About the Forza 7 50% sale

This question is for Forza 7 players, less forum mods or representatives of the game. lol.

Forza 7 is 50% off, and I’m extraordinarily hesitant to purchase it. I’m really into sim racing, and enjoy titles like Dirt Rally, Project Cars 1/2, Iracing, etc. However, after spending a lot of time playing Forza Horizon 3, I’m a little bit annoyed. I’ll mention some of my doubts below, and perhaps somebody who’s familiar with Forza 7 can tell me if I would be likely to experience them in 7.

So, I’ve always had a problem controlling cars in Forza Horizon 3 because the tracks are generally a combination of road and dirt. If the track is exclusively either, I can tune the cars and handle them just fine. Also, because the tracks were sort of arbitrarily placed throughout the Horizon map, you either had to use the driving arrows on the road, or stare at the mini map the entire time. This led to lots of spinning out and crashing because I refuse to play a racing game that’s advertised as realistic, and have neon arrows flashing on the track. My remedy was generally staying behind a drivatar for a majority of the race, and then overtaking them at the last second (using the drivatar to know the track instead of arrows) <~ god that’s even pathetic to type, let alone have to deal with.

The bottom line is, Forza games scare me, and all of the reviews talk about the game crashing on PC. I play on PC… <~ has this been addressed?

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As a Motorsport player, I do find the handling in Horizon to be quite weird - I’ve only played demos so far because of that (primarily), but am interested to see how Horizon 4 handles.

The good thing about Motorsport is you do have a closed circuit with brake zones, curbs, etc. so it is just like the simulators, but without the need for a whole wheel setup. In fact, I think the game is better with a controller, and it’s nice to play on a sofa at a lot more casual pace, while also having a huge selection of cars and tracks.

Without even getting into the (very numerous) negatives surrounding FM7, I’d wonder if Motorsport is enough of a casual break from the other games you play to seem different enough. Something like The Crew or Need For Speed could be other arcade racers that might handle better for you than Horizon. I didn’t buy FM7 until Black Friday when it was $35 and I’d think at $30 it would be worth it, but I know it runs poorly for a lot of people on PC. Also, the whole car collection thing is very annoying for anyone looking to play this game casually. I rather my grind be in Project Cars, learning the tracks and lowering lap times, not dealing with the awful AI in FM7 to unlock cars that have to be raced in homologated series and - (I’ll stop there).

I have never found the handling in any Horizon game to be an issue, I can switch between Motorsport and Horizon and notice little to no difference. I don’t have a wheel setup so my “simulation” games currently consist of Dirt Rally and Forza. I played Gran Turismo back before the Xbox 360. I bought Project cars one but completely gave up on the game within about 2 weeks due to it being unplayable on controller (I think they have since fixed it but I never went back to the game) I don’t have any issues with the way Forza handles but it does seem that the general consensus is that controller is more enjoyable than wheel.

Forza uses a lot of real tracks and a few fantasy tracks, but even the fantasy tracks are set up like real tracks. Everything is closed course paved circuit racing so after a few laps on any track you will have a good idea of the breaking zones and correct racing lines. No giant flashing arrows or GPS’s are needed to guide you around the track.

I don’t know if it is still free or available but Forza 6 Apex might be a good way to see if Forza is a game for you. It was a PC only title and was not a full game but the handling and AI should be similar to what you get with FM7.

Or you could just download the FM7 demo which was 3 cars and 3 tracks to play with.

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There is only tarmac in this game.

As for crashes on PC, I don’t follow it.

Opposite to baritone mike, I can feel the difference between Horizon and Motorsport. The tires in Horizon are very drift-friendly, there’s not a whole lot of traction and they only warn you of grip limit when it’s too late. In Motorsport the tires warn you of grip loss much better but it’s harder to recover from a spin.

Motorsport also conveys weight transfer much better than Horizon.

I’ve been playing FM7 on PC since the early release and rarely had any crashes then, and haven’t had a single one in months.

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You can’t compare an arcade open world game to a track based game with more sim like handling. That makes no sense. I’ve had very few issues with Forza 7. I play on PC and can play with everything maxed (including AA) at framerates of 60+ at 1440p. It’s one of the best looking and best performing games I own. If you can get it for half price you should jump on it. It has it’s quirks but overall it’s a great experience. Not as sim like as Assetto or RFactor but still really good.


Like all games on PC I’d stay away, but if you have an Xbox I’d buy it digitally and see if your PC setup is capable.

^ Ignore this advice totally. Waste of forum space.

Best thing to do is download the demo and give that a go. Like it and it runs fine? Buy the game. If not, you’ve lost nothing.


Why do you stay away from PC games? Do you hate superior graphics and WAY better performance with awesome control over both of those things? Do you love horrible frame rates with no way to adjust anything whatsoever to help performance? Saying you hate PC gaming over consoles is like saying you hate hammers because you like trying to pound nails into a wall with your forehead instead. I have consoles and PC. About 90% of my games are on PC (there’s a LOT of them). I’ve had more crashes on my Xbox with it’s few games than with all the PC games I own. In fact my PC has only crashed to desktop from a game 3 times and all of them were a Forza title. I have about 130 games besides those on PC and NONE have crashed or given me any problems while playing.

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The Horizon and Motorsport series are almost entirely different games. This is primarily because the Motorsports games, physics and everything, are developed by Turn 10, while the Horizon games are developed by Playground Games. Turn 10 give Playground the basic physics model for the Horzion games but Playground has the final say in how the cars perform, which results in much more arcade-y physics to match the open world genre. If you tried to drive from tarmac to dirt to water in a Motorsport game, it wouldn’t go so well.

The Motorsport games definitely have closer-to-realism physics but aren’t as real as PCars and iRacing, but I still find it challenging and enjoyable. All of the tracks are exclusively tarmac and are circuits so once you learn them there’s less of a reliance on driving lines. It is much more orderly racing than Horizon to say the least.

In short I wouldn’t make assumptions about the Motorsport games based on the Horizon games. The game’s worth trying for 50% off imo.


Was the Horizon series ever actually “advertised as realistic”?


So the sale is over. I didn’t buy it. I’m going to stick with project cars 2 for a while. The fact that I spent 60 dollars on Forza Horizon 3, and they put basically every single car I want to drive in a 40 dollar DLC annoys me even more. I can’t even drive a pagani zonda in forza horizon 3. I can’t even drive the new koenigsegg. They know what cars people want, and they put them all in a DLC, so the game realistically more like 100 dollars. This is obnoxious, and I’m not doing it again with Forza 7… and that’s aside from all of the other doubts I had.