I feel like it would be a fair compromise if

Instead of having to grind to level 50 for every car individually, it is tied to/applies to whatever model you’re using. Just for example (not necessarily using cars in the game), but if I’m driving a 2005 Ford Mustang GT, make my level progression good for all 2005 Ford Mustang GTs, not every Mustang GT in the game, like a 2018 or what have you.

My biggest complaint is that I won’t be able to do in this game what I’ve been doing in Forza since FM2, simply because I have real life obligations that won’t allow me to grind roughly ~2000 hours to master every car and unlock every part. And surely there are a lot of cars coming down the pipeline as well.

Now if I’m being selfish then I would say to apply the level progression to the manufacturer like we did a couple of games ago. I think it was called affinity or something like that? That would make the game much more enjoyable but still a semi grind because you still have to level an Audi, BMW, Ford, etc. to 50.


If they intend to stick with the CP for mods, and I don’t see how they can change it without basically making an entirely new game, then in addition to your suggestions, they need to de-couple mods from car levels. Just have CP bank into a pool that grows for every car you use.

This allows us the freedom to choose which mods we want, lets players earn discounts and affinity, and simplifies the modifying process as changing mods refunds those points back into the overall pool.

Doing all these vastly improves the currently overly restrictive system but still gives players some ownership of their favorite vehicles and also still allows for experimentation as you can drive any car you want to bank CP but then choose to use that on a different car when you know you want to start a build immediately as the car no longer needs to be leveled before you are deemed worthy of making any changes.

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CarPG is what happens when the publisher doesn’t invest enough in content.

They have enough content. But the concept Had changed. Forza Motorsport is build as GaaS. If people want a old school Forza they must wait 2 years.
They can accelerate the Progress. So it will not
take 4 - 5 hours top reach Level 50. If they do nothing people will Stop playing the Game very fast.
IT’s unbelievable that Turn 10 make such decission, where it takes 80 hours to level 20 Cars up to level 50.
For me ist the concept a disaster and all the nonsense of Community. That they develop FM with the Community. The priority was to make a Gamepass Game. I mean they have No Sebring in the game., where the name Turn 10 camevfrom. Sebring is for me a must even Nordschleife.
If they dont Change the Level Progress Not very fast. It can be very serious for the series.