Almost Two Years In, Is a Single Fresh Track Too Much To Ask?

It seems to me that that would be one simple thing to provide to improve the game when so much else is lacking.


I’d be pleasantly surprised to see any new content at this stage in the lifecycle. Forza 7 has become a sort of unofficial beta platform for some of the tweaks to the regulations and penalty systems that they seem to be toying with, and I don’t anticipate them changing much else. I’d like to see some new tracks too, but it’s starting to look more like a Forza 8 wishlist item right now.


This is exactly what I would have said if my English was this good.

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I would very much rather them fix all known bugs before releasing any new content.


That’s just one step away from asking for games as a service.

Nothing wrong with that as long as you’re not nickeled and dimed at every opportunity.

Seems to work well for GT Sport :wink:

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the second expansion released for FH4. This coupled with bugs in FM7 have never been fixed, has left a bad taste for me as a long time fan of the FM series.
*Terrible PR when you see their main competitor is still releasing content for their game. (*regardless whether it was bare bones to begin with.)
Maybe they just don’t care and Horizon is the main series now and Motorsport the spin off.

I miss Sedona

and I miss Sunset Peninsula

Just saying.


Miss Sunset Penisula, Rally Di Positano and Fujimi Kaido the most. I understand why Fujimi isn’t returning. If I’m correct, it’s to do with the lighting and landscape, specifically the trees, hence why it was always constantly heavily overcast in FM4 and why trackside detail looked poor compared to other tracks. I think it’s just down to dedication on whether we get the other fantasy tracks.

Though I’m hoping once the next gen comes out, this really shouldn’t be a problem if it is indeed true.


I almost forgot - FM3 and 4 have the best fantasy tracks! Now what’s stopping them from re-creating them for current gen? They are not real life tracks, so will it still take 6 months to create one? I read that in one of the threads that it takes that long.

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I don’t know where the 6 months figure you refer to came from, but I watched this the other day, which says it takes them 6 months elapsed time to complete a track for iRacing, 18 man months of work:

It’s hard to say how much that would be reduced if working from a fantasy track from a previous game.

Alpine Ring!


Legit request IMO - didn’t the previous two Motorsport games release new tracks a few months down the line?

Also, the track collection hasn’t changed much since FM6 - new and exciting tracks, even fantasy tracks from older games, would be very welcome.


I miss Nordscheilfe in b class hoppers, or even better yet a better algorithm for track choice in hoppers based on number or locations and not track count so I can stop racing top gear and VIR every other race. BORING.


Nothing wrong with games as a service if you actually give the community what you have promised, on time and in full and of course, don’t cut content out from the launch of the game.

As for new tracks, I actually don’t want any. I’d much rather Turn 10 continue refining the current content rather than adding to it. For example, every track should have a rain variant. I understand some tracks not having night time driving (as some tracks don’t offer that in real life) but every track should be able to race in the rain and I have no idea why the fantasy tracks don’t have night or rain racing. It would be nice to drag race at night or in the rain or explore the Test Track airfield at night. Why it’s not a thing, I don’t know.

I’d also like them to focus on adding a fully dynamic weather system, essentially a port of Forza Horizon 4’s dynamic weather, with a few features such as time acceleration, per-determined conditions at set times etc. It would be fun to do something like a 2.4 Hours of Le Mans instead of the 24 Hours of Le Mans yet still have that simulated 24 hour weather cycle.

I would like the fantasy tracks to come back. I don’t know how long they take to create nor how complicated they are to make but it would be nice.

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Some tracks would be nice but i dont think it would improve the game. I have said this before, FM is like the Rocky movies… anything after 4 is awful!
What made FM4 good imo was the teams element. The community self organised and created sporting content that T10 could not. This should of been the foundations on which the rest of FM was built on. All T10 needed to provide was tracks, cars & championships for the teams to take part in. Public hoppers could stay and serve as a practice ground and a stepping stone to joining teams. In this scenario adding tracks would improve the game.


Seeing GT sport getting track after track and PC2 getting it’s fair share of tracks but NOT 1 for FM7 in nearly 20 months of the game being out just hurts. Theres dozens of tracks they can choose from whether they are simple circuits, city courses, or even fantasy tracks it would certainly be nice to get just one. Even with all the politics behind it all with it being said that it would split the player base blah blah…make it fair and open for everyone. We need some fresh surfaces to race on or at the very least the tracks we have give us time of day options and more tracks with weather.


they never had any intention on making a racing game. Their idea was obvious…

“We can just take APEX add loot boxes, charge $100 and be RICH!”

No place in the discussion of the development of this game did ANYBODY stop and say “hey what would make a good racing game”, let alone “what would make a good FMS game”

They couldn’t even get the stupid badges right… come on… you got the badges system perfect in FM2!

FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, FM6, FM6 APEX are ALL superior to FM7 in literally every single way I can think of with the exception of the AI being slightly better and graphics are a little bit better on 7 than 2 and 3.

overall though FM2 is a far better game. especially considering you can pick it up for about $5 which is what FM7 should have sold for. It was garbage at release and now it is barely better. If they had released it in this state and then sold 2 expansion and 20 car packs it might have been a good game…

they just gave up and just didn’t care. I really hope everybody leading the design of this game is fired.

They might well have killed FM all together. 2 years after a motorsport game and not even whispers about an expansion or a new game… normally we would have had 2 expansions, and a new game release this year. At this rate Horizon 5 will be out before FM8


Lot of false narratives here:

  1. Never once were loot boxes ever purchasable with real world money. Nor were there any micro-transactions in Forza Motorsport 7.

  2. Explain how all those Forza titles, particularly FM5, FM6 & Apex are “superior in every single way” to FM7? That’s just plainly false:

No Auction House in FM5 or 6 or Apex
No Dynamic weather in FM6 or Apex or weather at all in FM5.
Terrible Force Feedback for wheels in every game except FM7.
Hardly any content in FM5 or Apex and much more content than FM6.
No Homologation system at all in FM5, 6 or Apex.
No dashcam low field of view camera for wheels in any game.
No per car FFB tuning or semi-softlocking in any game.
No Forzathon
No speciality dealer
Terrible careers in both FM5, 6 and Apex
No wide body kits and severely less car customisation.
No driver gear, no mod cards in FM5.
No Forza Race Regulations
Terrible post game support for every game in the franchise.

The list goes on and on…

I agree however that FM2, considering it’s time, is still the best ever Forza game. It was groundbreaking for 2007 and really pushed the franchise forward. It’s the FM game I started with and still the best in the franchise imo. FM7 was absolutely terrible at launch, an insult I’d go so far to say, but really, barely improved? What FM game has ever had this kind of post game support? Every FM game had 1 year post game support and then it’s abandoned. Not only that but there’s no longer complete and utter radio silence from the developers to the community. The management has become a lot better and the post game support has been by far the best the franchise has ever had.

  1. Buying cars is basically microtransactions, you want it you pay for it instead of it being in the game

  2. I agree, but they are still far better games than this

-Auction house is worthless, never even used it because there’s no point, there’s enough cash to just buy what you want in this game

  • Dynamic weather isn’t even that great. What would be good is being able to easily pick the time of day, something that other games let you do that this one does not. THe rain also is not the great and causes too much randomness in a race.
  • I agree
  • FM5 had more content, hands down. The only thing is that you had to PAY for it which was my #1 gripe with the game.
  • Homologation doesn’t even matter, in fact, it’s so bad that 1-2 cars dominate ni the homogated series anyway making it completely pointless
  • I agree
  • This goes with the point above, don’t repeat it
  • Forzathon was again, worthless, nothing worth earning there at all
  • Specialty dealer was again, worthless
  • This career mode isn’t that great either, I preferred seeing what races to pick and picking those than the current system especially with this garbage AI. I actually played FM5s career. I didn’t even touch this one. That’s how bad it was.
  • Wide body kits shouldn’t even be a thing
  • Again, useless crap when it was somewhat proven that they are giving out less credits now than back then and you can’t even use that stuff online making it even more useless
  • FM7 still doesn’t have race regulations so this point is completely moot
  • I agree

Edit: FM5 has practically no content, I checked to see which forza I had bought a few years back and it was FM4. My mistake.

Edit#2: Also I played 1, 3,4 and 5’s career and did not play FM7s career and have mostly played online. Never played 2 but if we could go back to FM1s career that would be fantastic with how many different series and races there were to compete in and the AI wasn’t too bad either.