Allow us to modify and drive car without restrictions in Free Play and Private Multiplayer

The car leveling system is a burden for online, leagues, and free play. Let online leagues build what they want. Let us build what we want in Free Play to see if a car is worth leveling up for use in Career or Featured Multiplayer. This is a good middle ground.

This is an important suggestion. The level of money required to buy cars and then spending 2+ hours into driving one to unlock upgrades is a tremendous time suck, if you are only to find out a car will not be competitive or isn’t something your online league wants to use.


As one of the mods of /r/FM4 the car leveling system is deeply flawed and burdensome system that is going to result in less participation in our league. It is deeply disheartening and frankly a slap to the face of every spec league to hear lead dev’s of FM tell them to use prehomologated cars built by the game instead of building unique cars like we have in /r/FM4 in the 50+ seasons we’ve been racing.


System works great for single player! But bad news for multiplayer and especially sanctioned league races. Not everyone that races in these leagues have time outside of race time to level up a car just to be able to race in the respective league. For sure all upgrades need to be available in a private lobby. Same as how in for example COD where private lobbies have all weapons and attatchments free to use.


This is where we are at in gascar with our much smaller league. This system will turn away a lot of people we’ve raceed with since FM2. We’ll either need to highly modify what we do or just go to Assetto unfortunately.


With the changes in CarXP and unlocked parts in Update 6, we’re closing this topic. The topic reached 22 votes.

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