ball.

The car’s turning is very poor and too wide. Drive 15 mph on a wide turn and watch how slow and wide the car takes to turn.

Lack of car grip makes turning feel unrealistic at moderate speeds. Real cars have much more grip than Forza gives them credit for. Watch any FPV of a race and the cars have much more grip and can maintain good grip at faster speeds during turns.


I’ve been saying this for ages, I do track days and have driven some pretty fast cars Inc the 458 and believe me the brakes on that thing are fantastic they do not lock up as portrayed in forza nor is there any lift off over steer, the cars in forza 5 have no weight to them and yes they loose there grid far easier than there real life counterparts.

The steering in all forza games is very restricted even on sim it’s restricted, sim merely makes it harder to catch the snap steer.

People seem to think the harder it is to drive a car in a game the more realistic it is sadly that’s not the case.

But at the end of the day it’s only a game if you want real do as I do hit the track :wink:


I think your mistake is believing that Forza is trying to be a simulation game. It has long been advertised as a motorsports franchise, and is very much now leaning towards “pick-up-and-play” for the general market. The whole point of Forza is that it is easy to play.

I can’t imagine realistic driving physics wouldake the likes of tag and virus any more fun, or top gear football.


When you laser scan a good portion of your tracks, then I’d say Turn 10 is going for simulation. They should hire real race car drivers like some PC racing games do to help correct the physics.

They are going for a mix of sim aspects and other aspects that makes a game enjoyable by a fairly wide range of gamers.

They do use real race drivers, whether they ask those drivers for realistic feedback I don’t know.

I think the issue is each person has their “ideals” for the game. Not everyone shares the same views though. And it is impossible to make a game that please every player.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with your desires but simply saying that if they make the game exactly the way you want it made then someone, somewhere will be less happy. The art is in keeping the highest number of people happy. And I am not suggesting they are getting that right.

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Just because a track is laser scanned means nothing. If they were going for simulation, they’d have included:

More than 3 lap races online and off
Day/night cycle
Pit strategies
Tyre and fuel wear proportionate to races

If they were going for simulation, they would not have included:
Sticky grass
Minis capable of beating Ferraris
Wall riding
TCS and ABS on cars that have NEVER had it
Ability to control an F1 car using drag tyres
AI crashing your car in pits

The physics are as they intended - to provide a good racing experience that either me or my 12 year old can play.

Some people honestly expect too much from Forza. People desperate for the sim experience should consider a PC.


I feel Horizon 2 is just right, Forza 5 is like you say no grip/ light cars
I’m new to both games so its just a quick passing of thought

Physics seem to be better with each Forza Motorsport game but there is definitely always room for improvement.

There is a huge difference between F3 to F4 and now F5 especially in the driving physics but it’s certainly not a sim as Claret mentioned.

Look at the leader boards top 10 in anything above B class. Then tell me about how wonderful the physics are in Forza 5. They say that TCS shaves some time off the lap. Theyre absolutely right. It takes time to crash and restart. I drive with TCS and half clutch (cause I’m old and not as coordinated as I used to be) and it’s a difficult game to play. But i’ts still better than some I’ve played. I was thinking about going back to Forza 4, but I’ll have to learn to pilot those cars all over again. And I’m stuborn. Payed a good chunk of change for a Box and a disc. Gonna get my moneys worth out of it if it kills me.

The cars turn good to me and the cars act up if you drive them too hard. Seems realistic to me because you do need throttle control in real life to keep the car acting right. I think the problem here is people are used to braking and then mashing the gas and expecting the car to stick.

Nobody here is driving these cars in real life going into a corner at 150mph++.

In FM4 you can man handle the cars and everything grips at high speeds even with no tires. FM5 fixed this.

I think FM5 has great physics though I’m sure it could get better, especially with better tuning options.


I agree with this. I just got them game and noticed the cars were a lot harder to drive in 5 than in 4 with the same difficulty settings. You have to control the throttle a lot more when cornering. I also tuned my car and handle got even better. I like it because it is harder than 4 was. I did turn the sim sterring off, it seemed like it reacted a bit to fast when correcting. I see why it was done that way though, a 1/4 inch of travel in a thumbstick is equal to 3 turns of a wheel.

I agree, the game needs better physics. I’d like it to be more of a drivers game and less of an arcade amusement where you have to learn stupid tricks. AI randomly jamming brakes in mid corner or elsewhere in the game is beyond stupid.

I have spent a lot of time on a real track, both motorcycle and auto, the cars are crazy loose, brakes don’t lock up that easy in real life, some of the cars I have driven in the game are totaly defective right out of the box. If I bought a car that did that on the track, I’d pit, and take it back to the dealer for immediate repairs or replacement.

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I agree with you trouble is the majority of people that play forza 5 have never been on a track let alone driven a super car in anger.

Like you I have, I live 5 mins from a track called Brandshatch and I spend most of my weekends there either doing track days or even a bit of light racing, and if not that marshaling or watching.

It’s because of this that I know forza is simply not a “motorsport” orientated game, not in terms of physics or essence, yes there are cars and tracks but motorsport is all about chasing points and championships and getting good positions in your qualification over a weekend plus much more.

I agree with SatNiteEduardo T10 are trying to make a game that appeals to a very wide audience not to core players or to die hard motorsport fans.

Physics seem fine to me. With the addition of the rumble triggers this has been the best version to play yet IMO (just the actual driving the game itself has left a lot to be desired.)

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I agree that this has been the best version to play thus far especially due to the added trigger rumble.

There are just some cars that needs some tweaking, like the 458 italia and the gtr for example. The physics in general are fine its just some stock cars that drive horribly and nothing like there real life counterparts. But it’s definitely better than previous Forza’s and a whole lot better than gt6!

We’re arguing over what is a game. Sure, Forza5 has some faults and yes, certainly there is room for improvement, but I’ve always felt Forza was/is a game designed for motorsport fans and the general love for automobiles. As such, I feel Forza Motorsport was designed for entertainment value . . and as a medium for graphic designers to hone their artistic skills visually.

The Physics are difficult and are designed to reward those who don’t use assists. This is not necessarily a realistic aspect of the game. For example manual shifting with a clutch does not provide an acceleration benefit over a dual clutch system in real life. …Perhaps this is the biggest way Forza simulates real motorsports - In real life, racers that put in the time and practice to master their craft are more likely to be successful.

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This is a really good point! It is really in what you prefer in a sim. No sim is perfect. There are good points and bad points to every one. Most people expect so much from these titles but you have to remember that this game is on a console. No matter how far along consoles come, they will never have the computing power of a pc. The PCs are always a step ahead and are 100 percent customizable! With that said the negatives that come with less computing power are accompanied with positives as well. People always forget to consider the fact of how easy consoles and the forza series games are to use from an interfase and setup stand point. Other than inserting the disk and allowing the initial install, there is no setup and the menus are easy and quick to get to where you want to go. Even with the xbox one there are boundaries of how far physics can go due to technology. It puts the developers in a position where they have to decide what to include and also what to leave out, even from a physics standpoint. If you look at similar sims that run on a pc, yes their physics are better (not perfect), but there is a massive amount of setup time before you can ever play. Trying to get graphic setting optimal for a particular pc, trying to get server settings worked out, etc. the list goes on and on. Forza Five is Plug and Play! Take a title that will be on both platforms. Project Cars. The physics will more than likely be slightly different on consoles and PCs. Its just the way it is.

Now not to bore you but I would like to touch on another topic that generally most people don’t even think about.

Simulation games are developed to work with the use and inputs from a wheel and pedal setup. Physics on a simulation are designed to simply translate your inputs into what you see on the screen and what you feel through the devices you are using to input movement. All true simulation titles, Forza, iracing, gran turismo, asetto corso and many others are designed to work best with wheels. Many hours are put in to develop how realistic the game feels with a wheel. The numerical values created in the codes of games structure are based on the input from a wheel. Forza is included in this. It sounds bad to describe it this way but the way the game performs through a gamepad or controller is somewhat of an after thought. They get the wheel settings perfect and then they try and translate that over to the game pad. But no matter how hard they try they will never get the same physics feel (what you see on the screen) through the game pad as you will through a wheel. For one thing the axis extremes that you have are significantly smaller on the game pad then what you have on a wheel. For steering most wheels allow around 350-400 degrees of rotation in both directions. With the game pad you are trying to emulate that with the motion of movement about 1/2 inch wide. Therefore the steering is always assisted with a game pad (yes even when you use simulation steering). You simply can’t go from straight to full lock that quick. So they assist in that they control the rate of which the front wheels turn through a gamepad even if you press all the way in one direction. Braking is the same story, you do not the same axis size nor do you have the feel of a progressive brake which you get in most decent pedals. Brake lockup happens much quicker and much more frequent using the controller due to this problem. Also the force feed back felt through a wheel lets you know when you car will break loose. The buttons on a game pad can not reproduce that correctly. So its not the case that the cars loos traction to fast, its merely that you have no way of knowing when it will brake loose. Loss of traction comes as a surprise through a game pad and is almost always falsely blamed on poor physics.

Remember that physics will never be 100% accurate through a game pad. So it is not always the blame of the game, but a blame of how it works with a controller.

You will not see a games physics potential without playing it with the proper equipment!