I dont know if its just me or has Playground Games change drivingphysics

I like to build wheelie cars but my wheelie monsters barely gets a wheel lift now

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yeah, FH5 has had a complete redesign of the suspension and hence physics model. This was a major selling point to those more familiar with the series.

Search some videos on YouTube to find how to tune wheelie cars in the new game as I suspect it’ll be slightly different to previous games.

Is that what changed, cause man, I noticed a MAJOR improvement in physics model in FH5 (from someone who has experienced ALL car games with licensed vehicles since about 1988 w/ any/all wheels/peripherals under $1000 at their respective era’s). I can’t wait to see if this applies for Forza Motorsport 8, as well!

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lol, if thats true, again, what a joke. Physics now are way worst than they were in FH4 :stuck_out_tongue: i did stop playing wreckfest because of the awful driving physics (yup, its a great wrecking game but out of that…) with cars sliding all the way even at ridiculous speeds, and i found out they did half the same in Fh5 now. Its still similar to Fh4, so its not a big deal, but yup. Physics are now barely applied, specially when talking about cross country cars.


Although I am mainly an asphalt racer myself, I have noticed in the Eliminator that cars that should be designed for off-road flip much easier, and cross country racing when landing from a jump, sometimes your car literally just stops dead in its tracks as it lands on the bumper and not the wheels like it should if that’s what your refering to?

I’d say it’s a step in the right direction, but certainly not refined let alone perfected. They also greatly improved the viability of RWD in rivals and online play which is also a very welcome change in my opinion.

I know how to build wheelie cars in FH5 becouse it is FH5 im talkning about what i meant if they change FH5 physics after the release

To clearyfy my FH5 wheelie monsters that did wheelstands in FH5 cant barely get a wheel lift now in FH5

How long since you tested your wheelie cars? When did the physics change?

I built my Ford Coupe wheelie monster a month ago maybe
And last week i noticed that the same car with the
Same upgrades/tuning and it barely lift the the front wheels from the ground

Must have been the last update then, but I didn’t notice the physics change.

They maybe changed the dragtires grip or something

Nothing has changed.
Nick’s wheelie and reverse wheelie tunes for Jimmy still work effortlessly. You don’t even have to rev the engine.

Yeah but the Jimmy dont need a wheelie tune to do a wheelie with that car

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Can we see completely stock Jimmy doing wheelie?