Remove the CXP and CP system

Dumb. Absolutely dumb.
I loved forza for buying any car and being able to just build what i want and go race with my friends now i have to grind like crazy to do it. And it makes me not even want to play.

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The fact that if you. Huy a duplicate car, and have to level that car up as well, is plain stupid. They should have set it so it was manufacturers, not individual cars. But this whole car points thing is also aggravating as hell. Ive never been tk a track day or garage in my life where they told me my car was too new to allow me to modify my car. What next, if you want to engine swap you are going to have to pay real money?


CXP is not bad in itself BUT :

  1. Leveling should be different depending on the car class : the needs are different whether you drive a C class or an S class car for example. Just like in any good RPG game (since they want to compare to this kind of game), all characters have different capacities unlocked differently if the game is good. We shouldn’t unlock systematically the same car parts in the same order at the same levels.

  2. 50 levels with many empty levels in-between without any side rewards. A way to keep the user artificially occupied. It’s no longer about “getting in love with your car” like Chris Esaki said, but more like “I am getting bored of you, I’m going to find another one” :wink:. Sorry for this easy digression but at no point in the game I can feel the claimed passion of cars from T10. And 6 years to reach this unfinished game that is NOT built from the ground makes me sad and deeply disappointed.

  3. By the time you unlock all levels of one car model, any additional copy you want to buy from that car should be fully unlocked too. Because you should have the choice to adapt the cars depending on the type of driving you want to adopt : either class change, drift, drag… (oh no, there is no drift and drag in the game… :pleading_face:) oops.
    You don’t have to restart the same car model all over again from zero.

The ONLY way to earn car XP is through cornering/segment times.

Scrap the carxp system, get rid of this confusing mess and let us buy parts with credits, this has worked for every other title.

Y’all leave out the most iconic track in history & expect us to be happy with a broken system that does nothing but induce massive amounts of grinding on a single car.

drifting/drag/driving a straight line will net you nothing but lost time - This is why so many “features” have been left out or are seemingly cut entirely.

We have drag tires and no drag strip - assuming because cars do not earn CarXP going in a straight line…

we have drift suspension but cut drift tires? assuming because we don’t earn CarXP drifting.

once again here we are with T10 isolating ENTIRE communities & NOT listening to the people that play their games.

The idea of having a CaRPG starts with one thing, customization. Forza’s has always been borderline nonexistent by comparsion to other games, so why would they lock upgrades behind a large wall? There is no point to play now. I dont want to grind for parts, by the time I get the parts I want I am sick of the car/playing… Level 8 for suspension, but level 2 for wheels? anyone in the real world does it exactly opposite. I am in awe that the only thing to come in 6 years of dev, is this. Disappointing.

Forza “Motorsport” is LARGELY confused with its own identity, feels incomplete and it very clearly shows.

Car leveling & upgrades wasn’t as annoying as I was expecting, but please adjust this system so that cars from that same category or manufacturer start at half the amount of level unlocks of your highest car within that category or brand.

Possibly consider an increased amount of starting Car Points at every 10 driver levels (~500 CPs)

I kind of like the idea of starting out with a base car, and gradually upgrading it to become familiar with it as it progresses. But expecting people to go through this time-consuming process for each of the hundreds of cars in the game, and then again for any duplicates they may acquire, is impractical. This is effectively going to make most of the cars in a normal player’s garage useless, because they will not be able to upgrade them to be competitive, and only the few that have had this time investment will be useful. I think a better solution would be to level up base on car class, such as Super Sedans, Prototype Racers, Classic Muscle, etc. Then it would be necessary to build up one car in each category to unlock all the other cars grouped with it.

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The suggestion is simple: No more Car XP, no more Car Points, no more Car Levels.

No more of that in career, in singleplayer, in multiplayer, everywhere. Simply use credits to buy cars and parts, no limits, no unlocks, nothing. It worked for previous Forza games, it’ll work for this one too.

The reasoning is also simple.

The best part of Forza to me has always been that you can pick any car, slap any upgrades, and go have the race you want to have. But this system forbids that. This system tells you this sort of fun is not allowed.

This system gives a clear advantage to people who have more time to invest in unlocking parts. Or to the AI which evidently isn’t restricted by this system.

This system disincentivises you to try new cars when you know it’ll be hours before you can actually build the car you want and it won’t be competitive until then.

This system asks you to put in hours per individual car to unlock parts, and there’s no way to even know whether you can build the car you want, not until you invest a whole bunch of time and find out that, actually, you couldn’t push it to the top of the next class.

This system is just not how motorsports work. You don’t ask drivers to put in a million laps before they can install a spoiler. This game already has PI, weight, power, even engine configuration restrictions built in. That’s how you level the playing field.

In a nutshell: This system isn’t fair. This system isn’t fun. This system doesn’t respect players’ time. This system is just absurd.

It needs to go.

Or at the very least, it cannot determine which parts you have unlocked (which should always be all of them), and which you can install (which should always be as many as you want as long as you match the spec restrictions).

Because deep down I’m convinced this system would never be completely axed, I started thinking about how to revamp it instead. At first I thought now way, but then an idea started forming up. Here is this idea, which is an entirely new suggestion altogether, if you’re interested.


Totally agree here.


The car progression concept in motorsport 8 has effectivly killed the abillity to promptly host custom lobby events with anything other than stock cars. I spent a lot of fun time back in forza 4 taking part in specific custom hosted events of various types that were organised racing events. Custom touring championships with various modified road cars, classic car races, banger races and so on.

In the new game, this is just not feasable without having everyone dedicate literal hours of time simply unlocking the nessesary ability to modify our cars, and this has to be done each and every time with every car. With the old credit system, you could use your reserves to access what you need imediately so as to be able to get on with preping the car for the event, and as you had to get money from playing the game, this was fine. Now you HAVE to drive the specific car around in circles FOR HOURS just to be able to even start prepairing the car. It’s ridiculous.

Forza 4 was a beloved and long lasting game partialy thanks to the ability to have these community backed custom events. They injected life into the game for years. I seriously doubt it would have been so sucessful without this aspect. In forza 8, you have effectively killed this aspect before it even had a chance thanks to this progression system.

I think this new progression needs to be removed from the game. It just hinders the players ability to actually play. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel, credits worked fine as long as you balance the income correctly (i.e. no roulettes with masses of cars and credits just thrown at the player).

The forced grind is obnoxious.


Agreed, punt this system out and fire the idiot for coming up with it.


Agreed, bin the system entirely and fire the idiot that came up with the idea ASAP!


Definitely remove it.


The new upgrade system is fine in a way, it offers more of a challenge, and the way it is done is good I think.

But what absolutely ruins it, is that if you buy double cars, and for example want to make a drift version, a drag version and a track version, you will have to do all the CXP grinding for each car.

I think it would be a better system to have it so, that when you buy a car you already own and upgraded, you should be able to immediately upgrade the next one with the points you gathered from the grind with the first one you bought, and start with the amount of CXP you already had.

If this is not done, i’m afraid it will eventually on long term will ruin online gaming/racing/drifting.

In previous forza’s I had sometimes 4 of the same cars for different classes or purposes.

You could switch between set ups, but that is a bit of a hassle, and with the showroom/carbay, it would be awesome to have 2-3-4 cars of the same type but with different specs, but nobody will go and grind for 20 hours on identical cars to have them all for a different purpose.

So taking your CXP with you to double cars would be a better and bit more forgiving option.

The very idea of a car leveling system I would say is really good, especially if the execution is similar to what we could find in Motorsport 2 and 3. Whatever we got for FM is an actual joke, I’d go as far as to say it’s predatory game design, done to make us play the game more and artificially increase player counts and total played hours. It’s not rewarding, it’s not fun, if the car we drive turns out to be terrible after upgrades then we’ve just lost hours upon hours of our time. This iteration of Car Levels needs to disappear.


You can save multiple tunes to your car and save the time. Just a thought

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I absolutely agree. I have limited time to game. I have a full time job. I am a husband and a father. I get maybe an hour a night to game if I am lucky. My biggest time to game is Saturday, if my wife didn’t make plans, I may get 4 hours. I don’t have time to spend driving a car for 5 hours to unlock all the upgrades. Especially to find out that the plans I had for the car in a specific spec race or class is not viable because the car isn’t competitive there. I just wasted 5 hours for nothing. Multiply that times 50 cars? A waste of time. Let me plug and play. I can get a good feel in 20 minutes whether a car will be respectable in a class.

I see this feature killing leagues and online play. That will only push people towards other games.


I was dumbfounded when I was asked to level the same car again. Get rid of it.


Fully agree.


I also wanted to add, frankly, I believe that there is a good chance that the game will be effectivly dead within months with this system in the game. Players will get put off playing if they have to spend multiple hours on each car just to have the right to even try a build on a car.

I wasted 3+ hours last night just trying to unlock the right to build my S2000 up to A class to play with my friends online. This has to be repeated every time I want to try just one of the 500+ cars. I will not do this anymore, I don’t have infinte time to waste and it genuinely makes me not want to even play the game. I can go and do something else that actually respects my time and doesn’t make me feel like I’m pushing my face into a belt sander for 3+ hours.

You have managed to drive away someone who has literally spent thousands of hours playing forza motorsport games, within just a couple of days of play time. I’m an outlier, I was already invested in playing this game. Many casual players could hit this wall much quicker as a result. This worries me. I don’t want this game to fail, but I seriously think that it will with this progression system.

I emplore you with all sincerity, please remove this from the game.


Indeed, when the Driver gets more and more DXP, the CXP should increase much faster accordingly. Good Idea.
Because, for now the DXP doesn’t seem to bring much more than just a bit of money when leveling up and looks artificial.

And using CXP for a whole car class as proposed by PlumCrazy010 is also a good point.

Anyway, something MUST be done.

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