[Multiplayer] No upgrade parts locked behind XP. Every part should be unlocked instantly!

Introduction: We mighty agree that a car progression, car mastery or car bonding system can be something interesting for the career mode. There you feel a real progression. You must earn your new car parts. You can’t only throw a million credits at the car and then have the perfect racing machine.

BUT! Don’t bring this to multiplayer racing! Don’t lock upgrade parts behind a XP system.

What would it mean: You are in a session with your friend and want to change through multiple cars per evening? Nah, not anymore! You now have your Supra at LVL 30 with all the parts you want but for a new car you have to start over again with only a few parts and a lower PI than your friends. Messing around with different cars at the same evening? Gone! Finding the perfect car at A700 on Road Atlanta? Not today because you have to grind them first!

League racing: You are organizing races? Well, you better grind your way through the 190 Evo, M3, Sierra and Carlton before you can test and build the perfect BoP for your new 90s DTM series. And the best: Every participant who wants to test all these cars has to grind through the cars as well beforce he can test them and chose their favourite. And be prepared to announce your new championship weeks beforehand so everbody can take his time to level his car to the point where he can install the parts your BoP mandates.

So again. No car progression and locked away car parts in mutliplayer! Everything should be unlocked at an instant!

EDIT: I completely forgot that with my solution league organizers would still have a hard time making BoPs because they do this in Free Play mode instead of multiplayer. We then should consider taking XP and upgrade unlocking completely away from Free Play, too. It thus should stay as a feature solely in the career mode itself.

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pls, its a joke to grind for multyplayer


Totally agree that locking car parts behind level is a shoot on their own feet, but I also believe there could be a middle ground. Maybe have another way to earn XP like spending your credits. Or they could make so that car level just reduces the upgrade parts cost as opposed to unlocking them, for example, if a car is level 1, all upgrades are gonna cost a lot more credits, if it’s level 50, all upgrades are gonna be free.


lock on campain, freedom in multiplayer, simple as that


This was one of the first things that I thought of. Honestly I think it’s a great idea progression wise, but it will most definitely complicate things.

For me it hinges on how much I’ll have to work towards getting to level 30 or whatever it is to unlock all of the upgrades. There will likely be plenty of times where you’ll need to “throw something together” but be held back by the car points. If it takes a long time to build up those points, that’s fine for career mode, but not so much when you need a car to participate in an organized racing club that’s hosting a race in 30 mins.

I do think there at least needs to be some sort of compromise when it comes to building cars for multiplayer. I would like to work with it in the Builders Cup, but outside of that I’m just not confident that it won’t be an inconvenience.


I wish i could downvote such “Ideas” to cancel new things in the game when until now nobody knows how long it takes to unlock all parts. And if you do not have fun to drive the cars in racing games maybe play something else.


Didnt they say the upgrades for cars are unlocked at category level not per specific part - its just you have to buy them? I might be wrong tho, but anyway it looked to me like the Builders cup is the same as in FM7 ~5 races per cup. So 5 short races to unlock each category.

If it is locked behind XP - at the start everyone will have different car/set up, it could be great wariety of cars within race at first. But I feel like later a new car gets added - someone will test it, say to not bother, and anything, if tied to that specific car, will be quiet and empty.

But at the same time, if something has to be locked behind XP then it seems to me Multiplay is the choise - there is gonna be driver ratings, safty scores and what not - seems to me ofline is where you learn/test first, and then try it in multiplayer with extra caution and attention to not ruin your driver score. How else they gonna enfore to take driver safty ratings seriously? Its a “currency” that has to be believed in and regulated :smiley:


If you prefer to play multiplayer instead of career, the new build your car method is a millstone around the neck. You have to perform poorly for hours, and those who got more time are always in advantage. For organized racing it’s kind of a deathblow. For the organizers as well as for the drivers.
Career needs to be separated from MP!

I mentioned something quite similar last year:
Divide career from multiplayer


I agree. For multiplayer everything should be unlocked. I want to race online and buy cars with credits. Also there should hopefully be a way to play a lobby where everyone is in Porsche Carreras like the real life championship but I don’t want have to play campaign just to get the car.


As a league racing organiser, what I have heard so far would, if this applies to multiplayer as well as campaign, effectively destroy our league which uses custom builds to recreate various (mostly historic) championships.


In case this „feature“ is implemented in the final game, Forza will become absolutely worthless in multiplayer, meaning, Gran Turismo and literally any other current gen racing game will just overtake FM flying.
My first thought when I heard about it was: Upgrade parts are gonna be locked behind a paywall of some sort.
So, Microsoft, please don‘t let greed or ignorance destroy the last bastion of Xbox racing games. Listen to your community and make it happen that the new FM experience will be the reason, every petrol head sells their Playstation and gets an Xbox just for Forza.


If Chris Esaki didn’t lie, there are no paywalls. No microtransactions, no lootboxes etc.
I agree with the rest.

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They already said it takes 1h and a half to 3h, it’s just an inconvenience for doing private multiplayer races where you need to stop everything you’re doing, spend a day grinding cars, just so you can resume playing your private championship.


In previous games, we had to play and earn money before we could fully upgrade our car (as, for example, engine conversions were fairly expensive).

In this game, we have to play and earn XP before we can do that.

I wouldn’t say it’s so different, especially if fully levelling a car takes only a couple of hours and it’s said that we gain access to all upgrades before lvl 30.

Besides, we still don’t have confirmation that these restrictions apply to game modes other than career / singleplayer.

So perhaps it’s too early to panic? :wink:


That’s true, communication is not T10’s strong point. I hope now that pre-orders are in motion, they won’t make us wait for too long until they clarify all that requires clarifying :slight_smile:

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In previous games you could earn money driving car A, then upgrade car B. What they’ve said here is that you have to drive the car you want to upgrade, which is just going to be a total pain.


I see no issues with this system. How many people are going to drive 500 cars. You might drive your chosen 2 or 3 in any given division on a regular basis. Besides, it only takes an hour to fully unlock the upgrades.


Exactly, people are up in arms and screaming about having to play 50 hours a week

In reality: Are you ever going to use all 500 cars in the game unless you go out of your way to do so? No.


You play a handful of short races with your car of choice and it’s fully upgraded. There is no real “grind.” You’re right.


It is true that most players aren’t going to use every single car in the game. But given that, as far as we know for now, there is a roughly 3 hour grind to unlock the privilege of being allowed to upgrade a given car, I suspect many players will be even more restrictive in their choices. Which leads to far less variety in game, and reduces those “Wow. Actually, this car is cool.” moments in game.

Also, at some point players are going to want to truly unleash their creativity with absolutely wacky builds. Currently, all they needed was the credits to buy the car and mods. The way thus system is presented, everyone will now how to slog through boring races in a mostly stock car they probably hate before they can try that zany idea for engine and/or drivetrain swaps.

That’s simply player hostile and a mechanic designed exclusively to pad player time spent in game.